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It was okay. Gritty and poetic and fresh The NYC dialogue and locales are the real deal, and the story, dense with author Torres insights about lawyer criminal client relationships, is fascinating Lots of crazy ghetto color and characters Perfectly paints a portrait of Spanish Harlem in the 1970s. @EBOOK ⚻ Carlito's Way (Film Ink) ⚞ In This Classic New York Street Novel, Carlito Brigante, Puerto Rican Hustler And Drug Dealer, Recounts With Intoxicating Bravado And Humor His Journey Through Spanish Harlem S No Exit World Of Gangs, Drugs, Pimping, And The Mob Carlito S Way, And Its Sequel After Hours, Were Adapted For Film By Brian De Palma, With Al Pacino As Carlito Edwin Torres Is A Criminal Court Judge In New York City It s hip Like that Even has a glossary Mr.Wesley Scott, the government prosecutor What a pain in the ass An anglo with a last name for a first name is automatically a prick. Apparently, the movie isn t even based on this book primarily It s based on the sequel I think this is source material for the horrible direct to video prequel Anyway, watched the movie again tonight, for the first time in almost ten years Fucking unreal, the movie is so good and holds up better than any I can remember, way better and artfully crafted than I remember, so suspenseful even if you know what s coming Tonight, three adults in a room, trying to hide the fact that we were crying at the end Best De Palma movie I watched all the extras, and now I m kinda hell bent on reading it now Goddamn. This is just a cool ass book I m a huge fan of the movie,but the book is ten times better Being someone who grew up in New York in the seventies,I was pleasantly surprised by many of the nuances Edwin Torres was able to capture He does a great job of illustrating a raw ,exciting,dangerous time in New York s history Not to mention that Carlito Brigante himself, is one of the most likable characters you ll ever meet Reading this book is like listening to an old Puerto Rican hustler tell you war stories about the old days ,out on the stoop of your building Mira Read that shit Papa. A fairly quick read since it is a short book of just 152 pages Told in the first person, there is a good deal of humor and interesting insight into the character of Carlito Brigante.The film Carlito s Way is mostly adapted from Torres follow up novel After Hours, but the film uses first person narration in the same vein as this first book. Excellent movie from my Mob Box Al Pacino stunning as always and Penelope Ann Miller as an exotic dancer ballerine Sean Penn as heroine addicted attorney is worth watching closely too I recommend to all those searching for an excellent plot and inspired dramatic interpretations. Believe it or not The Al Pacino movie, Carlito s Way is based on this book and it s sequel After Hours I really loved this book It s entirely written in the street patois of a Puerto Rican hoodlum in New York There s a humorous poetry to it She had curves on her like a guitar A few years later she was like a Cello Still, it was might good strummin while it lasted Interestingly, this book was written by a New York appellate judge I would have loved to have clerked for him. Two of the best street novels ever written Amounts to a fictional Puerto Rican version of Goodfellas, the criminal autobiography of uptown dope dealer Carlito Brigante.