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!Kindle ♳ Patient Or Pretender: Inside the Strange World of Factitious Disorders. ♛ Recounts The Case Histories Of Factitious Disorder Patients Who Make Themselves Ill As A Way Of Gaining Emotional Fulfillment And Recognition They Take Playing Sick To Pathological Extremes, Profoundly Affecting Their Lives As Well As The Lives Of Those Who Support Them In These Pages, Readers Will Find A Group Of Cases So Bizarre That They Challenge The Imagination And, At Times, Medical Knowledge Fascinating subject matter and case studies, but little in the way of clinical solutions. Very interesting read, smacks of reminders of some patients I ve had the pleasure of taking care of during my career so far.I find it hard to find sympathy for some of the cases that were put forth in the book, just like I find it hard to dredge up sympathy when I meet these people face to face at work At least, it s hard to feel the same amount of compassion that I do for the truly, physically ill patient a room away from them say, someone suffering from end stage COPD, or a patient and family dealing with terminal cancer Thus, why I don t want to go into the psych field everyone finds their niche, and that s definitely not mine no matter how fascinating I think it is.Also, I had never really considered the ramifications that these patients adventures present on a grand scale costs incurred, both monetary and emotional, being the main two.