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I started with enthusiasm to read about this experience Ed Stafford went naked on Olorua island Fiji to not only survive for 60 days, but to build from 0 a shelter and useful tools I find it interesting that he studied neurolingvistic programming as brain exercise for this experience But at the middle of the book, it became somehow boring, as his days were all or less the same Even he says he was eating termites because he was too bored So you can only read half a book.. I like to read travel books of any kind, much like some people read detective fiction, and especially enjoy adventure travel This book features Ed Stafford s second major adventure, after walking the length of the he was stranded on a Pacific island for sixty days with no supplies or tools It s kind of interesting to learn how he gets along in this environment, and he s a decent writer The book is well structured and has a surprisingly honest and refreshing epilogue about the nature of this kind of experience But this book suffers from the flaw that plagues many of these kinds of books Because a lot of survival activities are very mundane and boring ones like finding water sources or thatching yourself a roof, the writer has to compensate by over dramatizing his or her emotional states Every other day in this memoir Stafford is hitting the absolute depths of despair at some minor failure and then, a few minutes later, completely elated at some small discovery This happens dozens and dozens of times in the book Perhaps that s the way it is when you are on a desert island, but it can become tiresome to read about it again and again So if you like this kind of book, you ll probably like this book If it s not a genre you normally read, start with someone like Jon Krakauer, who does a better job of keeping the plot moving without too much self analysis. @READ EBOOK ñ Naked and Marooned: One Man. One Island ó What Do You Do After You Walk The Ed Stafford Adventurer Extraordinaire And Guinness World Record Holder For Walking The Length Of The River Likes A Challenge Casting About For An Adventure That Would Top The Extraordinary Feat He Recounts In Walking The , Stafford Decides To Maroon Himself On An Uninhabited Island In The South Pacific His Mission To Survive For Sixty Days Equipped With Nothing No Food, Water, Or Even Clothing Except The Video Cameras He Would Use To Document His Time Detailing Stafford S Jaw Dropping Sojourn On The Island Of Olourua, Naked And Marooned Is A Tale Of Unparalleled Adventure And Of One Man S Will To Push Himself To The Outer Limits And Survive This is the self told story of a man, Ed Stafford, who went to a small island near Fiji so he could spend two months without human contact and the surroundings of modern life.One has to resist the urge to scream WHY not counting his contract and no doubt quite a bit of money from the Discovery Channel He says it himself I wondered why anyone would volunteer to put themselves through such a challenge What was wrong with me This from a man who walked the entire length of the for two years and apparently didn t learn his lesson.At some point in history, especially during the great explorations of the late 1400s and 1500s, this must have happened a few times, a solo castaway without even clothes on his back On the other hand, that person was probably better suited for such a catastrophe than a modern human used to many many amenities He does, after all, have video cameras, and he finds debris from the ocean, particularly water bottles, that he uses But if you can do that, get past that huge question as to the whyness of it all, this book actually becomes enjoyable The author certainly derives great pleasure from his metaphors, like, An emotional attack helicopter rose from my belly, rotors lacerating my chest until it smashed violently into my ill prepared brain Another one that made me laugh and shake my head simultaneously was, Then fortune decided to twist my nipple and spit in my face Okay, one I could feel brain cells being elbowed awake by their neighbors His first preoccupation, as one would expect in such situations, is fresh drinking water If I could ask him one question, it would be why he didn t think to wonder where the native animals, particularly the goats, found theirs It doesn t take him long to feel the stress of being alone I wonder if his isolation psychology is applicable to long space travel It s a fine line whether he s talking to himself or the cameras, but I do have to admit there s plenty to laugh at here, which is okay because he laughs at himself often Like his reaction when he finally got his first fire started Fire was, after all, one of the greatest discoveries in the evolution of humankind All I had to do now was invent everything from the wheel through the moon landings and the internet On the other hand, he s quite happy with just this, not so much to keep warm but so he could have a nice cup of tea, mentioning how something normal, even if it wasn t essential, made for a positive shift in his mental state Said mental balance fluctuates a lot, though often he blames it on lack of nutrients Still, he noticed that cooked meals taste a lot better than raw yet he also says, Hunger is the sweetest of sauces Maybe the most important thing for him, even so than the fire, was how he dealt with missing his loved ones He and his fianc e had agreed to think of each other at exactly the same time every day, keeping time zones in mind, which to me was the most human moment of the whole book.One thing I found amusing was the chapter breaks at the start of each new section it mentions how many days into this grand experiment he s in, but it s done like tickings on a wall, with four lines and a slash representing each five Not sure why this made me laugh so hard, but it does I m just glad I can still count in that style.Another moment of self realization occurs when he finally realizes there s no point in being angry at the rain There is nothing serene about being frustrated by the weather, your age, or the passing of time It is utterly pointless and a bloody waste of energy So you relax about the things outside your control quite simply because they are outside your control No brainer This for me was the most telling