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!Download Book ♓ 2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas ⚐ A Sparkling, Enchanting And Staggeringly Original Debut Novel About One Day In The Lives Of Three Unforgettable CharactersMadeleine Altimari Is A Smart Mouthed, Precocious Nine Year Old And An Aspiring Jazz Singer As She Mourns The Recent Death Of Her Mother, She Doesn T Realize That On Christmas Eve She Is About To Have The Most Extraordinary Day And Night Of Her Life After Bravely Facing Down Mean Spirited Classmates And Rejection At School, Madeleine Doggedly Searches For Philadelphia S Legendary Jazz Club The Cat S Pajamas, Where She S Determined To Make Her On Stage Debut On The Same Day, Her Fifth Grade Teacher Sarina Greene, Who S Just Moved Back To Philly After A Divorce, Is Nervously Looking Forward To A Dinner Party That Will Reunite Her With An Old High School Crush, Afraid To Hope That Sparks Might Fly Again And Across Town At The Cat S Pajamas, Club Owner Lorca Discovers That His Beloved Haunt May Have To Close Forever, Unless Someone Can Find A Way To Quickly Raise The , That Would Save ItAs These Three Lost Souls Search For Love, Music And Hope On The Snow Covered Streets Of Philadelphia, Together They Will Discover Life S Endless Possibilities Over The Course Of One Magical Night A Vivacious, Charming And Moving Debut, Am At The Cat S Pajamas Will Capture Your Heart And Have You Laughing Out Loud I wanted to love this book, and there were times when I encountered certain phrases that so perfectly described a thought or an action that I felt as though the author had a lock on my experience of the world That being said, I found this book very confusing There are several characters that I was interested in and felt connected to Their stories were interlaced with other short vignettes dealing with minor players who I didn t feel advanced the story in any way I enjoyed Madeline the nearly ten year old aspiring jazz singer and her colorful and irreverent language and Sarina, the teacher who is unlucky enough to love an unavailable man, but I was unmoved by Lorca, the owner of the Cat s Pajamas and his son Alex who made up the other half of the story I don t feel the conclusion was satisfying to any of the characters I don t think that a book has to be tied into a neat package, but the events of the magic hour at the club and what transpired were just cooky I don t really understand if the book shifted gears and went into a dream world, if there was a metaphor I wasn t clever enough to get or if there was some magic at work that I just didn t buy or care about The ending had me sighing in disappointment rather than content and I find that odd.This book was provided to me by Blogging for Books to review For info, please check out the in depth review on my blog. This book was sheer delight I loved how the author portrayed children as having unique and strange personalities and desires, and also their own internal lives.Madeleine was a great character, learning about life by learning from her mother but also following her own passion, despite being banned from performing at school I love the Lorcas and the sadness of a failing business I love the principle and her life apart from school I love Sauvine who reminds me a bit of Bridget Jones The timeline was a fun structure, and I kept reading funny bits to my husband Even the fact that they say Christmas Eve Eve his response I thought that was something only we said This is a great light holiday read, recommended I read it because of a postal book swap Actual read date for me is July 8 9, 2017, but will use a November date below since that is when the review is posted. 3.5 Stars This is a pure, winter comfort read that belies the pain and loss at the heart of the story Madeleine Altimari is living in a cockroach infested apartment with a father nearly comatose with grief after the death of his wife Jack Lorca is on the verge of losing his jazz club not to mention the tenuous relationship he has with his son Sarina Greene is divorced and lonely in a new city But the language that ushers each of them, inexorably, to the Cat s Pajamas is dazzling and light Musicians arpeggiate through the park and flurries somersault, reconsider and double back The writing is sharp and wry and imbued with a sparkling touch. Jazz musicians, teacher and pro bono lawyer do gooders of all stripes, and an almost lovable jerk of a child prodigy who s havinga No Good Very Bad decade all converge at Philly s legendary Cat s Pajamas jazz club Resistance is futile you ve got to see what destiny has in store Don t believe me Look what the author has squirreled away at the end of the acknowledgements, then try to imagine how much charm is packed into the rest of the book Finally, to Thomas Everett Dodson, best dressed, best man, who as a little boy wore his Superman costume underneath his clothes in case anyone needed rescuing You say you don t wear it any, Ted, yet every day I see it. Marie Helene Bertino s novel about a 9 year old aspiring jazz singer named Madeleine unfolds in language that s like jazz itself lithe and liquid and surprising Three separate storylines one Madeleine s, one her teacher s, and one of the hard up owner of the jazz club The Cat s Pajamas converge at yup 2 AM But interwoven with these three main plotlines are many smaller strands, like little riffs and improvisations mingling with the melody The result is a charming confection of a book, sassy and funny and sweet. Do you ever wonder if, as life goes on, we re going to run out of ideas for stories Does it seem like a lot of the books out there are too similar I don t think that ll happen the world is constantly evolving, which alone, will garner endless ideas But I think the author of 2 A.M at the Cat s Pajamas does think we re running out of ideasand she tries way too hard to create something original, resulting in exasperation on my part Marie Helene Bertino, you have the bones of a great story you don t need to impress us with clever wordplay, weird dream sequences, confusing time flow, etc etcCome on, admit it isn t that an enticing title Doesn t the cover have a cool 60 s vintage feel Ok, you ve got meI m in.The story features three main characters and opens