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Short spicy But I can t stand these cliffhangers Lol seriously, her friend is a royal SLUT But boy was the sex that happened as a result of her sluttiness HOT Can t wait to read Released I feel like I should have a shelf entitle porn That s all this series is They re really short, but she has sex with 7 people There s no plot The titles make no sense, the blurbs don t even match the story Details that seem like they might be plot lines dissolve and fizzle, and are never touched on again. wow I really enjoyed this short story i wished it was longer so I could really get into the characters Jamie you have good potential and I cannot wait to read other books by you Keep up the good work and make them a little longer forenjoyment 2.5 starsNot only does Mr Davis satisfy Casey in this installment, but he unleashes his steamy good times on Sarah as well The lack of safe sex and the lack of connection between the characters made this story seem a bit disjointed Everyone s just drowning in their carnality and nothing . Controlled And Used To PleaseAnother wonderful creations You keep this series moving I can t wait to read the last one to see where it goes. Tied DownCan two best friends share everything In this short read find out just how much of that is true Nice momentum. Fabulous ending to this series.heehee.you will see when you read it what the mischievous laugh is about Just as sexy and hot as the first two short books, this one is packed with some surprises in the end I wasn t that surprised mind you but what happens does before does surprise me a bit Great book Hmm I thought that this story will be different but its wasn t its just a short erotica with not nothing in it It was good but that s it I feel a little dissappointed because the way Jamie Fuchs writes is amazing and she has everything to write a great story. I loved Controlled My only issue is that the Author doesn t put the books out quick enough Like NOW would be good Casey is a SLUT I want to be her LMAOIf you haven t started reading this, You should It s quick, and dirty ^Pdf ↽ Controlled (Kept #3) ↿ Controlled Is An Explicit Story Highlighting The Following Themes Light BDSM, OminationThreesome, Orgasm Denial, Fantasy Masturbation, Voyeurism Casey Is Hungry For Of What Mr Davis Can Give Her After Being Taken Last Time, Her Needs Can T Be Controlled She Decides To Make Another Move On Him, But What Happens When A Good Friend Of Hers Makes A Surprise Appearance In His Chair