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I was very disappointed by this book, the premise was interesting and I started expecting good things The author was a TV scriptwriter before turning his hand to novels and Strangers reads like mediocre TV drama The dialogue was terrible, I cringed at every line and the twist in the tale was far too obvious I may be being unfair, I think the biggest problem with the book was the translation, the clunkiest I ve read in a long time. The people in Harada s life are ghosts, and the ghosts in his life are people It s actually pretty cute The stuff with the parents was adorable, and I liked the reveal at the end.I wasn t sure about the translation of the Dad s dialogue it s all Whadja expect and Okey dokey Too Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins for me. Very brief, this reads quickly it is easy to read as well If, like myself, you are a fan of Japanese ghost stories, you re going to see the end coming on this one right away so that kind of spoiled it for me, because this story is very much in line with the old traditional type of ghostly tale from Japan A brief summary Harada san Hideo is in his mid 40s, is a scriptwriter for television who isn t working all that much any and lives alone, having been recently divorced and never taking enough time to see his college age son He lives in Tokyo, in an apartment which is an office building by day but which during the night has maybe one or two lit windows that one can see from the outside He is just a drab little man with a blah life Many years ago, when he just a boy I think he was 12 , he was waiting for his parents to return home but they never did His mom and dad were doubled on a bike when they were hit from behind in a hit and run accident He was sent to live with his grandmother, but then she died, then sent to live with his uncle, who sent him to college and then died Well, as it turns out, one day it was Hideo s birthday and he got a bee in his bonnet to go to his birthplace of Akasuka When he arrived, he walked into a mediocre comedy club pretty much kept going by tour bus crowds, and there he saw a man that looked just like his father It looked so much like his dad that he couldn t help but to keep looking at the guy At the end of the performance, the strange man invited Harada san to come home with him for a beer so Hideo goes When he arrives, the strange man s wife is there and she is the spitting image of his mother From there, the tale gets stranger and stranger and Hideo Harada finds himself in great danger from the other side.I liked this book Again, it was somewhat stilted and formalized in translation but that s easily overcome The dialogue sometimes was kind of silly, with little annoying things like money being called dough etc which seems out of context in the story Kind of simplistic in tone, although it does delve into the whole search of self by Harada san and why he feels like he must continue to see his parents Harada is a very tragic figure to begin with, and by the end of the book I was really pulling for him When a book does that for me, then it s a good read.Overall recommended, but don t look for something along the lines of a Noel Hynd or James Herbert type of ghostthe Japanese really have a great way of ghost story telling and this book fits into the tradition If you are interested in Japanese ghost stories, check out those written by Lafcadio Hearn You will so not be sorry. This is a strange little book The protagonist, Harada, is a middle aged screenwriter, orphaned aged twelve when his parents are killed in a traffic accident Recently divorced, he throws himself into his work He is tired and lonely.Then he meets a man who looks and sounds just like his father, and whose wife looks and sounds like his mother They even call him son But they are in their early thirties, the age his parents were when they died This cannot be right.He also starts a relationship with a woman from the same apartment block She notices that Harada is ageing rapidly, as if the parents are sucking the life out of him Friends and acquaintances also ask him if he is OK However when he looks into the mirror he cannot see it.How to get out of this He loves spending time with his parents but what if they are killing him But is it the parents Cue unmasking of a succubus and rescue by friend cum ex wifes boyfriend As I said strange book, mildly entertaining in a what the hell next kind of way. As much as I wanted this book to work I have to admit that it doesn t deserve than an average rating Perhaps something was lost in the translation, but the narrator s musings were heavyhanded and denied the reader any sense of involvement in the book You were told how things were and that was that In the moments when the writer decided to let you read the story, and not the narrator s view on matters, there were some genuinely moving moments, but these were too few and far between, which was a great shame, as there were signs that the book could have been far better than it was. When one is accustomed to the trends of American fantasy novels, it s a refreshing shock to the system to come across a clean, spare little book like Taichi Yamada s Strangers The blurbs on the cover call it a ghost story it is exactly that, delivered without pretention and with a classic sort of eerieness that hearkens back to The Twilight Zone and even farther, with echoes of mythic tales of what one must and must not do when encountering the dead.Hideo Harada is a middle aged TV scriptwriter in Tokyo who has just suffered through a divorce In an attempt to regain emotional stability in his life, he returns to the neighborhood where he d grown up and encounters a strange couple who appear to be his parents, exactly as they were the year they died, when he was twelve years of age In the hands of another writer many American horror writers come to mind , things would get overtly creepy very fast, but Yamada is subtle than that He lets the eerie flavor of his prose build slowly through the plot, and saves the payoff for the final few pages.Having just visited Tokyo in the time of year in which this story was set and having recognized some of the place names as train stops during my stay, I found the novel particularly effective Readers unfamiliar with Tokyo won t have that edge, but I don t think that ll be a detriment to enjoyment in the slightest Four stars. When you meet someone for the first time, there s a formality to it, like a polite introduction.This is usually followed by a period of time where you size each other up Am I going to like this individual, what have we in common, is there enough interest for me to put in the effort Whether conscious of this or not, we are checking each other out ,but every now then someone comes along that cuts right through that Beyond the slight introduction, which you re already laughing at, because you ve known each other for like ever , the bond is instant concrete, I believe this is the same with books authors Some you ve been introduced to the bond s good, a slight formality, but in a short period of time your friends Others, no matter the effort, no matter who introduces you you will never bond.Then there s the one You pick the book up, turn the page it s like coming home, you knows this person, you understand you get them.Right now I am sat here with an old friend Caol Ila single malt whisky , contemplating what to write about a new friend Strangers by Taichi Yamada Within a page I was in Within 5 pages I was accessing the on line library to order any other books of his A synopsis of the story is middle aged man is divorced sets up home in his office One night feeling nostalgic he visits his old district of Asukusa and there meets a likeable old man who looks just like his long dead father So begins his ordeal David Mitchell Cloud Atlas said highly recommended, a cerebral haunting ghost story Bret Easton Ellis describes this as an eerie ghost story written with hypnotic clarity, intelligent haunting with passages of acute psychological insight into the relationship between children parents.Strangers is a stunning book It has moments of sheer beauty with an insidious, underlying fear This book deals with subjects such as memory, loss the need for human touch. . lovely atmospherics in this japanese ghost story that is elegaic than shocking well at least till the denouement yamada was a scriptwriter so he really knows how to grab your attention and there s a great portrait of the mind of a salaryman too. `Ebook ⇚ 異人たちとの夏 [Ijintachi to no Natsu] ⇩ Coplesit De Singuratate In Urma Unui Divort Care L A Instrainat Nu Doar De Sotie, Ci Si De Fiul Lui, Hideo Harada Devine Pe Neasteptate Personajul Unui Scenariu Fantast In Care Replicile Par Scrise Chiar De El, De Vreme Ce Ii Exprima Cele Mai Ascunse Dorinte Parintii Pe Care I A Pierdut Cand Era Mic Si Ale Caror Chipuri Abia Si Le Mai Aminteste Se Intorc In Viata Lui, Oferindu I Afectiunea De Care Are Atata Nevoie Totodata, O Misterioasa Femeie Cu Cicatrice, Capabila De Neasteptate Gesturi De Iubire, Isi Revendica Dreptul De A L Face Fericit