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~Free ☪ In It Together ⚖ Matthew D Ancona S In It Together Is The Revelatory Inside Story Of Britain S Coalition GovernmentWith Exclusive, Unprecedented Access To All The Major Senior Figures, From David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson And Nick Clegg, He Will Tell The Truth Behind Key Relationships, The U Turns, The Shifts In Policies, The Dramatic Fights And Arguments And The Warring Within The Party A Breathtaking Book That Takes You Into The Heart Of Government, It Reveals The Truth Behind The Corridors Of Whitehall And Number Very well written and fascinating account of the beginnings and workings of the coalition I don t agree with the author s politics, but it does us good to push ourselves out of our comfort zones sometimes I d recommend this to anyone who wants to understand the behind the scenes deals and personalities that have kept the coalition together, even if at times it has come close to collapse I voted libdem at the last election and was horrified when they went into partnership with the conservatives I now understand about that decision, but I m not persuaded it was the best decision, and I think it signalled the end of the libdem party If the next election brings us another coalition it will be interesting to see what form that takes. Many of us don t follow believe in politics in the modern age because there are so few operators people who know how to get deals done with people who fundamentally disagree with them I agree with Russell Kirk that politics is the art of the possible and the 5 years of Coalition Government in Britain were hardly a model of how such parties with divergent views on so many things came together in the national interest and really succeeded The story only gets you up to the 2015 election so it doesn t have the surprise result no one expected which led to the Lib Dems paying for the sins of the coalition and the Tories reaping the rewards I came away from this book, and from a close observation of the 2015 GE, greatly edified by the Lib Dems as principled types.If you want to learn about a government that actually managed to accomplish some great things in 5 years of ruling, read this book It s definitely an insider s view, and not in the Woodwardesque gossipy, preachy way D Ancona leads with a pretty dispassionate tone throughout and it serves this kind of work very well. Now this is Gossip with a capital G If you like your politics spicy, fuelled by intrigue, swearing, rows between colleagues, with a dash of sex, corruption and deficit reduction, then you ll love this book.D Ancona takes us from the birth of the coalition through a series of events not chronologically ordered but thematically most of which provided the coalition with a panic or two Coulson, Education reform, NHS reform and so on We gain an insight into why the Liberal Democrats were willing to go into a pact with a party they previously had little in common with, learning on the way that IDS for example refused to speak to George Osborne for months about Child Benefit that Boris gleefully admitted he took credit for the Olympics won and organised by others and that Dave and George say F k often than you d suppose.Not for everyone I suppose, but i ripped through this book in a day or so, such was my interest If politics and political gossip is your bag then bag this book for Christmas. Matthew d Ancona s closeness to the people he writes about weakens this book Historians need not only the distance of time but also objectivity In It Together has neither However, there s plenty of detail about the Coalition I never knew and it s here that d Ancona s contacts with senior government figures is a plus Later historians will find In It Together a useful reference work but this is not the definitive account of Cameron s government. In It Together is an authoritative, comprehensive account of the Coalition Perhaps the bible of Cameron and Clegg s government but with two years of the relationship still to play out accurately, the first testament.Those who regularly read Matthew d Ancona s columns for the Telegraph and Evening Standard will be familiar with his Westminster insider access and his moderate, informed, centre right political outlook.There are no hugely revealing scoops or game changing revelations, but that is reflective of the out in public nature of coalition government workings, and the fact that the characters involved are simply no match for those of New Labour who they replaced.That being said, there is plenty to keep the reader gripped d Ancona essentially the Coalition s fly on the wall Perhaps most revealing is the somewhat tense relationship between Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne the Chancellor portrayed as a shrewd political operator throughout.The writing style is fluid and engaging d Ancona is fond of a metaphor a tweet is a long time in politics or if it takes a village to raise a child, then it certainly takes a newsroom to train a hack but that is usually no bad thing Moreover, the content is well connected among key themes broadly chronological, but not always.All in all, a must read for anyone with a serious interest in the first coalition government since WW2 Just one small bugbear for a marriage or civil partnership of blue and yellow, why the red cover