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An immediate continuation to The Adversary Evans contribution to The Sundering series of loosely tied together stand alone novels detailing world shifting events to the Forgotten Realms shared universe , Fire in the Blood is also the fourth novel in her successful Brimstone Angels plot line I entered into Evans series with The Adversary and reviewed it here, explaining that it worked remarkably well for a reader who was unfamiliar with the characters and storyline Moreover I was staggered over how much I enjoyed her rich characterization and pacing, remarking that it was easy to forget this was a media tie in, which while frequently fun aren t noteworthy for originality or depth Most all of my thoughts on The Adversary held equally true for Fire in Blood In many aspects I think it is even improved.The one caution I mention is that I m not sure this would be an ideal entry point if you are unfamiliar with the story characters To Evans credit, she does a great job at summarizing what has previously passed without making it intrusive on the current story So it is possible to start here, but not the most logical choice Go back at least to The Adversary, or as I have just finally done, find a copy of the first Brimstone Angels novel and enjoy the catch up This is a series for fantasy fans worth investing in even if you don t read Forgotten Realms, as long as one likes classically styled epic fantasy with compelling characters male and female both Evans is an asset to this shared universe, and judging by comments she made in an interview in Women Destroy Fantasy , her style and concerns for diversity may hopefully become familiar and present in the world of media tie in novels.But back to Fire in the Blood To start with, Fire in the Blood already improves over its predecessor with a compelling title, an evocative description of Evans characters, particularly the twin stars Farideh and Havilar These women tieflings have had difficult lives with various forces mortal and immortal trying to influence and control them, to possess them Yet despite these forces of the world seeking to define them, they remain strong willed individuals with fire inside to keep struggling for independence and a bit of their own happiness The theme of forces larger than an individual forcing people into difficult choices and compromised promises and principals is common to all of the characters in Fire in the Blood and The Adversary It is the heart of what makes the books so interesting and characters so compelling.The plot of Fire in the Blood adds complexities from previous events, twists and turns that are almost Whedon esque Sometimes enemies are not so clear, and assumed friends may not be able to really support someone because of complications in their own lives, plots I won t try to summarize all the different plot elements here in the story, the official blurb for the novel is somewhat vague presumably because so much is happening here, much dependent on what has gone before The plots are a complex web, encompassing a large extended cast of characters that include even additional numbers from the previous installment Erin Evans is a superb juggler The pacing stays tight and the various balls of each plot element are kept in play, blending and separating with no breakdown in the trick All of this while still recovering details of the past to make sure that readers don t become lost Impressive.In The Adversary one of the things I didn t enjoy much compared to the rest was her male characters They seemed to be stronger types than the females, not as rounded, and not nearly as interesting except for Lorcan compared to the others In Fire in the Blood these male characters grew on me, particularly due to escalating dilemmas for the character of Brin who is facing engagement to a royal, and his heart isn t really in it As I became invested in and of Evans characters the the entirety of the plot and the world opened to me, like the best of epic fantasy reading experiences.A healthy mixture of action, romance, and rich characterization in a nicely readable package makes this one that I m looking forward to rereading within the order continuity as I go back to start at the beginning before the next volume comes out.Disclaimer I received a free advanced reading copy of this from Wizards of the Coast via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Awesome Farideh continues growing in power Intense, romantic, emotional and intriguing Great work.Beware of any deals you might want to make with a cambion [Free Kindle] ⚆ Fire in the Blood (Brimstone Angels, #4) ♴ SCRIBE Award Winning Author, Erin M Evans, Continues The Riveting Tale Of Her Sundering Character, Farideh, As She Becomes Embroiled In A Forgotten Realms Flavored Game Of Thrones In A Direct Follow Up To The Third Book In The Sundering Series, The Adversary, Young Warlock Farideh Falls Into The Midst Of A Battle For The Throne Of Cormyr As The War Brought On By The Sundering Rages Across Faer N, Princes And Princesses, Wizards And Rogues Scheme To Capture The Seat Of Power Of The Land Of The Purple Dragon With Farideh And Her Allies Caught Squarely In The Middle General Discussion Responses and Review Prior to reading1 Why this book What do you know about it General comments, etc.This is the 4th book in the brimstone angel s series by Erin Evans I begin the series with book 3 the Adversary and loved it Obviously there was a lot that I missed by not reading the first two Specifically, some of the intricate politics of the hells can be confusing without the background, but it s not enough to spoil the story This book should give us a look at the fallout from the events of the adversary, and what life will be like for Farideh and Havilar as they attempt to assimilate back into Cormyr after losing 8 years During Reading1 Favorite character who do you relate to the most I can easily relate to Farideh and Havilar