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It s finished There isn t a stamp, or an error that I haven t collected Not one What shall I do now I think I m beginning to understand, said Moomintroll slowly You aren t a collector any, you re only an owner, and that isn t nearly so much fun My children and I believed we were only owners of the Moomins nowadays, not collectors of their adventures However, by accident we discovered that one can collect the same stamp twice, and be a happy Hemul No stamp is an identical twin To put it in a less Moominish way we all of a sudden discovered we wanted to reread our collection of Moomins And what a strange experience it is to read aloud to three teenagers who suddenly understand all the character traits of the inhabitants of Moomin Valley When we started comparing and contrasting with whom we identified most, I added some valuable memory stamps to my rich collection of reading with my children My son said he now knew exactly why I need to be alone sometimes If you wander off alone, you will be all the happier when you return As for the wizard what a kind and wise old man he turned out to be Knowing people makes them less scary And just remember to offer them pancakes That is the ultimate test.Loved it I feel sacrilegious in rating this book with just 2 stars I almost graded it higher.I apologize to everyone who loves this book I ve gotten over it now, but for years I was extremely perturbed when others I knew didn t love A Wrinkle in Time and some of my other favorites.I apologize to The Muskrat who is a real hoot and to Moominmamma because she really is a great character and some of the other characters too I apologize to the author because there were glimmers and glimpses throughout the book of a book I d have found great, including a few choice lines that I appreciated greatly.Thanks to all the members of the Children s Books group who kept me motived to continue reading by explaining why they loved this book series in this thread and who also gave some specific information helpful to enjoying the story, including a link to a character list And thanks to my old Goodreads friend Jenny who unfortunately left Goodreads shortly after she d joined we used to incessantly discuss the book Into the Forest at a time when very, very few Goodreads members had shelved it and when only two of my real world friends had read it who was I think from Finland and who raved about these books, which is why I read an owned copy.I had an excruciatingly difficult time getting into this story I felt irritable while reading it If not for the help I received from the Children s Books group members in understanding the book and its background, I doubt I d have enjoyed it at all This might be due, in part, to my mood at the time of reading it and my stage of life.It didn t help that I needed a magnifying glass to read the letter to the reader and the map yes, this book does have one of my beloved maps at the beginning of the book.There are hints of psychological sophistication and wry humor, and it seems to be the kind of tale I should enjoy.I hated the positive depiction of tobacco.I loved the mother sending the kids to the cave until they were in better moods and really enjoyed it when the house turned into grew overgrown with foliage because of the magic hat.I eventually warmed to the characters, though I do wish I had first read the book where they were first introduced Comet in Moominland because I might have enjoyed them from the beginning rather than being confused by them in this book there is a lack of introduction to the world characters I also ended up enjoying some of the events that take place However, I didn t like the writing style, which I blame on the translation Never have I wished so fervently that I could read Swedish or Finnish This book has the same feel to me as Winnie the Pooh, other books I never read as a child but read one of them only after I was a Goodreads member I liked that one better than this, even though the sense of humor in this is much sophisticated and probably better able to be appreciated by adults as well as by children The illustrations were very cute, but I think I d have enjoyed them if I d known something, anything, about the characters before I d started reading.I will keep thinking and if I ever read the earlier book, I ll try to reread this book too and see if I like it any better the second time around.And, pay no attention to me, but take a look at the ratings breakdown for this book Obviously I m not a typical reader of this book. I liked, but didn t love Comet in Moominland Finn Family Moomintroll though really captures the same wonderfulness that the Moomin comic strips do This book is a bit episodic than Comet, but it feels cohesive Maybe the Moomintroll is best when he isn t on long adventures with his friends, short adventures serve them nicely when they can return home to rest and enjoy the simple pleasures of Moominvalley If I had kids I would read this to them, if they didn t like it, I d drive them to the mall and leave them there and realize I m better off without such shitty kids. I absolutely adore Tove Jansson s Moomintrolls and their exploits, and the 1970s German language translations by Vivica and Kurt Bandler were favourites of my childhood and are still considered sweet and nostalgic gems to be reread over and over again, although my copies are falling apart and I now need to find