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Rachel is a bit horrified when she finds out that her Aunt Dot has died and left her entire estate to her Dot s legacy is a boarding kennels in the middle of nowhere, a huge house and a lot of debts to go with it, and Rachel doesn t much fancy moving and becoming at one with the dogs and their owners However, when she arrives, she finds the people are nice folk with hearts of gold, and that the dogs quickly grow on you as well Rachel soon begins to make friends with George, the dishy local vet Zoe, a single mum of 2 young boys struggling to cope with them and new puppy Toffee Natalie and Johhny, a couple who subsitute a baby for a dog for the time being whilst they hide a painful secret, and of course Megan who helped Dot run the whole show Will Rachel be able to settle down and mend her lonely heart once and for all I read and adored Lucy s debut novel The Ballroom Class when it was released last year, and I ve been really eager for her to bring a second book out When I found it was about dogs, I was a bit unsure as I m not the biggest dog lover in the world, but the cover won me over with its lovely winter setting, and I think it s going to be a big seller in the run up to Christmas The book is published on 26th November, and it s one that will be worth the wait and is perfect for the cold winter nights the book made it onto our Winter Warmers list even before we had reviewed it Anyway, back to the book It begins with a narrative by a dog, which was interesting and not at all what I had expected Soon after though, the book begins with Rachel at the solicitor s office finding out that she s inherited the kennels from her Aunt If I m honest, I did find the start of the book to be a little bit slow going and I did wonder how it was going to pan out for the rest of the book I did of course stick with it and I m glad I did because it definitely picks up as it gathers momentum, and by the end I was hooked once I do wonder if I didn t get into it at first because as I say, I don t especially love dogs and therefore the subject matter wasn t one I was too fussed about reading about, but either way, it did get better for me.The characterisation in the book was fantastic Rachel was a great character and I liked her very much, but for some reason I kept thinking of her as a twenty something rather than the 40 year old she was She doesn t come across in that way, but it doesn t make it too problematic for me when I was reading it However, it was the other characters in the book that I liked best Zoe, the single mum of 2 was my favourite her ex husband was written so horribly you can t help by feel sorry for her and I liked her progression as the book moved forward Natalie and Johnny were also such a likeable couple, and the storyline between them was so touching and emotional, it was so well done by Lucy and I congratulate her for tackling such a difficult storyline with real compassion for her characters Their friend Bill was a good male character although I would have liked to have seen from him, and the other man in the book is George the vet who I also really liked.One thing that I really enjoyed about this book was how I could picture in my mind the village they lived in, the kennels, Zoe s house and all the other places mentioned in the book Dillon has a real knack for descriptive writing not the sort that goes on and on and ends up boring the reader a little bit, but she weaves it effortlessly through the story so you re imagining it with every word you read and it unfolds perfectly as the book progresses I loved her descriptions of the dogs, and the little letters written by the dogs to prospective owners were very emotional and well done You can tell Dillon has a passion for dogs, and this really comes across throughout the whole book.It is a wonderful read, and definitely a nice one for the winter nights if only for that glorious cover but I still find that the beginning really did hinder my enjoyment towards the start which was a shame It did drag on a little bit and took a while for me to get into the characters but once I did, I thoroughly enjoyed There are a lot of complex issues wrapped up in the book which are written very emotively, and all of them relevant to society today and I enjoyed how everything felt realistic and didn t feel like it was going to be rushed to the typical happy ending I loved the characters, and think Dillon did a great job of making the reader care not only about the humans in the book but the canine ones too Definitely one to pick up if you can, I really enjoyed it it s gentle, charming and a lovely read. 2 . The world of canine rescue is the foundation for this sweet story There are three main vignettes with some minor characters revolving around them A couple dealing with infertility, a divorced mom of two with the ex from hell and all the attendant heartache and a single career woman, suddenly finding herself without a job All find each other when they become involved with a local rescue kennel Friendships aren t immediate but start slowly, with each so absorbed with their issues that they can t see what is just beyond their noses Of course, the dogs do the heavy lifting in getting the characters to start seeing and resolving their issues As is usual with animal based stories, the dogs steal the show, especially for me Bertie the Basset Hound And there is plenty of good information about the benefits of rescuing versus buying a dog and some training tips And there was a twist or two that keep the reader guessing A quick and sweet read. 3,5 estrelas Por vezes uma situa o dr stica na nossa vida que nos salva e afinal aquilo que temos como certo acaba por ser