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The book summarized the current history made by Femen Being an activist was not easy Activism must have the hard way as experienced by the Femen As a result from orange revolution, Femen was born in Ukraine which then invading Russia, French and many other countries Being topless have been marked as Femen s trademark of protesting However, I dont find jihadis is an appropriate word to describe Femen. A great, fascinating and at times terrifying look into the world of the brave human rights movement known as FEMEN These fearless women have made their stance loud and clear they will not stand for tyrants, corrupt police and politicians, religious fundamentalists, sexists, and bigots everywhere What the future holds for FEMEN is unknown but as it continues to grow, it can only get better from here A once small group in the Ukraine, FEMEN has now spread into a global phenomenon of both females and males, with factions in several countries now Say what you will about their questionable protests but as FEMEN leader Inna Shevchenko so calmly stated Some people deserve to be scared Those who FEMEN fight indeed do deserve to be scared, they should be, very very scared FEMEN are the new edgy, brash, in your face literally movement that is very important for human rights and the fight against injustice everywhere. Free Book ☨ Topless Jihadis ♌ A Dramatic Story Of Rage, Revolution, And The Daring Young Woman At The Center Of A New Fight For The Future Of Feminism They Came For Inna Shevchenko In The Middle Of The Night Thugs Sent By Ukrainian Authorities To Arrest The Beautiful And Angry Young Activist When She Jumped Out Of Her Apartment S Back Window And Into A Speeding Car, Shevchenko S Life Changed Forever The Year Old, Who Had Inspired The Russian Activists Pussy Riot, Fled To Paris And, Almost Overnight, Built A Movement That Now Spans Europe And Beyond Femen The Self Ordained Shock Troops Of Feminism And The Watch Bitches Of Democracy Today Boasts Than , Members, With Branches In Countries It Has Quickly Become The Most Provocative And Daring Activist Organization In The World, Thanks In Part To Its Audacious Topless Demonstrations Physically Attacking World Leaders, Brawling With Police, And Enduring Beatings And Arrests In Its Militant Fight Against The Oppression Of Women, Femen Is Impossible To Ignore, But Until Now Difficult To Fully Understand Granted Extensive And Exclusive Access To Shevchenko And Her Inner Circle In Paris And Venice, Jeffrey Tayler, The Atlantic S Longtime Russia Correspondent, Takes Readers Deep Inside The Movement And Paints A Powerful, Revealing Portrait Of The Women Waging An Urgent, Angry Battle To Shape The Future Of Feminism ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jeffrey Tayler Is A Contributing Editor At The Atlantic And Has, Since , Reported From Moscow For Publications Including National Geographic, Harper S, Cond Nast Traveler, Smithsonian, And Men S Journal He Is The Author Of Seven Books, Including River Of No Reprieve And Facing The Congo, Which Was Nominated For The Pulitzer Prize This is a great behind the scenes look at FEMEN, the Ukrainian born protest group now international known for its fierce, topless protests against patriarchy, dictatorship, and religion No regulation women s study geometric haircuts for these gals Rather than rejecting the feminine, they embrace their sexuality and use it as a weapon in their street theater Jeffrey Tayler, who spent time with key members of the group, provides insights into what motivates them, their purpose as general as it might be , and their controversial beginnings He also takes us out onto the streets with them, painting a clear picture of how provocative and badass FEMEN continues to be, despite imprisonment, violent beatings, and death threats What I liked about this book is that is seems to provide an honest portrayal of leaders like Inna Shevchenko as well as the group at large They ve made mistakes They don t have it all figured out They admit that their movement is an ongoing experiment. Couple of days after my birthday in 2013, I happened to read an article about Femen on the economist while stuck at a traffic jam , driving to work reading the article , I had a tons of questions how did they come up with their signature innovation what do they have to do with women rights most importantly for all the noise what has Femen achieved This book was the answer to all these questions my friend handed me this book with a line , not many would appreciate what Femen stands for It s a revolution that most of us turn away from This book is a balanced look at a controversial sociopolitical movement, the origins rise of Femen by Jeffery Tayler. It s a short book, but then the history of radical feminist group FEMEN isn t that long I ve been following the grop for a while, at least since the imprisonment of Pussy Riot and Inna Shevchencko s sawing down of the cross in Kiev I think the grop is so often and intentionally misinterpreted Theirs is a political battle, and they are in truth and as of now non violent, though they are than willing to be confrontational and defend themselves if necessary.Often, the violence inflicted on these women is jarring and the author, Jeffrey Taylor, delivers the details in a terse, understated journalistic style that only heightens the effect Far from being a joke or a flash in the pan, I see FEMEN as an important movement, experimenting at the extreme end of the scale The women may be misguided at times and their targeting systems seem to fail at times, but they are brave, committed and calling attention to real outrages being committed against women throughout the world. Fascinating, enlightening A punch in the face of the politically correct , Western progressivism , antiquated feminists of the 1970s, Islam apologetics, not to mention all you male chauvinist pricks out there..DON T read it if you are concerned about live by the rules of civil discourse I WISH FEMEN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS IN THEIR REFRESHING AGENDA FOR WOMEN S EQUALITY I HOPE THEIR MOVEMENT SPREADS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL HEALING BACTERIA, TO EVERY CORNER OF THIS INEQUITABLE EARTH Interesting insight into the lives of the Femen women, an activist group with aims of targeting the patriarchy and its pillars of dictatorship, religion and the sex industryand focusing on womens rights Very enlightening highlighting the groups actions and how they go about training and planning for there protests however within Femen itself the book portrays anything but an equal feminist movement internally Leaves you with many thoughts and questions as to what next for the movement. Good insider view of this radical women s group. Het verhaal over Femen, de meest succesvolle, of althans meest in het oog springende actiegroep van deze eeuw Tayler beschrijft met een vlotte pen de opkomst van de groep, de spectaculaire acties en hoe Femen van een Oekra ense protestgroep uitgroeide tot een internationale organisatie.Wat het boek een beetje mist, is precies hetzelfde als wat de groep zelf ontbeert, een ideologisch kader Het doel is de aanval op de symbolen van vrouwen onderdrukking, meer hebben ze niet nodig Er staan wel interessante observaties in, zoals de regel dat hoe banger men is voor vrouwelijk bloot, hoe dictatorialer het land is.Tayler staat niet erg kritisch ten opzichte van Femen, hij bewondert terecht hun enorme moed Het gerucht dat de actiegroep een speeltje van een kerel is, dat gretig werd opgepakt door Westerse media, wordt door hem weerlegd.Topless Jihad is een goede introductie in een beweging die nog maar net geboren is en die door velen niet begrepen of verkeerd ingeschat wordt De vraag rijst automatisch of ze een omwenteling teweeg gaat brengen Het boekje maakt je daar optimistischer over dan de reguliere verhalen in de media.