replacements And with this fact in mind, when the Children s Literature Group decided to read Elizabeth Portch s English language translation of the third Moomintroll book, of Trollkarlens Hatt a couple of years ago in 2010 to be exact , I joined with eager and yes even glad anticipation, although I did wonder why Ms Portch had chosen the title of Finn Family Moomintroll, as it kind of harkens back to Johann D Wyss classic Swiss Family Robinson and I definitely failed to see and still have trouble understanding how and why a group of Scandinavian troll like creatures should somehow be related in any manner to a tale of a Swiss family marooned on a deserted island But that all being said, and my happy reading anticipation notwithstanding, Finn Family Moomintroll has in many if not most ways been a major and sad disappointment, both in 2010 and still remaining thus for my recent reread which I engaged in both to finally post a real review and also because I did want to give Elizabeth Portch s translation a second chance, but my disappointment with Finn Family Moomintroll persists and rather massively so I might add.Now I do still enjoy and appreciate the characters, the plot, the events, the ideas presented in Finn Family Moomintroll, but indeed have had rather massive amounts of trouble getting even remotely into the flow of the presented English language narrative And considering how much I personally have always and repeatedly enjoyed the 1970s German translations of precisely this same book and others of the Moomintroll series , I do absolutely believe that it is s than likely Elizabeth Porch s to and for me rather mediocre translation that has caused this rather annoying sense of disconnection and being on the outside looking in and yes, at times even tedious boredom, something that I certainly NEVER once experienced with Vivica and Kurt Bandler s always engaging and adventuresome renditions of Jansson s original Swedish And thus, while I still do than love and adore the 1970s German translations of the Moomintroll series that had graced and sweetened my childhood, I can only and will only consider but two stars for Finn Family Moomintroll, as the flow and rhythm of Elizabeth Portch s translated text or rather the lack of the former, the lack of adequate narrative flow and rhythm is and continues to be both annoying and disappointing enough to in no way be able to consider a higher ranking and also making me ever eager to reread the Bandlers 1970s German language translations. While I enjoyed Finn Family Moomintroll, it was not nearly as delightful as Comet in Moominland When Moomintroll and the tramp Snufkin discover a stovepipe hat, they unwittingly bring home what turns out to be a Hobgoblin s Hat The hat wreaks all sorts of havoc until Moominmamma wisely hits on a solution Neither as witty or as funny as Comet in Moominland,Finn Family Moomintroll does introduce the odd little Thingumy and Bob, who have some very unusual ideas about stealing. I guess I am fiscally conservative but liberal in most other things You want to marry the same gender you should It s none of my damn business as you are both consenting adults Your womb is none of my damn business You want to change gender, go right ahead none of my damn business And incidentally, you can reverse that I blame Moomins for this I just realized this When my family went to Sweden when I was in third or fourth grade, I was given copies of Jansson s children books and really, really read them Seriously, I know this because I just re read the first one, and you can tell it was well loved I re read Finn Family Moomintroll after reading a collection of Jansson s short stories I realized I totally forgot about the Hemulen He wears a dress that his aunt left him, and no one cares In fact, it is the strangest family, you will ever meet and is so about interspecies dating But that s the Moomins for you love, togetherness, and adventure Jansson plays with ideas of self, of words, of autobiography, with hats Harry Potter s Sorting Hat has nothing I tell you on the Hobgoblin s hat Plus the Hobgoblin rides a panther. |KINDLE ☿ Finn Family Moomintroll ☤ Poor Little Chap He Had Been Turned Into A Very Strange Animal Indeed Although They Re Small, Fat And Shy Creatures, Moomins Have The Most Amazing Adventures It All Begins When Moominpappa Tries On A Magic Hat That Makes Exciting And Funny Things Happen Muumit on niin rakas asia ja iso osa lapsuuttani Olisin voinut antaa t lle 5 t hte nostalgisuudesta, mutta jotenkin, en viihtynyt t m n parissa niin hyvin kuin ajattelin T ss tapahtui ihan hirvitt v sti kaikkea, melkein heng stytti Sai t m kuitenkin nauramaan ja hymyn huulille.Ja vitsi haluun kattoo nyt muumeja vanhoilla dubbauksilla miks en ostanut niit ikin itelleni DVD ll I loved the Moomins so much as a kid I don t remember reading them, actually surprisingly, no sense of location or of my fingers on the pages comes back to me, though usually I ll remember where I read books and whether my edition was new or old, and the smell of the pages In any case, I do remember that I loved the Moomins, and it was lovely to curl up and reread now I m older, and wiser, and really not feeling well.I do love the range of characters, all with different customs and such, that just happily get along And I love everyone s consideration of everyone else s different needs It s accepting, and hopefully inspiring, without being the slightest bit preachy.