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#E-pub æ Latter-Day Prophets Speak ç LATTER DAY PROPHETS SPEAK, Compiled And Edited By Daniel H Ludlow, Is An Outstanding Contribution To Latter Day Saint Church Literature During Recent Years Various Writers Have Compiled And Published In Book Form The Most Important Doctrinal Writings And Teachings Of Six Out Of The Eight Presidents Who Have Presided Over The Church Of Jesus Christ All Of These Books Have Been Valuable Additions To Our Writings, Providing The Saints Opportunities To Gain A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Plan Of Salvation However, Our People Have Had For Many Years A Definite Need For A One Volume Work In Which The Principal Doctrinal Teachings Of All The Eight Men Who Have Presided Over The Church Of Jesus Christ Are Correlated And Made Available For Church Use This Task Has Now Been Accomplished In This Book In A Very Commendable Way By Brother Ludlow The Author Is One Of The Capable And Faithful Young Men Of The Church He Made An Enviable Record While Attending The Utah State Agricultural College For Two Years In Succession He Had The Honor Of Being President Of The Student Body At The Present Time He Is A Teacher At His Alma Mater His First Interest, However, Has Always Been The Church With The Hope In His Heart Of Helping To Proclaim The Gospel, He Assigned Himself The Task Of Compiling This Book, A Work Which Consumed Sixteen Months Time In Preparing This Volume Pertinent Teachings On Definite Gospel Subjects Have Been Culled From The Numerous Sermons And Writings Of The Presidents Of The Church And Placed In Their Proper Places Under Appropriate Subject Titles Whenever It Was Possible, The Compiler Has Presented A Typical Relevant Statement Under Each Subject Head From Each Of The Latter Day Prophets, Thereby Giving The Authoritative Church Viewpoint On Each Of Those Subjects Further, All Superfluous And Irrelevant Statements Have Been Omitted, Thus Avoiding Confusion And Waste Of Time Of The Reader This Factor In Itself Makes The Book A Convenient And Excellent Medium For The Purpose Of Studying The Gospel Since This Volume Is Entirely Devoted To The Religious Teachings Of God S Mouthpieces On Earth In The Last Dispensation Of The Gospel The Dispensation Of The Fullness Of Times And Since The Saints Have A High Regard For Modern Revelation And The Teachings Of The Prophets Of God, This Book Should Take Its Place As One Of The Valuable And Great Works Of The Church Of Jesus Christ This Book Presents Such A Complete Coverage Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ As Taught By The Presidents Of The Church In The Latter Days And Is So Logically And Conveniently Compiled And Outlined That It Could Serve Well As An Excellent Course Of Study For Church Groups This Volume Will Continue For Many Years To Hold A High Place Among Other Volumes Of Church Literature As One Of The Principal Latter Day Saint Reference Books On Church Doctrine