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!Download Pdf ♴ Drei Kameraden ⚆ THREE COMRADESThe Year Is On The Outskirts Of A Large German City, Three Young Men Are Earning A Thin And Precarious Living Fully Armed Young Storm Troopers Swagger In The Streets Restlessness, Poverty, And Violence Are Everywhere For These Three, Friendship Is The Only Refuge From The Chaos Around Them Then The Youngest Of Them Falls In Love, And Brings Into The Group A Young Woman Who Will Become A Comrade As Well, As They Are All Tested In Ways They Can Never Have Imagined Written With The Same Overwhelming Simplicity And Directness That Made All Quiet On The Western Front A Classic, Three Comrades Portrays The Greatness Of The Human Spirit, Manifested Through Characters Who Must Find The Inner Resources To Live In A World They Did Not Make, But Must Endure , No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one.No truth, sincerity, strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow.All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it,but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning , What a beautiful love story Described in the inter war with, in the background, crisis and rising unemployment Nazism announced back cover watermark appears only towards the end of the book.It is well written, it s fun and it holds up the whole time, and that s saying something since the three friends, comrades, are crazy about cars and keep a garage.A great discovery. Drei Kameraden Three Comrades A Novel of Germany Between the Wars, Erich Maria RemarqueA love story centered around the lives of three young German soldiers in the years following World War I Their close friendship is strengthened by their shared love for the same woman who is dying of tuberculosis Three Comrades is a novel first published in 1936 by the German author Erich Maria Remarque It is written in first person by the main character Robert Lohkamp, whose somewhat disillusioned outlook on life is due to his horrifying experiences in the trenches of the First World War s French German front He shares these experiences with Otto K ster and Gottfried Lenz, his two comrades with whom he runs an auto repair shop in late 1920s Berlin probably The city, which is never referred to by name however, it is likely Berlin , is crowded by a growing number of jobless and marked by increasing violence between left and right The novel starts out in the seedy milieu of bars where prostitutes mingle with the hopeless flotsam that the war left behind While Robert and his friends manage to make a living dealing cars and driving an old taxi, economic survival in the city is getting harder by the day It is in this setting that Robert meets Patrice Hollmann, a mysterious beautiful young woman with an upper middle class background Their love affair intensifies as he introduces her to his life of bars and races and Robert s nihilistic attitude slowly begins to change as he realizes how much he needs Pat 2015 20 30 9 10 With blinded eyes I stared at the sky, this grey, endless sky of a crazy god, who made life and death for his amusement.I think my grandmother would ve liked Three Comrades She may have read it She passed in 2003 and I often miss her The ranks of my rogues gallery of family contained only one reader and Stella Short was that and certainly something else I d like to think she died with a book in her lap Three Comrades is a melodrama about survivors of the Great War discovering the extent of their personal damage in the depressed cauldron of Germany in the late 1920s This isn t an exploration of material poverty but one of irreparable moral damage Spirit Geist died for these men What is left but hard drinking and fast cars There is always love but such has a terminal cost on this stage There is no great wrenching of ideas here but the affairs remain palpable, even visceral.I thought today about Sarah Churchwell and her book on Careless People in the Gatsby Perhaps this reaction was global Es ist besser, zu sterben, wenn man noch leben m chte, als zu sterben und man m chte auch sterben it s better to die while you still want to live, than to die and want to dieThe novel is called Three Comrades but there were actually 4 of them Robert Lohkamp, Otto K ster, Gottfried Lenz and Patrice Hollmann whom they meet in the very beginning of the novel and who became an essential part of it And there were also other people who weren t formally comrades but they could be called so because all they helped each other in this or that way Ferdinand Grau, Fred, Gustav, Alfons They all knew how hard the life can be sometimes and tried to help those for whom it was harder then for themselves This is a novel about true friendship, when you can do anything for your friend.All the characters are memorable and very realistic that s why you get used to them quickly and immediately begin to feel involved in their life, you share their emotions and can t help smiling or becoming sad when they do so I liked them all Robby who is sometimes a bit childish and learns to love having met Pat, the last romantic Lenz, always so cheerful and optimistic, Otto, so calm and reserved but who can feel probably even deeper than all other characters, Pat, sometimes so elegant and charming, sometimes funny bu always very brave, kind hearted Alfons, philosophical Ferdinand And though in the end there are only two comrades of four you can t help thinking that this friendship will live forever.The language here is plain but very rich, I especially enjoyed the descriptions which were very colorful due to plenties of similes.This novel is not an easy one, especially the end, but still it is pleasant to read I can t say that it s absolutely melancholic, but the time in which the characters live isn t too cheerful and of course it influenced the whole tone of the book here you can see the real life of Germany of that time with all its problems unemployment, poverty, people, who were broken down by the war both physically and morally, prostitution, political meetings which promise much and give nothing But it has a kind of optimistic feeling about it too There are characters who have lived through the war, but it hadn t broken their spirit, they want to live even , want to have the time of their life Their parties, dances, drinking and hilarity with all those problems in the background may seem insane, but on the other hand it was the only way to survive.I think the quote with which I began this review is the main idea of the book you should live brightly, take as much as you can from your life up to the last day of it And the main characters did so It s okay if you haven t done everything you wanted during your life because it would take an eternity to complete everything But if you haven t done anything because you were busy with pitying yourself then did you live at all . Youth is an age of magic you re full of pep, zest, enthusiasm, hopes, friendship love.She began to speak, but soon I no longer heard what she was saying I heard only her voice, and as I sat there on the table in the dark hall, between the boar s head and the kitchen with the haricot beans, a door seemed to open and a wave of warmth and light came in, soothing and bright, full of dreams and desire and youth I propped my feet against the table, I rested my head in my hand, I looked at the boar s head and the repulsive kitchen door, but I could not help myself summer was all at once there wind, sunset over the fields of corn, and the green light of the woodland path Three Comrades comprises a little bit of sentimentality, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of despair it is an authentic carrier of the zeitgeist of the Roaring Twenties Only the unhappy man appreciates happiness The happy man is a mannequin for the life feeling He displays it merely he doesn t possess it Light doesn t shine in the light it shines in the dark.You try to survive and you fight for your love and happiness But time doen t stand sill and it doesn t wait It was a strange feeling Time seemed to have ceased to flow it was no longer a river that came from the darkness and passed out into darkness again it was a lake in which life was noiselessly mirrored.When you re young there is eternity lying before you Then, suddenly, your eternity is taken away. Read this book twice and would read it over and over again Definitely a staple in my library I have the Russian edition, I am not sure how the english one reads but it is an absolutely amazing read that touches on so many topics so many of us can relate to the lost generation, the destruction brought about by the war and the dispersed populace living or scrambling to make a living in many countries that shamed german diaspora that s not really german in a sense that they did not support nasizm, didn t stay and didn t fight but are still viewed as the common enemy by many other countries basically, it is a generation lost without a home, they can t go back to where they came from and they will never be fully accepted where they currently live The bonds formed out of loneliness and desperation are the strongest and yet, misery always lurkes right below the surface, whether that surface is a never ending party, glitzy and polished or as decrepid as the state of their finances or the prospects for their collective future