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Given some of the inconsistencies and things left unexplained in the original trilogy, I was a little worried about how well this prequel would connect, however I was incredibly pleased if a little surprised at how well The Messenger tied in It was a wonderful back story full of the same charism and passion that had me falling so deeply for the world s first soul mates Maggie and Eran are truly one of the greatest love stories I have ever read and I cannot wait to uncover of their story. Somehow The Messenger by Laury Falter has managed to slip under my radar for several months For this I am eternally ashamed The Guardian trilogy is one of my favorites and Maggie and Eran s story is something that s stayed with me since I began the first novel.I was rereading The Guardian trilogy for the umpteenth time when I decided to visit Ms Falter s website in hopes to finding that she was working on something new Imagine my surprise when I found out something had already been published That s right Messenger is released for you to read immediately, so I no longer had to wallow in self pity without my Maggie and Eran fix, instead I was allowed to read a part of their story that had yet to be fully divulged.If you ve ever picked up the Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter then you ve already fallen in love with Maggie and Eran and have simply no excuse not to read this prequel.Messenger is the story of Eran and Maggie s first life together Though we got to see bits and pieces in the original series, learning the whole story is 100% worth it We find out secrets, fall in love with characters and we get to know a slightly different side of Maggie Yes, this story is set a long freaking time ago during the peasant wars in Germany, but it does not read or feel like a historical novel, so if that s your excuse for not picking it up let me just go ahead and blast idea that out of the water now I am not a huge fan of historical fiction, but like I said this reads as an awesome paranormal romance that happens to take place long ago.Though it s a prequel and you could technically read it before starting the Guardian series, I suggest you don t First, go read the Guardian series Get to know 21st century Maggie and get to love her and watch her fall in love with Eran and kick some fallen booty and then go back and read the very start of their story For me, having already read the Guardian series and knowing how far the characters have come make reading the start of it all that much sweeter.Laury Falter is one of the most skilled writers I ve come across She pulls you in with characters that are beautiful and perfectly flawed and though some of the circumstances of the novel may not be believable, the character always are She never fails to create an amazing world and pull me in so hard that I can t set the story aside for even a moment.Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed Forreals y all, I don t even have anything else to say If you loved Eran Maggie before you ll love them even now so do yourself a favor and pick this one up I love this series I was hyperventilating before the 3rd chapter The connection between Eran and Magdalene was felt immediately This story is simply amazing It is an incredible love story with all kinds of action This series deserves greater recognition, as does Laury Falter Editing should have been better but that did not detract from this story Still perfect Maybe it s because it has been a long time since I read her other books, but I found this one lagged quite bit Maybe I m just getting tired of the we can t be together premise that so many of these YA NA PNR books are taking these days I really enjoyed the Residue series and looked forward to finally reading this prequel but now I m really just glad I finished it. There is just something about this story that I can t help adoring I feel really protective of this series and I put that down to the amount of books I have read that destroy my favourite characters and their relationships This story including the original series is just so heart warming Yes, that s it, heart warming When I m getting sad over a heavy read I will always come back to this series I really hope prequels are written soon I know I said this about Reckoning, but Messenger is now tied in first place with Reckoning as my favorite of the Guardian Saga I love reading about past lives, but normally they tend to bore me halfway through and it takes forever to finish them This was so NOT the case in this story Eran and Maggie s love story is probably one of my favorites of all time I literally could not put this book down There s just something about them, and all supporting characters, that I just admire They re not the typical good and bad guy each character had their flaws and strengths and I think that s what makes them human in my eyes I was so disappointed when I had two chapters left because the next one in this series isn t out yet, but then I remembered that Eran and Maggie are in the Residue Series and now I have to start that asap I know I ve said this before, but well done Laury For the last five or six chapters I could not read without a tissue or one hundred in my hand Beautiful story |Free ♍ Messenger ⚐ In This Riveting Account Of Maggie S First Life On Earth With Eran, The Star Crossed Lovers Romance Transpires Amidst Treacherous Enemies, Their Friends Resistance, And Their Own Opposing Wills Fans Of The Guardian Saga Are Also Treated In This Novel To The Origins Of The Book Of Dossiers, How The Fallen Ones Only Vulnerability Is Discovered, And How The First Battle Begins I really have few words I love series this book and its characters so much This was an amazing prequel to the original series I love Falter s detailed and descriptive writing and I seriously can t wait for the next book Finally getting to see the beginning of Eran and Magdalene was great Great story, awesome plot and I was able to understand fully their relationship in the Fallen Series I can t wait to read the next prelude to the Fallen Series jkdfhiushrtdukjfjkdfh there are no words This book made my life I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to these people after I finished Prophecy, BUT I WAS WRONG kjhksjdhfkjshdfuihas