feeling out of place at times, like outcasts While literal here, it s an interesting comparison to the real world and people who struggle with fitting in When someone seems to care about them, the first response is no you don t.More than anything though, I relate to Dahl He s fallen from grace in a way He used to be in the favor of Oghma, but he lost that favor and it s been a mark on him since He s constantly searching for answers as to why, trying to validate things, but it s only when he finally stops and reflects on everything that he realizes his faults His quote that he cared about being right than being true is an important ideal I think at times many others myself included do the same thing We care about being right than about what the truthful right thing to do is Sometimes we have to put egos, arrogance, etc., aside and simply be genuine and honest.2 How do the secondary characters contribute There are a LOT of characters to keep track of here, and the line between main character and secondary character is pretty blurred Sometimes they create interesting side relationships as with Dumuzi becoming a house companion and pseudo bodyguard for Farideh, Farideh and Raedras budding almost sisterly relationship in Havilar s absence, Dahl s ongoing feud relationship with Vescaras, the Sairche Lorcan sibling rivalry taken to a terrifying level These side relationships were complex in and of themselves and helped to develop the main characters as well.3 Favorite moments, passages, quotesTwo moments that stand out to me are Farideh s confrontation with Lorcan and Dahl s aha moment Farideh grows a lot in this book, and she finally stands up to Lorcan when she says enough is enough It s the first time that Lorcan doesn t seem to have the upper hand with her He s at a loss for words Words are his weapon, so when this happens, he s basically unarmed.Dahl s prayer to Oghma was a really pivotal moment for me He realizes his faults, and that he should focus on what is true being honest with himself He simply said and did things in the past because he thought they were the right thing to say or do, and in some cases he cared most about being right But this isn t what Oghma teaches After Reading1 Themes Weight of war apparent throughout the novel It drives many of the characters into developing against their will, or forces them to make decisions that they aren t comfortable making In a time of war you sometimes have to decide between what you want to do, and what you need to do In many cases this means following your brain over your heart, or weighing the lives of few against many.Choices These novels are very good at making us question what we would do if we had to choose between the lesser of two evils Quite literally, since several choices in the book revolve around making a deal with a devil How do you choose between the good of your country and your heart There are several instances where havilar farideh dahl make a choice that will hurt a few to save many.Acceptance and Redemption Farideh finally realizes that shes being manipulated a pawn in a bigger game Havilar is able to think with her head instead of her mind and realize that the relationship with Aubrin is not something in her best interest any Maybe most importantly, I thought Dahl s story of acceptance and redemption was the most moving his fall from Oghma s preference was due to him wanting to be right rather than seeking the truth By realizing this, and forgetting what is right and rather looking for the truth he finds redemption with Oghma.2 Describe the characters and how they interacted with the main plot How did they develop throughout the story how strong important were the relationships between primary and secondary characters Aubrin, Raedra, and Havilar were at the mercy of the plot for most of the book Raedra increasingly has the weight of her familial responsibility to Cormyr on her shoulders, but needs the support of Aubrin to hold the country together The deaths of her family members, the disappearance of Aubrin, and the impending seige all move her forward faster than she wants to go.Aubrin has been put in a situation albeit by his own doing that he wants no part of His responsibilities to Cormyr are also weighing on him In a way, his quest is nothing than an escape from what appeared to be the inevitable that he would have to marry Raedra and convince Havilar to be his mistress The plot doesn t seem to have any holes for him to escape from this inevitability, and it slowly drives him crazy, to the point of really becoming a different character altogether By the end of the story, his only way of vindicating himself is to start over Havilar is caught in the middle of the major plots for both Raedra and Aubrin She s along for the ride so to speak The position changes her, makes her realize what s important, and ultimately helps her to build a tougher skin when it comes to her relationship with Aubrin She also can t stop the powers of Asmodeus from transforming her into a chosen, and by the end of the novel seems to embrace it.These three characters created a very complex love triangle Complex because it wasn t necessarily a triangle, but, as Raedra described it, two completely different battles being fought Raedra may have once loved Aubrin, but doesn t now instead, she s trying to fulfil a duty and unite a country Her relationship is a responsibility Havilar began a relationship out of love, but realizes that it becomes something that will require every second of her attention just to keep it afloat, and at the expense of Cormyr.On the other side of the coin, a few characters drive the plot forward through their own developments Farideh s rejection of Lorcan and acceptance of Dahl will have major repercussions Lorcan is slowly losing his grip on Farideh, and it will be interesting to see what response will come from the hells because of it Bringing Dahl into her life subjects him to potentially dire consequences.Dahl finally