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F nf Wochen im Ballon ist das Erstlingswerk von Jules Verne zumindest ist es der erste ver ffentlichte Roman des Autors Das Buch erschien 1863 und ist in jeder Hinsicht ein fr her Science Fiction Roman Im Mittelpunkt des Romans steht ein High Tech Vehikel, der Wasserstoff Ballon Victoria Die technischen Details werden sorgf ltig er rtert von der doppelten Ballonh lle ber den katalytischen Knallgasbrenner bis zu den achtzehnhundertundsiebenzig Gallonen Schwefels ure, sechzehntausendundf nfzig Pfund Eisen und neunhundertsechsundsechzig Gallonen Wasser , aus denen die vierundvierzigtausendachthundertsiebenundvierzig Cubikfu Gas erzeugt werden, die den Ballon tragen Allerdings ist der erste Hauptsatz der Thermodynamik nicht ganz pr sent die Batterien des Herrn Dr Fergusson h tte Elon Musk heute noch gerne.Mit Hilfe dieses phantastischen Luftschiffs will Dr Ferguson Afrika von Ost nach West durchfliegen und dabei nebenbei endlich die Quellen des Nils entdecken Abflug ist auf Zanzibar Unterwegs gibt es Probleme, aber am Ende kommen die Forscher mit einem Teil des Vehikels im Senegal an Zwischendurch nutzt Verne die Gelegenheit, immer wieder den damals aktuellen Stand der Afrika Forschung zu referieren Die Kindle Ausgabe beruht auf einer sehr alten bersetzung von 1876 das hat Charme, aber kann auch irritierend sein Es wird construiehrt , es gibt officielle Mittheilungen und w thendes Trampeln , und es kommen auch Neger vor, die dann meist auch gleich Wilde sind Man sollte also wissen, worauf man sich einl t Daf r kostet das Werk in einer vern nftig aufbereiteten Fassung aber auch nur 49 ct.Man muss sich auf die Zeit einlassen, aber dann hat man ein unterhaltsames und gut zu lesendes Buch, und dazu eines, dass bereits viele der Merkmale sp terer SF Romane aufweist. J lio Verne presenteia nos com uma hist ria mpar de obstina o e coragem.Uma obra onde impera a intelig ncia e a bondade entre todas as personagens Todas elas diferentes, todas elas iguais Humanas, leais, solid rias Uma amizade que importa acima da riqueza, do amor pr prio e da pr pria vida.Um mundo de homens que j n o existem Uma viagem marcante n o s para as personagens que nos apaixonam a cada p gina, mas para n s, para todos aqueles que tiverem a coragem e o despudor de embarcar naquele bal o.Foram as cinco semanas mais bonitas das nossas vidas Verne s first full length novel, while setting the formula for many of his later books, is definitely not one of his best the science is sketchy and the plot is basically a series of small misadventures in a row that the three main characters escape with usually not too much difficulty and a just modicum of ingenuity The book would still be enjoyable enough, however, if not for the blatant racism that permeates all the pages where they meet another human being every single black person in Africa is either a savage killer or a cannibal, or a bandit, or engaged in perverted rituals , or gullible and prone to worship our heroes as lunar deities in any case, incapable of real civilization The Arabs fare only a little better, in that they are rich and have fine cities, but then are all ruthless and intent on killing the infidels This is way than I m able to tolerate even for a novel written in the 1850s, and the rest of the novel doesn t really make up for it. 3.5 5 stars As for difficulties, replied Ferguson, in a serious tone, they were made to be overcome Pros of reading a Victorian Era classic Complicated vocabulary, detailed descriptions and lots of facts about the time period Now, if you didn t know, I happen to be an avid fan of everything Victorian, because it is an era that really intrigues me, something that means reading this was a big plus for me Really progressive science facts All of the books Jules Verne has written are cleverly created, made in such a way that was considered science fiction back there It is no wonder that most of the journeys he talked about have actually been fulfilled, and in this case, it was also not surprising to see how well he handled scientific knowledge and technological progress, especially since in the Victorian era people had found themselves in a very quick, life changing technological advance Mannerism, strong platonic bonds that I really enjoyed and lack of overwhelming plot points, that would have tired me or made me lose my interest The friendship between the three men in this book was very powerful and well spun, and I found myself smiling at a lot of scenes because of the way they cared about each other Exploration of religion, faith, loss, hope, dreams and morals, in a way that was very innovative, refreshing and thought provoking The main characters were not power hungry and they rarely dwelled in obsessions with goods, as they had to survive some really severe conditions Cons on reading a Victorian Era classic Blatant racism Sometimes too overwhelming descriptions At some point, there was basically almost an entire chapter that was names and dates of other explorers I know that this proves the author did a large, methodical research, and it was good to learn some new things, but it still made me want to skip to the next chapter quickly at some point.Overall, as I happen to really admire Jules Verne, I tried not to dwell on the negative points, because I know that things were different back then and that a lot of classics actually include problematic opinions I enjoyed reading the book, despite its flaws, and I would recommend