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[Download Epub] ♕ Sorry, Boys, You Failed The Audition ☣ In The Summer Of The Beatles Auditioned For Producer George Martin At Parlophone Records Having Been Rejected By Every Other Record Company, It Was Their Last Chance To Get A Recording Contract As The World Soon Found Out, They Passed The AuditionBut What If They D Been Turned Down Seen Through The Eyes Of Freda, Their Teenage Liverpool Fan Club Secretary, This Is An Affectionate Comedy Drama About What Might Have Happened To The Beatles If George Martin Had Said, No Outstanding I am just sorry that is was not longer. Funny and endearing trip into an alternate reality where the Beatles fail their first audition to George Martin and their greatest fan gets them back together after they ve gone their separate ways. Pravd podobn hodn brzo u ani nebudu v d t, e jsem to etla All the beatle best