demasiado redutor, ins pido, insuficiente e superficial, a ponto de se tornar gritante a mudan a H que ter o arrojo para deixar de se apiedar de si pr prio e ir ao encontro de algo mais substancial, mais honesto, mais rico em emo es que nos enchem e preenchem a alma O livro trata disso mesmo, de recome os, tendo como pano de fundo os ditos cora es sem dono, c es abandonados, negligenciados, que tudo d o, em troca de t o pouco A leitura fluida, ternurenta e agrad vel Quem gosta de animais sobretudo de c es, como eu , gostar certamente e a componente de voluntariado, de esp rito de comunidade, de rela es de boa vontade entre pessoas e animais uma d diva neste nosso mundo t o material e assoberbado de subterf gios que nos escravizam Nota lament vel ser cada vez mais comum falhas nas tradu es dos livros, e apesar de no caso em particular n o ser grave, tamb m n o de todo expect vel. [ Book ] ♂ Love Dogs and Lonely Hearts ☨ Herrenlose Streuner, Einsame Herzen Und Die Frage Wer Hat Hier Eigentlich Wen Adoptiert Als Rachel Von Ihrer Tante Dorothy Ein Haus Auf Dem Land Samt Einem Heim F R Herrenlose Hunde Erbt, Packt Sie Ihre Koffer Und Kehrt London Den R Cken Zwar Ist Sie Nicht Gerade Eine Hundeliebhaberin, Aber Nach Einer Trennung Kommt Ihr Der Tapetenwechsel Wie Gerufen Und Siehe Da Die Charmanten Vierbeiner Geben Rachels Leben Eine Vollkommen Neue Richtung Aber Nicht Nur Rachel, Sondern Auch Die Allein Erziehende Mutter Zoe Und Das Kinderlose Paar Natalie Und Johnny Lernen An Der Seite Ihrer Schwanzwedelnden Begleiter Eine Menge Ber Freundschaft, Treue Und Bedingungslose Liebe I am a bit torn I liked it, but at the same time it feltwell I just did not really connect Maybe the book was just ok after all Or ok bordering on good.Rachel is the main character as it is she who inherits a house and a kennel And she does not like dogs And she spent her 30s on a man who dumped her But as we get to know her the book becomes about 2 other women too.Zoe who has an idiot ex husband, who gives the boy a puppy and leaves it to Zoe to care for it.Natalie and Johnny who is trying for a kid, but falls for a dog.Maybe, yes maybe it was the preachy part, not preachy that way Just preachy about how to care for dogs Srsly, it made me feel bad that I left our then kitten alone while I worked I should have put him in daycare Really Ok I know that kittens and puppies are not the same Cats are better whistles It was just too do this and that, or else you suck.And then everyone met someone or something like that and lived happily ever after. I hur m nga r som helst nu k nns det som har jag h rt talas om denna Lucy Dillon och om hur mysiga hennes b cker r Av n gon anledning s har jag nd inte l st den h r boken, som st tt i hyllan i n stan tre r Nu blev det ntligen dags, efter att jag satt upp den p boktolvan L s mer p min blogg. Until one has loved an animal a part of one s soul remains unawakenedAnatole FranceWhat a pleasant, nostalgic read These lost dogs were the perfect companionship to my lonely heart and they totally stole the show Don t get me wrong, I love em crazy, independent felines, but I ll always be a dog person at heart Oh yes, it s a slow burner but those are often the best because somewhere along the line you get caught up in the story and you don t let go till it s finished For me it was when these three different stories started to connect through dog whispering All the characters are so likable you can t help but to feel empathy towards them and their dilemmas Plus, the portrayal of the animals is so genuine it pulls at your heart strings and how could it not Rachel George Rachel s growth was noteworthy throughout the story and I really enjoyed the way their romance unfolded even though it was anything but conventional They were both mature and pondered people Plus Gem Nat Johnny I admit at first I wasn t that into the whole getting pregnant obsession of Nat s And Johnny didn t seem that into it either But then things took a turn and I felt for them I m so glad the author didn t go all clich on them in the end, though Plus Bertie Zoe Bill The couple who made me smile the most from the way they met till the inevitable I m a single mother talk Plus Toffee and Lulu The only thing I thought could ve been handled better was Dot s mystery which wasn t that shocking Honestly I was expecting something in the lines of view spoilerI gave up my own child to be raised by my sisterNow that would go along well with Dot and Rachel s shared looks and the inheritance left to her, wouldn t it hide spoiler I absolutely love this author, as I always know that when a read one of Lucy s books, I know that I m in for a treat I loved getting to know all of the different characters and there own individual stories which you get to discover as you progress through the book If you haven t read a her books before, then I highly recommend that you do. Woman goes to take over dead aunt s dog rescue legacy, woman meets dog, woman meets vet Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts is well written and incredibly predictable which isn t terrible, in a book that is meant to be tear jerkingly heartwarming People who like dogs and love stories will inevitably enjoy this.However, the nature of the mystery at the core of the book why her aunt lived as she did makes me see red view spoiler Ultimately, the aunt rejects marriage to the perfect man because he turns out to be bisexual and can t give up male liaisons on the side Bisexual men can t be faithful or truly commit is a horrible stereotype that the world would be better off without It s not true, and it s hurtful, and seeing this book mindlessly reinforce that made me want to rip it up Shame on you, Lucy Dillon hide spoiler