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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♂ The Rev. Diaries ☤ The Rev Diaries Is The Hilarious Tie In Novel To The Award Winning Hit BBC Comedy, Rev When Vicar Adam Smallbone Swapped His Rural Parish For St Saviours In Hackney, He Thought He Was Going Somewhere Where He Would Be Able To Make A Difference Somewhere His Ministry Would Have A Purpose Or That Was The Idea But An Eccentric, Needy Band Of Parishioners, Unhelpfully Attractive Head Teacher Of The Local CofE School And A Waspish Deacon With Adam In His Crosshairs Would Test The Patience Of A Saint And Adam, Despite His Best Intentions, Is No Saint So He Muddles Along, Trying To Do The Right Thing Thank God He S Got His Diary Reverend Adam Smallbone Is The Vicar Of St Saviour In The Marshes In Hackney Adam Lives At The Vicarage With His Wife, Alex This was a nice holiday read I liked the style of writing and it was easy to read and did make me laugh It only got 3 stars as thought it could have been a bit better I have not watched the tv series so don t know if it is based on this or follows it exactly However it was amusing and enjoyable without setting the world on fire I do want to watch the to series now though. The Rev Diaries recounts the ministry of Rev Adam Smallbone who finds himself moving from a rural parish to a dying urban church The diary is set over the period of a year and recounts his highs and lows and the people he has met along the way from sweet to completely mystifying It took me a while to get into this book and at the beginning I really didn t like it, but over time it grew on me It is gritty, passionate, and real to life At first I was a bit turned off by its edginess, but I guess it also shows vulnerability and honesty so points there What I don t like about the book is the author He seems to be a completely immature Christian and pastor, yet he has the audacity to say someone else in his congregation is not called to be a priest I know no Christian is perfect, but he clearly seems to have issues in his faith walk He was having premarital sex, got married to a woman who could care less about the church or about ministry, and swears like a trouper All of this happened while he was still in seminary I could understand some of his immaturity if he were a young pastor, but he said he has years of experience I think 25 so I don t know why he is still acting like an overgrown child rather than the God fearing adult he should be. As I do not watch television at all I came to this book without any pre conceived ideas about it I enjoyed reading it and it is written in a conversational style in the form of diary entries It shows Adam dealing with a new inner city parish after several years in a very rural one and how he came to love some of his parishioners as well as the Archdeacon and how his marriage fared under the extra stresses of what seemed liked life in a gold fish bowl.Much of it is amusing but there are serious issues involved too including homelessness, alcoholism, vandalism and homosexuality within and outside the church There is violence and kindness and Adam s life and work is a seies of ups and downs which he doesn t survive completely unscathed.This is an enjoyable read whether or not you have seen the television series I received a free copy of this book for review purposes from NetGalley. a good tie in to a good tv program just a pitty they did not carry it on to a second book to cover the 3rd season quick easy and fun read, essentially a written version of the first series of Rev I loved the series and thus was a sweet preside from my family Some laugh out loud moments but possibly mostly because I could picture it all in my head I have a particular fondness for the deliciously awful Archdeacon. Any fan of the flawless series should certainly read this companion Adam Smallbone s internal monologue on the trials of the church of England is honest, funny and screamingly real. i would probs give this book a 3.5 its a difficult oneas a experience i really enjoyed reading it remembering all the great moments from the tv show.but having finished im certain the story is far better told through the medium of tv for a start idk what it was but it was far harder to sympathise w adam as a character in the book in the show he s a very conflicted rounded 3d character mostly down to amazin portrayal by tom hollander whereas in the book i found his negative characteristics kinda magnified anyways i really liked revisiting all the characters, scenes, drama etc i liked some of the lil added extra bits that werent in the show they definitely added rather than took away from the story probably my favourite addition was the little sections of adam wondering over the beauty of sacred music but yea honestly cant imagine how some1 who hasnt seen rev would take this book but i enjoyed it i would just far quicker recommend the show than the book