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It was so amazing Also I think that at the end it had turned out to be a happy ending Dr Henry Jones alias Indiana Jones, oder auch bekannt als der ber hmteste Arch ologe der Welt, ist wieder einmal auf der Suche nach den geheimnisvollsten Artefakten der Erde Dieses Mal ist er auf der Suche nach den mysteri sen Kristallsch deln, welche angeblich Hinterlassenschaften einer au erirdischen Zivilisation sein sollen Obwohl Dr Jones bereits etwas in die Jahre gekommen ist, scheint ihn das berhaupt nicht und sich von einem Abenteuer ins n chste zu st rzen Unterst tzt wird der dabei von einem jungen Mann namens Mutt , der sich hinterher v llig berraschend als sein Sohn herausstellt, sowie seiner alten Liebe Marion Ravenwood Gejagt wird er dabei allerdings von den Russen, die genau das wollen, wonach der ber hmte Arch ologe sucht die Kristallsch del Der vierte Teil der ber hmten Indiana Jones Reihe ist im Gegensatz zu den ersten drei, etwas schw cher, aber dennoch unterhaltsam Vor allem aber mochte ich Indys Sohn Mutt sehr gerne, der Junge hat eindeutig etwas von seinem Vater geerbt Weniger gern hatte ich die Russen, weil mir die Charaktere viel zu flach und einseitig beschrieben vorkamen Das Buch hat einen einfachen Schreibstil, und daher ist es auch leicht zu lesen Es unterh lt, ist aber kein Weltbestseller von hohem Rang Man kann es durchaus lesen, und es regt einen an sich die Filme man wieder anzuschauen Denn wer k nnte besser mit seiner Peitsche umgehen als Indiana Jones Der ber hmteste Arch ologe von allen ist und bleibt eben Kult @EPUB ⚢ Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Î Best Books, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull By James Luceno This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Essay By James Luceno Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You James Luceno does what he can with his adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, based on the screenplay by David Koepp and story by George Lucas and Jeff Nathanson His adaptation shows why the movie didn t quite work on a story and character level Previous Indiana Jones films were simpler The stories had Jones looking for an object and a renegade faction usually Nazis created obstacles to prevent him from finding said object Or, those factions tried to capture him so he can find the object for their evil goals In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we get too many characters and a convoluted story And, due to these many characters and the convoluted story, we get inconsistent pacing The story for this particular entry is that Indiana Jones is seeking the crystal skull, an object that will unlock the secrets of the world There is no clear reason as to why Indiana Jones is directly seeking this object Yes, he knows the Russians are looking for itand his son Mutt gave him a note that unclearly links him Mutt and Indy s past acquaintances to the skull, but usually Indiana has a definite reason to search for an artifact Examples In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jones was hired by the US government to seek out the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis in Temple of Doom, he was asked to save Indian village children from slavery and retrieve stones that were part of the same village and, in The Last Crusade, Indy is called on to retrieve the Holy Grail by a businessman, who happens to be working for the Nazis.In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy seems to just be looking for the skull just because of Mutt s note And, he doesn t even really know who Mutt is.As aforementioned, there are characters that are not necessarily needed One of those is George Mac McHale, portrayed by Ray Winstone in the film, a character that doesn t affect the plot in a major or minor way It s not even clear whose side he is on even though it is brought up multiple times and he and Indy have had a friendly history, and this is played into the character as comic relief Bottom line His character didn t need to be in the story.Professor Oxley portrayed by John Hurt in the film is a character that is linked to the crystal skull that is sought by the Russian villains and Indiana Jones His presence is also a distraction, and much of his dialogue could have been Indy s if we needed to know the history behind the skull and how to find it.While I don t mind the introduction of Mutt as Indy s son, his character could have been introduced and utilized a bit better While Mutt knows he s Indy s son, we don t hear about it until later in the storyfrom his mother, Marion Ravenwood the love interest from the first Indiana Jones story He was utilized by the villains to give Indy a note to get him Jones interested in attaining the crystal skull This is where the motivation of the hero going for the goal isn t quite clear All Indy knows initially, is that a young brat knows an acquaintance Oxley and that Oxley has some connection to the crystal skull Some other nitpicks include the Russian attack on Area 51 at the beginning of the story, where they meet very little resistance You would think that Area 51, holding paranormal and outer space phenomena, would be heavily guarded However, Russian villains only meet a few guards at the entrance of the facility.Another nitpick involves Irina Spalko, the main villain She is described as an exotic individual pale skin and the body of a ballerina In the film she is portrayed by Cate Blanchett, and has the potential to be an interesting, mysterious, and exotic character Unfortunately, she comes off generic The only thing standing out about her is that she is the first lead villain in the franchise that is female.Overall, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a lesson on how not to do an Indiana Jones story. It s good for children, but not for teen it s too short and doesn t use any particular terms It s only good to understand the essentials of the movie. i love the movie Indiana Jones is baaaaaaack D Joining with his family and friends, he sets off on one last adventure Treacherous acquaintances, killer ants, and critters from spacewill they get out alive Good but I d rather watch the movie It has 8 4 double sided pages of colored printed pages from the movie Quick read. The time is 1935 Through a series of misadventures in Shanghai and a narrow escape from death Indiana Jones finds himself in a remote village in India A mysterious old shaman tells him that his arrival has been foreseen and that he and his companions are destined to save the villagers A hard to put down good read Read by Will LutzThis is one of my favorite movies and now also one of my favorite books It is full of adventure and action and a bunch of other stuff It is very interesting and is a very good read.