Verne for someone who wanted to start reading classics, because he is easier to read than most and has very clever plots and character building.Until my next review which will not be in points, I ll be back in full on reviews xD , I will see you soon, wonderful people Stay strong and keep reading Mary I enjoyed this story so muchthan I thought I would Having read 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea a while back, I was already familiar with the writing of Jules Verne And while that book was very good, there were also some flaws such as the writer s tendency to bog the narrative down with long winded, heavily technical descriptions regarding the scientific processes and theories related to his story These parts I felt slowed the pace too much But they were always compensated for, with some very exciting and intense moments of action and suspense to regain my attention Overall, 20,000 Leagues was a perfectly good novel, but a little unbalanced in the way it was told Given the premise that of an elaborate, accommodating submarine, which traverses the oceanic globe in search of its underwater mysteries I couldn t help but feel that it could have been even better I approached this story with of an obligatory sense that I ought to give Jules Verne another go I just happened to purchase this awesome hardback book last winter, which is titled Four Novels, and compiles, respectively, Five Weeks In A Balloon, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, 20,000 Leagues, and Around The World In Eighty Days Admittedly, I bought this mostly because it makes any bookshelf look awesome.The reason I took so long reading it was because I probably spent half the time gazing at the front cover, tracing my finger over the indentations admiringly The pages were also gold tipped, and I restricted myself to only reading this inside the house no chucking it into my work bag or reading it in the bath and every time I handled it, I washed my hands and then thoroughly dried them This book was like a bed ridden child to me, only not so demanding I won t bore or irritate anyone with a rehash of the plot I ll just give the very basic premise, which is that an esteemed British doctor or engineer, or whatever has invented a balloon that runs on hydrogen and stuff, and with this contraption, he and two accomplices intend on flying over central Africa back in those days, a very wild and unexplored part of the world, the centre of which was left only to the imagination of Western civilisation from the eastern coastal island of Zanzibar Which, by the way, I decided was going to be my next holiday destination until I realised the price for even getting there And then to the western coast, the exact point of which is left to providence I ll have to admit that initially, I wasn t at all interested in this story Balloon have never really done much for me And even the concept of flying over Africa wasn t that appealing you know, cause I m an asshole It didn t excite my imagination quite as much as a submarine journey does And the idea also reminded me of two stories written by Poe The Balloon Hoax and The Unparalleled Adventures Of One Hans Pfaall, which were okay stories, but nothing to get too excited over Things start off rather smoothly, but as it s a Jules Verne story, and as it needs to be at least somewhat exciting, this trio find themselves pitched against obstacle after obstacle Every single danger they run into gets and thrilling, and even though one generally expects the heroes to pull through, Verne managed to make me question several times how things were going to end up There are some surprises throughout the novel, and sometimes it got intense and violent and scary than I thought it was ever going to It s honestly the best kind of adventure story one could ask for It appeals to that inner child mentality like an early Steven Spielberg film, and in fact, I m surprised that this hasn t been remade recently by Hollywood The only film adaptation I know of was back in 1960 s or something This is one of those books where I would say, Hey, you know if I ever became a successful director I know it ll never happen, but hypothetically, you know well if I was ever a director, this is one of those books I would personally try and turn into a blockbuster film The climax especially, as the balloon continues to wither and sink, was fantastically tense and had me glued to its pages It s awesome that a book from way back in 1863 can still hold someone in 2015 riveted to its story It had me that way, at any rate I expected at least the beginning to be a little slow, but seriously it gets good straight away Before long at all, I had to acknowledge that I was really enjoying it About halfway, I realized that I loved the story and was pretty much decided that, unless something fucked up happened and the tale got boring, that I was gonna give it four stars But when I neared the end, I just couldn t deny the feeling that I really ought to give it a perfect rating And since the book just got progressively better and better I enjoyed it much than 20,000 Leagues and since the ending was perhaps the most exciting part, there s just no way I can give it anything lower At least not for a while Sometimes I ll look back on a book retrospectively, and decide it wasn t as good as I initially thought it was like with American Psycho and Jaws But this often works the other way, as with Huckleberry Finn and shit, what else was there Oh, War Of The Words