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READ DOWNLOAD ⚣ いとしの猫っ毛 小樽篇 ⚡ Shy Mi Kun And Lively Kei Chan Have Been Friends Ever Since Their First Meeting In The Snowy Countryside The Two Are Inseparable That Is Until Kei Chan Gets A Girlfriend Mi Kun, Who Is Secretly Carrying A Torch For His Best Friend, Is Devastated How Will Their Relationship Change Related Series Itoshi No Nekokke Sequel OMG My heart is melting, literalmente. La parte a color es lo m s potito que he visto hasta hoy Micha Murou XDDDD No lo he le do en papel, ya me gustar a Me postro a los pies de las scanlators, que el karma o lo que sea os lo pague Mi Kuuunnn, Kei Chaaannn 3 3 3 3 3