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An interesting taste of Mormon culture mixed with political intrigue in an international setting The main character is an Indiana Jones type seminary teacher who is dropped into unusual circumstances He responds to his challenges by reading the scriptures, praying, and relying on the spirit The results are anything but typical For LDS readers, this book helps you realize that gospel principles can be applied in any setting For non LDS readers, this is a fun introduction to basic church teachings and culture. OH THIS BOOK IS GOOD A GREAT SUSPENSEFUL READ with political, national and even personal unrest What is a high school teacher doing in Easter Europe Being way out of his comfort zone The congressman s niece is in Crimea, a nation that is ready to go to war, and the only person that can persuade her to come home is her former teacher, Paladin Smith.Trying to convince himself that this will be an easy in, easy outPaladin says he will go.What truly awaits him is a scene of political up rise, and international conspiracy.As soon as the plane touches down Paladin finds himself being questioned of who he really is and why he is really there.Paladin is creative in the classroomBut can he be creative in getting his former student out of the country or is this just a mad journey across half the globe Dive into a world of corrupt diplomats and ambitious tyrants and a guy just trying to do what he thinks is right.LOVED LOVED LOVED IT DON T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE I WOULD LOVE TO READ MORE FROM THIS AUTHOR [Free] ⚑ Persona non Grata ⚔ Paladin Smith Is In A Foreign Country And Way Out Of His Element Sent To War Threatened Crimea To Persuade A Rebellious Former Student To Return Home, Schoolteacher Paladin Soon Finds Himself In The Midst Of Political Intrigues And International Conspiracy The Close Calls And Adventures Of This Everyman Thrust Onto The World Stage Will Thrill You Until The Final Page While I am a reader, I don t frequently read Christian fiction, Mormon or otherwise However, I made an exception for Persona Non Grata after a friend s recommendation, and was not disappointed If you re looking for a well paced, enjoyable read with likable characters, plot twisting political intrigue, and an uplifting message, then you needn t look further than Persona Non Grata While it may be Stirling s debut novel, it reads with the polish and flow of a experienced novelist.If anyone considering Persona Non Grata is worried about an overly complicated political landscape or inaccessible Mormon jargon, they needn t be The plot is easy to follow while remaining unpredictable, and the limited Mormon terminology that is used is clearly explained in a few notes at the end of the chapter Kindle edition, at least And while it isn t a short story, you ll find yourself at the last page in no time the story takes hold quickly and carries you through to its satisfying conclusion.I hope that I might follow Stirling s characters on another adventure someday. Stephen J Stirling s debut novel, Persona Non Grata, follows the story of a young American teacher, Paladin Smith, as he seeks to rescue a former pupil from an increasingly volatile situation in the Crimea Full of political intrigue, this book s message is two fold firstly, that we should have the faith to do what s right and follow God s guiding Hand in our lives secondly, that liberty and true patriotism are important.The main character is fleshed out well Stirling has made Paladin someone whose adventure you immediately want to follow to its gripping finale This well written LDS Christian fiction weaves through various interesting places in the author s Crimea as Paladin Smith, often quite unaware of what he s going to do next, somehow manages to do the right thing and end up the hero Suitable for all ages. Stephen J Stirling had penning an exciton, fast paced read Paladin Smith is a high school history teacher and devout follower of the Mormon faith When an adversary from his past calls upon him to save his daughter, the strength of his faith is tested, requiring him to travel 6,000 miles to do something well beyond anything he has ever done perhaps something he never dreamed was possible In the process he relies on the inner strength of his faith and receives an opportunity to save than one life and also change the world.There is a powerful message of hope contained in Stirling s words It is delivered along with page turning action and steadily building suspense The experience is an enjoyable read that was a distinct change of the recent usual fare It is a well written, well told story that blends dogma with events that feel amazingly close to current tense international situations. I read this book because a friend of mine knew I was interested in starting a book club and her uncle is the author of this book As I read the back of it I was worried that it was going to interest me but at the same time sounded not bad Well I started reading it and it is a great book He is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to the gospel, the places in the book etc I wish he would have added an epilogue but maybe he is going to write a sequel There were a couple of things that I was a bit concerned about but that is on a personal level with the gospel I think whether you are LDS or not the book is a terrific read and he does have footnotes to explain the LDS references Thank you to my friend and her uncle for bringing this book to me Truly amazed. I do not have the book right here so I am not sure of what the parts of the book were labeled that I am going to refer to but I read the introductory author s note and thought, I am somehow repelled by this whole idea Then I read the intro chapter and felt just about the same I decided that I would give it one chapter to change my mind I got caught up in the story and somewhere around the middle if the book I realized I hadn t even noticed any chapters I did do some scan reading which usually means a 2 star rating but I liked it better than that overall So I guess I would rate the story a 4 but average it with the 2 for scan reading and get a three star rating. 5 STARS I loved it Had to stay awake till I was done reading at 1 30 am I like Paladin Smith Most of the other characters too, though some I did not like which ones I was supposed too Persona Non Grata is a exciting adventure LDS beliefs, and values were shared They were also explained terms people might not know in different ink on my ARC ebook Though the book is fiction a lot of things were right about the hot bed of trouble in the former Soviet Union Dramatic, spiritual, action packed novel Paladin Smith is a seminary teacher and history teacher He has been married for three years I would have liked to have had him as a teacher He cared about his students out of the classroom too He is asked by someone he does not respect too go to Crimea and help his former student get out of trouble I liked how he went and talked it over with his wife and father before he decided what to do Paladin is not what you expect from a thriller hero He follows his conscience and the spirit He asks for help through prayer, he respects people and their beliefs The setting of the book was loosely set in Crimea With Russia s army to go and take back the country He started writing this 5 years ago Before Russia really went in with its army into Crimea I would love to see Paladin again If you want a good clean exciting thriller than read Persona Non Grata I was given this ebook to read from Cedar Fort and agreed in return to give honest review of it and be part of its blog tour. I read Persona non Grata while working the night shift Not the most ideal sitting in bed sipping tea while reading scenerio, but a computer chair in the air conditioned charting room at the back of the hospital unit was good enough I don t often read religious novels, mainly because I m picky with what I read in general I m trying to be better about that , but I found myself having trouble putting this book down For what ever reason, Mr Stirling held my attention starting at the very first sentence and ending at the last I was certainly impressed with the descriptive wording He certainly has a talent for showing rather than telling, which is a skill many authors have trouble with I m guilty of this at times This story will take any reader on an unsuspecting journey to a foreign place few have heard of It s action packed, humorous and fun to read I certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading Persona non Grata is an uplifting story that shows people to have faith and to never give up I look forward to keeping in touch with Mr Stirling and reading future works He s certainly opened my eyes to unknown possibilities What a talented family