makes good with Oghma It looks like he s on his way to becoming a chosen yet again and returning to the order of Paladins He s become increasingly involved in the main plot, and I d expect him to continue to develop in the next book.Lorcan is slowly starting to lose his control over the protagonists While he seems powerful throughout the series, it s evident that his power only comes through manipulation, which is only possible through his words When his words lose their weight, so does his manipulation and power Farideh has begun to see through this, and without Sairche s support, he ll likely lose hold of Havilar as well He s got the eye of asmodeus on him, which is never a good thing, so he ll be under immense pressure to succeed from now on.THe secondary characters added some very interesting relationships as well Dumuzi appears to be a set up for an important future storyline He developed a protective bodyguard relationship with Farideh, which allowed him to get close enough to the family to hopefully work with Mehen.Sairche would appear to be moving toward becoming a main antagonist in the future While she s been controlled by Lorcan for so long, she seems to have partnered with the brimstone angel While a symbiotic relationship, they re both evil and out to dismantle asmodeus, so we ll have to see where this goes.4 What was were the setting settings how did they contribute to the tone, mood, plot, themes, etc A war riddled Cormyr It feels like the pressure of war and seige are around every corner Ever decision has the future of the country involved This constant feeling sets the mood for the entire story.While Brin, Havilar, et al spend most of the story in the Cormyrean countryside, I wish we could have seen of this It seemed like they were close to the front lines of war, but you didn t really feel like you were experiencing it at all.5 What are some of the unresolved issues Lorcan He s in a very compromised position at the end of the story While it seems he s taken care of Dahl, I don t think Farideh is buying it If he can t get her back, he ll have to answer to a lot of devilsSairche maybe the most intriguing cliffhanger Sairche has partnered with the brimstone angel in what appears to be a combined plot to bring down the lords of the hells This has only just begun, and will probably escalate in the future.Farideh, Havilar, Mehen, Dumuzi At the end of the story, it looks like they re all going home We ll probably see a non Cormyr setting in the next story, and some clan politics as wellDahl He s in a rough spot Technically, he chose his family over Farideh, so it will be interesting to see how he gets back to her.Ilstan another intriguing antagonist of the future He appears to have survived the tunnels and has embraced being the chosen of Azuth Since Azuth is the god of spells, I imagine he she may get stronger as the spellplague comes to a complete end.6 Rate the book against others you ve read Compare contrast I thought this was an extremely well written book Specifically, the dialogue and character development were very compelling Some of the intricate politics of the hells and the family trees were a little confusing at times, but I wonder if much of that has to do with missing the first two books of the series I would probably rate the prior book in the series The adversary slightly higher, but would still put this near the top of my forgotten realms books The adversary had an interesting plot, but less character relationship development Fire in the blood had a slower moving plot, and it seemed the plot was secondary to the character development Should be a good starting point for some interesting storylines in the next book in the series. A great story about the slow corruption of a person using temptations within the gray zone Some fun combat and encounters. Still engaging and unpredictable after four books This is shaping up to be the best epic fantasy series I ve ever read. I am glad I made it this far into the series The best Brimstone Angels book I read so far.Awesome A terrific fantasy novel, especially if you like DD Highly recommended. After the mediocre Sundering tie in last book, this series is back to it s fine form. In a follow up to The Adversary, from the Sundering line of books, Evans follows Farideh and her crew in their further adventures in Cormyr And while this novel has many of the elements I have come to expect from a DD themed book, it also includes most of the elements I have come to expect from Evans as well Specifically, characteristics of stories within the genre, but not the Forgotten Realms line The political intrigue in this book swings for the levels reached by Martin, while the moral intrigue keeps up and even passes Salvatore in spots.Additionally, there s a feel to the characters in her novels that doesn t ring similar to the other series in this line In consideration, my only thought would have to be her recent entry into the Forgotten Realms line by comparison I know it revived my interest in the setting from a fiction standpoint Which, in turn, renewed my interest in it as a game setting Sit that with Farideh being my favorite use of the warlock archetype a favorite from the last incarnation of the game system , and the series will have my attention.If you are new to the characters, enough of the past is set into this novel for it to still be viable as a launching point It is the beginning of a series Kind of a further adventures of Farideh sort of thing But don t let that stop you from going back to read the past novels with these characters Or Godcather, another stand alone of hers in the Realms setting All are surprisingly fresh for old school DD folks like me , but inline with other novels in the genre to interest people new to Forgotten Realms All of this wrapped up in tightly entertaining prose.This is one that I would purchase and have , as well as give to friends I give it 4.5 Stars I m taking a half star for a slight cliffhanger.