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|FREE PDF ⚇ Light Pollution Handbook ☤ Constituting The First Holistic Overview Including Practical Remedies, This Handbook Provides The Background Needed By Anyone Grappling With The Complex Issue Of Outdoor Lighting And Its Effects It Describes Not Only The Problems That Astronomers And Other Night Sky Observers Face In Reducing The Problems Of Information Loss Due To Light Pollution, As Well As The Problems Lighting Technologists Face In Optimising Outdoor Lighting Installations That Cause Little Or No Light Pollution The First Part Is Directed To Decision Makers And Managers Of Outdoor Space And Covers The Areas Of General Interest, Culminating In Recommendations To Reduce The Impact Of Light Pollution The Second Part Is Directed Primarily To Scientists And Engineers, As A Support To The Design And Maintenance Of Outdoor Lighting Installations, With Special Reference To Astronomical Observations Elaborating Issues From The First Part, These Contributions Include Examples That Refer To Specific Outdoor Lighting Projects And To General Policy And Educational MeasuresWritten For Designers Of Lighting Equipment And Managers Of Astronomical Observatories, But Also Aimed At The Authorities And Decision Makers Responsible For The Organization And Maintenance Of The Public Space, It Will Serve A Good Purpose In Graduate Or Postgraduate Curricula For Scientists, Engineers, Economists And Law Students This Handbook Fills The Gap That Exists Between Astronomical Textbooks, Engineering Texts And Popular Brochures About Light Pollution