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Julie Prodsky is new to the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City, and is feeling all alone until she meets Julie Braverman, a popular girl with everything Julie P ever wanted Soon Julie B teaches her all about shoplifting, or getting and the pals start going to stores all throughout the city Julie P is happy with everything, her new friend, her new cloths, her new boyfriend but things go south when her conscience starts catching up with her This book can connect to a lot of teenage girls Peer presure plays a big part in Klepto, Julie P feels bad that she hasn t done as many things as Julie B and trys to keep up with her, even if it means going to a party and being all alone and upset Teenagers, girls especially, feel like if someone popular is doing something then they should be too Jenny Pollak uses a type of language that teenagers actually use so it makes the book even easier to connect to I really liked this book I recommended it to pretty much everyone, while I was reading it almost every other thing I said was Have you read Klepto No You REALLY should When ever anyone talks about anything that even barely relates to it I have to bring it up Anyone between the ages of 12 and 112 should read this book, especially if you re a girl. Klepto Viking Juvenile,2006,288pp., 16.99Jenny Pollack ISBN 13 9780670060610 Kleptomaniac One who steals shoplift without being able to control themselves, is exactly the way to describe the main character Julie Prodsky in the remarkable novel, Klepto by Jenny Pollack Jenny Pollack writes an extraordinary novel revolving around the 1980 s where stealing was as easy as 1, 2, and 3 of a teenage girl s journey through high school Julie Prodsky is just starting her freshman year at High school of Performing Arts when she meets cool Julie Braverman, a popular girl with a variety of designer clothing As they get to know each other and understand about each other, Julie P discovers that not only is Julie B cool she is daring as well She steals She steals from Macy s and blooming dales and gets all her clothing and accessories from there Curious and excited, Julie P goes and steals with Julie B or get as they say it, for the first time After trying to get stuff a few times, Julie P realizes that it s fun and easy But everything starts turning upside down when she gets caught at Bloomingdales and is prohibited from entering again After thinking about what happened, Julie P decides that she should stop stealing however she feels like she is addicted to it and can t stop Thus, she decides to consult a therapist with her problem in hopes of finding out a solution to everything Meanwhile, Julie P tells Julie B that she wants to stop and hope this won t end their friendship Julie B then starts ignoring Julie P and they start to see each other less and less Wondering if their friendship will last, Julie P., along the way learns to make decisions and grow up Will their friendship come to an end or will it even become stronger than ever Klepto is the book that teaches its readers the true significance of friendship and not everything is perfect When I read it I couldn t put it down and even realized how friendship isn t just about friends its than that What really caught my attention was how they could steal easily back then and how easily someone could get addicted to stealing It s an amazing book A page turner, fun and easy to read, this book will be on your list of favorite books of the year Anybody can read it and you ll find yourself captivated by it What else can keep you this hooked to a book but other than Klepto, go grab a copy before it runs away. Klepto by Jenny Pollack was one of my favorite books in high school and continues to be one of my favorite YA novels The book features the life of a high school girl named Julie Prodsky who becomes best friends with Julie Braverman Julie B brings our narrator Julie P into the life of shoplifting and fashion Both Julies use the term got as a sort of code for stealing The novel takes place in the 1980 s and therefore showcases the boutiques and fashion trends that were around during that time period That is one aspect of this novel that I really enjoyed and I found myself searching for the fashion brands and trends that were referenced while reading this book Another interesting fact is that Julie P is slightly based off of the author, Jenny Pollack, who shared these experiences of shoplifting when she was a teenager in the 80 s, which explains the choice for that time period I also liked the idea that the narrator is based off of Pollack because it gives the story a bit of truth and it gives Pollack first hand knowledge of the stores and trends that were around in the 80 s It also provides personal knowledge of how the characters were able to get away with shoplifting from those particular boutiques Another aspect of this novel that I enjoyed was that the portrayal of a young teenage girl seemed very accurate and thoroughly demonstrated what its like to be peer pressured by someone you look up to Julie P also shares new experiences with her new friend Julie B and gets brought into a world that seems exciting, if for only awhile In my opinion, Pollack captures the essence of youth, fashion, and peer pressure in a well executed way and makes the narrator Julie P very relatable, especially if the reader is a teenage girl themselves. Stealing expensive clothes in NY city is a rush for best friends Julie and Julie also Boy troubles, family squabbles, the usual teenage problems with shoplifting to tie it all together How far will you go to keep a best friend Can Julie stop stealing or is she a kleptomaniac for real Pressures from going to a prestigious school, the school of the performing arts or PA, pressures to fit in and have the best clothes, to go to all the right parties and whether to give in to boy s pressure to have sex are typical issues in Juie s life She can t talk to her mother or her older sister.only her friend Julie understands But Julie doesn t want to steal any and Julie is so mad at her she isn t talking so who can she confide in now This was an interesting look into teenage girls as they come to terms with their actions and deal with inner struggles to do the right thing. ok, the computer swallowed my homework on this, so I ll try a 2nd draft I ll just say briefly, while the book is still fresh in my mind, that I really did enjoy Klepto and, while it makes no overt nod to attempting to do literature I thought Jenny Pollack made some astute choices in how to present her apparently very autobiographical material which make the book believable and unfussy in its presentation of its narrator heroine s world It s a great pop culture escapist fantasy, with our narrator Julie P and new best friend, the cool and unscrupulous Julie B., lifting designer threads from every high end boutique in sight in the New York of 