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A standard chooseyourownadventure book; there are moments where you can make a good choice or a bad choice, and moments where the capriciousness of the author pushes you down one track rather than another. This one was definitely in my top 5. Defeating Russian spies and saving the whales at the same time? Um, that would have represented the pinnacle of achievement for a kid in elementary school in the 1980s. My code name is Jonah, you say? Hell yeah it is! I found it really disturbing when I made a choice that resulted in my death the first time through. I mean, even at age 11 I knew that in real life you can sometimes make a choice that results in your own death, but it had never happened to me before, and I preferred not to think about it.

It kind of haunted me even after I went back and made a different choice, because I understood that if this had been real life, I would be dead.
Somehow, the Choose Your Own Adventure books disrupted the protective promise of the novel which is this: no matter what happens in the book, it can't hurt you, you're going to be okay.

Because of this truth, I let novels take me into some scary places, and in this way, novels sheperded me through some pretty traumatic experiences unscathed, which educated me about some truths which thankfully I didn't have to experiencelike losing a family member, or being lost in the wilderness, or living in Russia under Lenin (actually, I don't feel this way about Animal Farm, though, since it was based on real life and that sh*t is disturbing).

In a way, this series proves that interactive activities are not always better for learning. Unless you mean learning about scuba diving, because I will always remember not to surface too soon without decompressing. If you do, you die.

Amy "You are a clever American spy. On a special mission to Deception Island off the coast of Greenland, you discover a secret of world wide important. But it may be dangerous to reveal this secret to anyone! Who do you trust? The whales have gone missing and their new songs are the key! What are they trying to tell us?"

The plot involves saving the whales and the KGB, which seems like a very late 70s / 80s theme. 😮 Some scientist have found that the whales are singing a different kind of song and they are trying to figure out what it means. They can tell that it is something that the whales are trying to tell us, and it’s urgent. There is a scientist who has discovered how to decode the song, but then he vanishes. And off you go on your first set of choices…

It was a pretty enjoyable read. I had fun making wrong choices and usually end up dying or getting told by my boss I was off the case. I had even more fun finally making the correct choices and actually getting the story to progress! 😮 It took me a while but I finally got there! >.> What does that say about the kind of choices I make in life?? Hmm…. I don’t think I want to think too hard on that one…

Any age can find this sort of book entertaining. Even if it’s a little bit dated, it still is so much fun that you hardly notice. I wish it had gone in to a little bit more explanation in some of the outcomes but I understand that they wanted to keep it light and breezy. I was pretty entertained and had a lot of fun reading this. 😀