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[Read Pdf] ♾ A Daddy For Luke (Cottonwood County Chronicles, #1) ♷ David Winston S Reputation And Fame Come From His Popular Novels Born To Parents Who Hadn T Planned A Family, David Was Taught To Think He Wouldn T Amount To Anything, So Becoming A Popular Author Is A Surprise To Him He Wants To Hang On To His Success Born In Center City, Then Forced To Leave Eight Years Ago, He S Back, But Not For Long It S A Gamble Just Being In Town He Risks Colliding With His Past, Which Could Ruin His Future Then He Meets Sandy Archer And Tempts Fate By Staying In Town A Little LongerSandy Archer Is Content To Care For Her Son Luke, Work Her Way Up In Her Job At The Cottonwood County Chronicle, And Stay Away From Any Disastrous Relationships She Has Lived In Center City All Her Life And Has Adapted Well To Being Legally Blind She S Touched When Visiting Author, David Winston Offers To Read His Book To Her She Discovers A Kindred Spirit But Her Budding Relationship Is Threatened When A Relative Cautions Sandy That David Is Not Who He Seems To Be