with Madeleine Altimari, a nine year old aspiring jazz singer, shimmying and scatting in her bedroom How could you not love a character who s described in this way Madeleine prefers to spend this and every recess alone, singing scales under her breath, walking laps up and down the parking lot Madeleine has no friends Not because she contains a tender grace that fifth graders detect and loathe Not because she has a natural ability that points her starward, though she does Madeleine has no friends because she is a jerk And she is, with good reason Madeleine s mother has recently died and her grieving father refuses to get out of bed and take care of her She takes care of herself the best a nine year old can Fortunately, she s surrounded by loving neighbors who promised Madeleine s mother they d take care of her and they do Still she s friendless and dirty, perfect reasons to children why her classmates should torment her She s smart assed and spunky and she s by far my favorite character The second main character is Madeleine s teacher, Sarina, who sees the aching little girl underneath her tough demeanor She s recently divorced and hoping to connect with her high school boyfriendthe one who got away She s decent and kind and a good teacher The third character is Jack Lorca and he s the owner of The Cat s Pajamas, a legendary jazz club where all the main characters will converge So far, this sounds like a story with good bones Then, the author starts trying to get creative and clever and the whole thing goes off the rails, and now, I m out All three main characters are vibrant and interesting, so why does the author have to throw in chapters with a dog s viewpoint, a random conversation among people in a hair salon that has nothing to do with the story, Sarina s ex husband, a pointless character who adds nothing to the story, and on and on Why do they merit entire chapters And Sarina, who the author has already established as a shy, kind person, is asked by some guys at a bachelor party to take their picture, and bam, this is how she responds Grab each other s cocks and let s go Jerk each other off so this is worth my while What I m looking at is a bunch of worthless pussies and I wanna see cock Excuse me, but along that vein, I say, WTF I don t believe for one minute that Sarina would actually say that She seems way too smart to think that might impress the person she s with in fact, I think he s horrified Then there are about faces in time and weird dream sequences that are plopped in for who knows what reason, and so many minor characters popping up that I can t remember their places in the story.Then it all ends with a very minor character bursting, then floating up into the sky and flying over the city Yes, you read that right Again, I say, WTF What is the purpose of that chapter By the way, I don t consider this a spoiler because the story has already had a satisfying ending and this second pointless ending has nothing to do with the story.I wish the author would go back to those good bones The three main characters are great, the setting of Philadelphia which really could be considered a fourth character Good morning, the city says Fuck you is great But, this author looks young, and I guess she thinks she needs to establish her unique voice in order to stand out from the crowd Next time, please don t try so hard. I have very mixed feelings about this novel The writing is exciting, quirky, poetic, original and touched with beautiful, poignant, throwaway observances At times it made me think that the author was trying to write like Kerouac and maybe that was the case, given that the rhythms of jazz pervade the narrative and the heroine is a jazz aficionado and aspiring singer The characters are unusual not terribly likeable for the most part There is no sole protagonist most of the tale revolves around Madeline, a complicated, damaged, toilet mouthed, ten year old smoker, jazz lover and aspiring singer There are reasons for Madeline s complexities domestic difficulties no child should have to cope with they didn t make her likeable, but she was never boring Other characters are much less fascinating Madeline s lonely teacher Sarina was sympathetic but not that interesting Lorca and Sonny and Alex, The Cubanistas and all the motley cast who inhabit The Cat s Pajamas a jazz club fallen on difficult times couldn t engage me and Madeline s unofficial carer, Mrs Santiago, was just plain dull until the end, when she becomes really weird I mean, what happened at the end, does anyone know That came completely out of left field and, unless it all has some profound and clever meaning that whisked over my head it wouldn t be the first time , it completely threw me out of the groove It ruined the ending for me left me feeling confused and bemused and thinking, that was very silly but not in a good way , rather than happy and inspired All in all a bit of a curate s egg For all its faults, I definitely I recommend it it s not just another face in the crowd and that, in a world filled with new books that feel like you ve read them before, is well worth a few hours of your reading time. For me this novel was a very mixed read I quickly fell in love with nine year old Madeleine, a motherless child whose father is sunk into himself with grief Madeleine is used to taking care of herself, she is foul mouthed, very determined and her only wish is to sing in public Strange things happen when she sings and I really wish this concept would have been fully explored.The secondary stories and characters I did not find as compelling with the exception of the dog, whose thoughts and antics made me smile All stories and characters are joined together on Christmas Eve Although set in the present day, this reminded me a bit of the old jazz novels, the discussions of music and an old guitar and a jazz club, holding on by a thread.There is much to like in story, the prose is solid, although there were things that I felt confusing and could have safely been left out of the plot Madeleine though, was such a vivid character she alone was worth the full price of admission The title is brilliant and is what drew me, initially to this book The ending was a little strange and I am not sure exactly what it is supposed to mean.