moment, and a perfect example as to why I would never do something like this By the fire I ate termites off a rotten log as they tried to escape the fire This wasn t because I needed the calories they were insignificant it was out of boredom, a distraction When you find yourself eating termites for entertainment that s boredom Towards the end he becomes sick, and it s painful enough that he gets on the emergency sat phone to a doctor, who says that if he d been in a city he d take him to a hospital right away Can t help but wonder if, had this happened earlier in the two months, he would have given up, but being so close to surviving the whole thing he decided to keep going, albeit after receiving medicine along with his routine drop of batteries and memory cards As though to answer my question from above, there s a postscript about meeting up with a psychiatrist after he gets back to England, who tells him he s suffering through a form of PTSD There is no doubt that what you are experiencing is the effects of psychological torture The unique thing about your case is that you opted to be put in this situation Which again leads me to the all important question of why I don t feel this was satisfactorily explained, though I doubt that answer was the point of the endeavor In fact, I don t think he knows, even after all that.But I suppose he was heartened when the psychiatrist told him that feeling as he did made him 100% normal I m not sure I would go that far.3.5 5 o Not taking away the accomplishment of Ed Stafford, been naked I did not see any nude photos in this book and marooned he chose to be dropped next to Olorua this book gets a one star.You can not compare what Ed went through to someone that survived Auschwitz That is really a disgrace People never had a choice to be sent to Auschwitz where as Ed had a choice to be dropped next to Olorua Plus unless Auschwitz that had to ensure hell on earth, Ed only lost 10kg Seems like he went to a health spa.Then the poor goat that had a spear stuck in his eyes was brutal.How Ed Stafford can be seen as a modern day hero I can t fathom And he should maybe have taken shaving cream and a razor with. I enjoyed the general,storyline of this book but agree with some other readers that Ed Stafford s use of language, though real, gets a repetitive at times in this book I learned quite a bit from this book about mental attitude while living in a solitary situation which is helpful as I travel regularly on my own in remote wilderness I recognize some of his thought patterns as similar to my own Using the aboriginal concept of the stone circle to cope with stress is brilliant and something I will use in my future adventures The epilogue in my mind is the highlight of the book In it he wraps up the mental and social aspects of his time alone on the island I won t offer a spoiler but the last paragraph is quite reflective of my own sense when I spend time alone in the wilderness Nice to know other people get that same sense. I heard Ed Stafford on Radio 4 and this book was mentioned so I pre ordered it As I read it on my kindle I only saw the pictures at the end and I wish I had seen them as I was reading as they obviously enhanced the vision of the island and the sense of isolation.Yes, I enjoyed this and it was a fascinating insight into survival and what we take for granted every day The pace was good and the detail in the earlier parts reflected the effort in achieving the most basic of requirements The epilogue took me by surprise but no spoilers I don t think I will look at snails in the same way again. It s only natural that since I am fascinated by survival stories in fiction that I should also look to some crazy real life stories That s exactly what caught my eye when I saw Ed Stafford s book NAKED AND MAROONED is a heck of a title and a little bit of marketing genius Who could pass something like that up Then, upon further reading, I noticed that he spent his time in the South Pacific and, given my recent time spent in the Pacific, I had to know what it was like.Read the rest of this review at The Lost Entwife on Sept 14, 2014. I tried to explain the premise of Naked and Marooned to my husband and his first reaction was, What is wrong with that guy that he chooses to put himself in that position I said that he was probably addicted to thrill seeking, which it seems that he was, but Naked and Marooned is than just a survival story After the fact, Stafford digs around in his own head a little bit and manages to come to terms with why he behaves the way he does So, beyond the adventure part of the story, which I found fascinating, this is also a book about a man struggling to learn what makes himself tick and fighting the shadows in his own mind in a very real, life changing way.There is something fascinating about survival stories While reading Naked and Marooned, I couldn t help but think about other books that I ve read about the same topic like The Island of the Blue Dolphins or Robinson Crusoe Also, I thought about the popularity of survival video games like ARK and others of the same type There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing where you start with nothing and what you re able to build from that I really liked seeing how Stafford came into his own on the island If you put his first day next to his last, he seems like a completely different person It made me wonder how much we change in sixty days without putting ourselves in such stressful, life threatening situations It made me wonder if I could have managed as well as he didWhich, in all honesty, I probably would have had to call out All of the raw snails, sores on his feet, and then that thing with the goat yeah, I could NOT have handled that.If you enjoyed Naked and Marooned, you may want to try The River of Doubt Theodore Roosevelt s Darkest Journey by Candice Millard or Giving the Finger Risking It All to Fish the World s Deadliest Sea by Scott Campbell Jr. La fel ca i n cazul lui Dave Metz, extraordinar aventur , ns o lips total de talent creativ n scris M am chinuit destul de mult, din nou la fel ca n cazul lui Dave Metz, s termin de citit cartea asta, care nu se apropie, nici pe departe, de cele scrise de aventurieri cu talent i n ale scrisului, cum ar fi Sylvain Tesson, Jon Krakauer sau clasicul Thoreau.