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This is a confused and badly written narrative, featuring two fantasists who have no real historical sense at all, authored by a writer who specialises in Alternative History another name, perhaps, for credulity The Holy Kingdom is anachronistic, relies on speculative antiquarianism and has little foundation in any recognisable reality The result is unreadable nonsense which depresses the human spirit you cannot have a meaningful dialogue with theorists who say they are right and you and everyone else is wrong The Real King Arthur Don t make me laugh The star is for the photographs A book for seekers of the truth behind myths, The Holy Kingdom is a thrilling read for anyone who enoys travelling in their imagination It also provides massive encouragement to go on an actual King Arthur quest to the locations described The authors generously share their ideas and discoveries, calmly ignoring ridicule and disagreement from official and established authorities.For example, Iolo Morganwg has long been described as a deluded and romantic forger of ancient Welsh documents And yet Maybe there is truth in his writings It s time to find out The meteorite theory could easily be sneered at, but again, it could well be true I am most interested in the King described in The Holy Kingdom as Arthur II Siluria seems to me an extremely likely home area for this Arthur and I found the descriptions of his life and final burial place riveting.Like the authors of The Holy Kingdom I m not impressed by the history currently being taught in British schools It has the feel of an approved story Children are asked to learn and repeat the facts and never encouraged to research for themselves Being laughed at by academics is definitely to be expected by anyone researching or writing in this kind of mythic area Whether you agree with them or not, the dedication of the authors in their search for the truth is to be applauded. This is a strange one Author Gilbert is dragged around the countryside of Wales by Wilson Blackett as they search for rocks with fuzzy inscribtions Then, they make cracked postulations, because real historians those goofy academics got it all wrong In fact, there were two King Arthurs, both related by blood or plasma to Constantine the Great, Saint Helen, the Virgin Mary, and Christ himself How s that for an impressive pedigree Supposedly the book is to prove that the King Arthur of legend especially cited by Geoffrey of Monmouth is real The author spends too much time focusing on Rome, and it s Imperial ups and downs and invasions to actually focus on the topic on hand There a chapter on Joseph of Arimethia and the Holy Grail Don t ask me why And a lot of the book is speculation that doesn t supply evidence to support it Well the content is, just like many other Arthurian books, highly arguable, and there are times when you wonder whether the authors are not pulling things too far or plainly joking, but I quite enjoyed this book and the theories presented in it. As an inhabitant of South Wales with a fascination of local history, I found this book truly enlightening I was aware of the links King Arthur had with local places such as Caerleon and I found that this book built well on the histories I had already heard To learn about the suppression of British history at various times and how our Roman centric history is currently favoured was truly a shock It was nice to see how Gilbert linked up with two serious scholars of early British history and the story that was presented is quite believable and realistic, if at times it sometimes could be found guilty of over reaching conclusions, perhaps being over dramatic I ve read other books by Adrian Gilbert and enjoy his style and he always covers interesting topics The whole story of Arthur is fascinating and has intrigued me to study the legends I think the conclusions were a little weak, and find the Joseph of Arimethea links with Britain a little too speculative It s a great book and is one that I will be sharing with other friends interested in Welsh history. {Download} ¸ The Holy Kingdom ⚤ In This Explosive Book, The Authors Show That After The Roman Conquest, Britain Retained Its Culture Its Royal Families Intermarrying With The Caesars There Were Two Kings Named Arthur One, The Son Of The Emperor Magnus Maximum, The Other His Sixth Century Descendant Their Lives Rolled Into One And Elaborated Upon By Medieval Poets, They Became The Single King Arthur Of Myth And Legend The Authors Reveal The Burial Grounds Of Both Arthurs As Well As A Secret Historical Current Linking Our Times With The Mysteries Of Arthur And The Grail From The Paperback Edition