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!EBOOK ☯ Lees Lieutenants Volume 3 ⚓ An Unquestioned Masterpiece Of The Historian S Art, And A Towering Landmark In The Literature Of The American Civil WarIn Gettysburg To Appomattox, Douglas Southall Freeman Concludes His Monumental Three Volume Study Of Lee S Command Of The Confederacy, A Dramatic History That Brings To Vivid Life The Men In That Command And The Part Each Played In This Country S Most Tragic StruggleVolume Three Continues The Stirring Account Of Lee S Army, From The Costly Battle At Gettysburg, Through The Deepening Twilight Of The South S Declining Military Might, To The Tragic Inward Collapse Of Lee S Command And His Formal Surrender In To His Unparalleled Descriptions Of Lee S Subordinates And The Operations In Which They Participated, Dr Freeman Adds An Insightful Analysis Of The Lessons That Were To Be Learned From The Story Of The Army Of Northern Virginia And Their Bearing Upon The Future Military Development Of The NationAs In The First Two Volumes, Portrait Photographs, Military Maps, Several Appendixes, And A Bibliography Add To The Clarity And Richness Of The Book The Complete Three Volume Study, Lee S Lieutenants, Is A Classic Touchstone In The Literature Of American Biography, And In All The Literature Of War Freeman s writing is a bit stilted and florid for my taste but he captures the drama of the battlefield scenes with storytelling skill. Douglas Freeman s Lee s Lieutenants Volume 3 was published in 1944 and covers General Robert E Lee s Civil War command experiences from July 1863 Gettysburg to April 1865 Appomattox It is an outstanding history with exceptional primary source documentation The book is rich in detail, well written, with great maps It is the best reference I have read on the Civil War. Winter reading project completed Lee s Lieutenants, Volumes 1 3 This last volume was the toughest. Good read of what we began to expect of Freeman This never ending story is just that never ending. See Lee s Lieutenants, Vol I All three volumes This is just a great read, that s all there is to it The first part of the story, told in the first volume and a half, is the reason why so many white Southerners my age get all sentimental about The War and feel compelled to tell Yankee jokes The second half of the story makes us pay for all that initial enthusiasm It s three volumes, by the way There is an abridged version out there too, advertised as skillful and thoughtful Don t believe it Do NOT read the abridgment or you will never be taken seriously by anyone Read the real thing, please.