1981 82 The girls act without any apparent moral compunctions whatsoever, which makes the book a bit of a guilty read, but at the same time it is, in its escapist wish fulfillment way, a real trip Of course there s some readjusting of the moral balance by the novel s end If you re than a tiny bit scrupulous, you might still have to hold your nose, but I think it s worth reading because it is, by the end, a really sweet story as well as one that s chock full of groovy early 80s pop culture allusions and general unhinged fabulousness Pretty much every other sentence of dialogue ends with an That ll annoy some readers, but these are 14 year old protagonists It s true to life, no Give yourself up to the lust for Fiorucci jeans, wild eyed emotionalism, and the desire to dance to Olivia Newton John s Physical which is totally fun and you ll have a blast reading Klepto And by the end, you find that really these girls are quite sweet, bless their hearts Coffee and cookies n cream sundaes all around Reviewed by Samantha G for TeensReadToo.comJulie Prodsky is absolutely thrilled, yet anxious, to start at the famed High School of the Performing Arts in New York City Julie feels like such a loser compared to all the talented and smart students in her freshman class, not to mention the upperclassmen She worries about fitting in, and can t believe her luck when popular, pretty Julie Braverman notices her in the crowd and invites her to hang out at school The Julies friendship starts to intensify, which thrills Julie P because she hates hanging around her apartment with her dad, her overbearing mother, and annoying older sister Julie P is totally impressed with Julie B s fantastic wardrobe the girl always has the latest jeans and the best brands At first, Julie P can t understand how she can afford everything, and then she learns the truth Julie B loves to shoplift And she wants Julie P to join in the fun What starts out as a harmless adventure begins to turn into an obsession for both the girls The risks carry over into their social lives, too Worried about being too good and too nice, Julie P begins to smoke and drink with Julie B at parties thrown for upperclassmen She is determined to get her first kiss and even if she can Just when Julie P thinks her life is about as good as it can get, the bubble bursts How she handles this sudden crisis is about to change her life forever All she knows is that her parents do not trust her, her friends are dropping her, and she can t make any relationship work out Jenny Pollack brings the 1980 s back with her debut novel set in New York City Pop culture references are everywhere and the retro tone will appeal to teen readers Regardless of the time setting, teens will relate to Julie P s desire to fit in and how hard it is to resist peer pressure Give KLEPTO a try it s definitely addicting. This book is about a teenager named Julie Prodsky who meets a girl she met from last year s bat mitzvah who has the same name as her, but diffrent last names.Her name was called Julie Braverman, she was the coolest person Julie Prodsky had ever met.She then found out that all the expensive and brand names clothing she had were all shoplifted Julie P started to think that shoplifting wasn t so bad, but one day she and her friends was caught shoplifting in a brand name store, it was Julie Prodsky first experience being caught After that she had lost her confidence shoplifting.Will Julie Prodsky and Julie Braverman s friendship end read the book and you will find out.I can connect this book with a text to world connection because I believe that lots of people had experience shoplifting before, but I know that it would be a bad influence for little kids if they saw a teenager stealing clothes, it would cause bad behavior because you don t know if the little kids would end up stealing toys i also can connect how Julie Prodsky feels about being caught for shoplifting because I know it must be really scary.I rate this book 5 stars because I thought this book was very interesting, it helps kids to learn and also experience how its like to shoplift, and how its wrong to shoplift.This book teach kids to DON T EVER SHOPLIFT, or else you will regret for the rest of your life.I recommend this book for section B at SOF, or the other sections because this book was written from Jenny.So yea toodles,hope you like this book. Klepto, by Jenny Pollack takes place in the 1980 s The story is about Julie Prodsky, the main character who meets an extremely cool new friend named Julie Brauerman, and their relationship They meet on the first day of school at New Yorks High School of Performing Arts Julie Prodsky is soon introduced to the world of fation through her new best friend, who has lots of clothing and jewelry Julie Prodsky feels lucky to have her new cool friend, espeially when it is revealed hour she gets her stuff She is ofcourse stealing them Before long, Julie Pollack is stealing clothes and Jewelry as well First prompted by Julie Brauerman, then on her own When Julie Pollack decides she doesn t want to steal any, it creates tention between the two characters One connection I can make is a text to world Because of peer pressure, many teens end up doing things they know are wrong such as drinking alcohole, taking drugs or stealing as was the case in this book Although she wanted to steal at first, Julie Pollack later stoppet which led to conflict with Julie Brauerman This can occur in the real world as well I rate this book 4, because I enjoyed it a lot and I enjoyed hour meeting this new friend had an impact on her life I would reccomend this book to readers who like books with 1980 s settings, and deal with peer preasure. Klepto, by Jenny Pollack takes place in the 1980 s The story is about Julie Prodsky, the main character who meets a new friend named Julie Braverman,who is The coolest girl I ve ever met They meet on the first day of school at New York High School of Performing Arts Julie Prodsky feels lucky to have her new cool friend, especially when it is revealed how she gets her stuff She and her sister, Mandy, are both expert shoplifters Before long, Julie P is stealing clothes and jewelry as well, first prompted by Julie Braverman, then on her own When Julie P decides she doesn t want to steal any, it creates tension between the two characters. ^KINDLE ↬ Klepto ↼ Julie Braverman Is The Coolest Person Julie Prodsky Has Ever Met During Their Freshman Year At The High School Of Performing Arts In New York City, The Previously Unexplored World Of Flirting, Freedom, And Fashion Is Revealed To Julie P Through The Eyes Of Her New Best Friend Learning The Secret To Julie B S Collection Of Fiorucci Jeans Shoplifting Only Makes Julie P Admire Her Before Long Julie P Has Her Own Closet Full Of Stolen Clothing, And A New Boyfriend Then Julie P S Conscience Catches Up With Her She Wants To Stop Shoplifting, But Julie B Doesn TWithout Stealing, Can This Friendship Survive