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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♌ The Real Meal Revolution ♫ A Scientist, A Nutritionist, And Two Chef Athletes The Crack Squad Behind Real Meal Revolution Have Walked Or In Some Cases Run The Hard Yards Through The Gauntlets Of Nutritional Science And Self Experimentation The Revelatory Stance And The Mouth Watering Recipes In This Book Is The Result Of Their Experience Combined With Overwhelming Scientific EvidencePart Myth Busting Scientific Thriller, Part Mouth Watering Cookbook More Energy Less Or No Cravings No Hunger Weight Loss Much Better Health In Every Aspect Better Blood Glucose And Insulin Readings Enhanced Athletic Performance Increased Mental Focus Better Sleeping Habits Goes against everything we have been taught our entire lives but makes sense. read this three years ago and people are commenting on this review now in 2018, so i have removed the review as i don t remember anything from this book to answer comments and don t care to debate which diets are best, if you believe in this book and it helps you live a healthier life that s cool. A great book This makes sense of lots of the hype going on, and nicely ties paleo diet approaches in Very good reading, and recipes look good as well Will be trying some this weekend. The recipes look divine and I like how there are real suggestions that help to break the carb habit in the beginning. This book is simply amazing and set a totally different pace for a lifestyle change i am thoroughly enjoying it and i can t put it down.i started the lifestyle change some 4 weeks ago and started feeling much better, not feeling hungry and i started sleeping better its an absolute must have for everyone. Of all the health theories I ve read in cookbooks this year, Banting is the silliest so far Cut down carbs and not all fat is evil okay, I m on board with that, and I ve seen this rehashed in lots of books by now But Banting takes it further Stuff yourself with fat if you feel a bit queasy the advise is to drink warm water with lemon until you re used to it and stop eating fruit fruit is evil sugar and carbs this is just plain ridiculous There is a large chapter at the end of the book explaining the foundations of the theory, something with how humanity survived ice age in South Africa which shaped the human s diet FOREVER so we should eat like we did then And there s a chapter at the beginning of the cookbook laying down all the rules, but even these were confusing No dried beans, but add green beans to salads watch out for diary, but cheese is okay because it s fat etc etc Way too vague and adjustable to your situation, kinda like a horoscope Still, the purpose of a cookbook is recipes and even if the theory is bonkers those recipes might be good no like Hemsley and Hemsley turned out for me Well, no Apart from recipes for cauliflower rice and zoodles zucchini noodles mostly these are standard simple recipes, but with carbs removed and extra fat added Oh, and Xylitol because that s allowed but watch out because it s fatal to dogs I m underwhelmed by the recipes and baffled by the theories, I hope to forget this book soon And celebrate by having fruit for breakfast every day Hard to understand why this is such a hype in South Africa. Interesting, but too much propaganda left out the recipes. This book links up very closely with the Wheat Belly which I had read some time ago and confirmed many issues that I have with the food that we eat today Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, osteoporosis and a magnitude of other ailments are plaguing those around me, which urged me to investigate the causes I also have issues with wheat, but never realized before what caused my discomfort This book is fabulous and since I ve started Banting I am feeling much better It s a worthwhile read for those who are concerned about life today and that which we put into our mouths. I thought finding advice on how to better fuel for running, instead I rather read the manifesto to a hyper inflammatory diet I hate that book and recommand to avoid it.Update on 2017 11 18 don t read me wrong, I m not a pro HCLF diet My point is why replacing an extreme diet by its opposite extreme I believe in a balanced middle ground approach, one that promotes health over all I don t think excess is healthy, no matter the direction.