But yeah, for now I m perfectly content to give this five stars It was a very good novel, in my opinion, and though I understand that it s not considered up there with Verne s greatest work by most of his fans, it s easily my favourite of the two books I ve read of his so far And now I m going to very carefully replace this beautiful book back into the shelf and leave it untouched for a while, before continuing with Centre Of The Earth, which, incidentally, I am now much interested in reading, having enjoyed this book so much. Al fin he vuelto a mi querido Verne Espero no volver a abandonarlo por tanto tiempo Mi obra favorita del autor es Viaje al centro de la tierra, pero hace mucho tiempo que no la releo.En principio voy a decir que nunca hab a le do Cinco semanas en globo, ni conoc a detalles de su trama por lo que me ha entretenido bastante, lo poco que no me conquist fue que en ciertos momentos sent a que el autor apresuraba mucho ciertos hechos que particularmente se me hac an importantes.Mi ejemplar posee dos obras Cinco semanas en globo, la cual se llev una nota de 4 5 y Mart n Paz, 5 5.En cuanto a Cinco semanas en globo es una obra que supera apenas las trescientas p ginas y nos narra justamente un viaje en globo de cinco semanas sobre el continente africano para reconocer su geograf a, de dicho viaje participan tres personajes sumamente diversos en cuanto a personalidad y habilidades, el Dr Samuel Fergusson, el csazador Dick Kennedy y el criado Joe Wellington los mismos viven unas cuantas aventuras, tanto buenas como malas, en el cielo africano, y a veces tambi n en su tierra, se enfrentan tanto a las tribus y poblaciones salvajes de frica, como a su implacable clima en determinadas latitudes.Lo que m s me ha conquistado aqu , aparte de lo buenos que me han parecido los personajes, es c mo el autor utiliza descripciones concisas para hacernos viajar por el frica salvaje y colonial desde los cielos.Respecto a Mart n Paz, me result muy revelador descubrir la incursi n de Verne en el romance, aunque este sea m nimo Esta historia es m s bien un relato ambientado en el Per colonial, que tiene como protagonista al indio Mart n Paz, integrante de la revoluci n ind gena y enamorado de una joven jud a en una Lima muy cristiana y regida por el excesivo reconocimiento de la clase social.El contexto propio de la historia hace que el drama aparezca a cada instante, pero el mismo se ve acompa ado de muchas situaciones que plasman una imagen muy veros mil de la historia americana en sus inicios, la revoluci n ind gena y mestiza, los deseos de escalar en las clases sociales, etc.Me encant este relato, y en ciertos momentos llegu a asociar algunas de sus situaciones con las cl sicas tramas de Shakespeare Muy recomendable.Un detalle a considerar de esta edici n es la reproducci n de las ilustraciones originales de la primer edici n del libro, que son una compa a muy amena para la lectura.Y para terminar, creo sinceramente que la prosa de Verne es totalmente digna de ser le da por todo lector sobre la faz de la Tierra, y de la Luna quiz s tambi n XD If you like trigger happy wild game hunters and hardcore Victorian racism, this could be the one for you. Reading Challenge 201617 Un libro m nimo 100 a os m s viejo que t Postergu much simo este libro porque odi Viaje al centro de la tierra Sin embargo, Cinco semanas en globo es una novela incre ble, llena de aventuras, dinamismo, acci n, alegr as y muchos tropiezos en un viaje irrepetible Nuestros tres protagonistas Samuel Fergusson, Richard Kennedy y Joe Wilson, el querido Joe son entra ables y muy bien construidos Joe se roba el show y odi un poco a Dick por su profesi n de cazador view spoiler qu necesidad de matar a animales que no hacen da o alguno hide spoiler With this first book Jules Verne actually takes up the legend That is, first of all, the first of his works listed in the series of extraordinary voyages.In 1863, Africa is a mysterious continent, unknown The age is the age of the great explorations and Jules Verne imagined a trip by three men the inventor of a new type of balloon, Dr Ferguson his employee Joe and Dick Kennedy his friend.They take off Zanzibar and live multiple and exciting adventures before reaching Senegal and return to England.The same year as Five Weeks in a Balloon, Verne wrote Paris in the twentieth century and it did not appear until 1994..The first of the sixty four extraordinary journeys that will give us Jules Verne in forty years is an exciting novel that reads with extreme pleasure. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ☔ Cinq semaines en ballon ✕ Jules Gabriel Verne Was A French Author Who Pioneered The Science Fiction Genre He Is Best Known For Novels Such As Journey To The Centre Of The Earth , Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea , And Around The World In Eighty Days Verne Wrote About Space, Air And Underwater Travel Before Air Travel And Practical Submarines Were Invented, And Before Practical Means Of Space Travel Had Been Devised He Is The Third Most Translated Author In The World, According To Index Translationum Some Of His Books Have Been Made Into Films Verne, Along With Hugo Gernsback And H G Wells, Is Often Popularly Referred To As The Father Of Science Fiction Amongst His Other Works Are From The Earth To The Moon , Five Weeks In A Balloon , The Fur Country Or, Seventy Degrees North Latitude , The Blockade Runners , The Field Of Ice , The Mysterious Island , Facing The Flag , And An Antarctic Mystery