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Totally disappointed I was so excited to read this, but it was actually kinda boring Plus, Ashmead kept adding in stories that had NOTHING to do with anything for example, what the heck was the Alec Guinness story doing in there It was about how the great actor told some kid not to depend so much on Star Wars and had nothing to do with funny names Here s hoping any future books will be better. [Free Book] ⚑ Bertha Venation: And Hundreds of Other Funny Names of Real People ♿ An Ideal Gift Book With Personality And Charm, Bertha Venation Is A Legendary Editor S Lifetime Collection Of The Amazing Names Of Actual People, With His Own Inimitable Wit, Commentary, And StoriesRoger Gotobed Ida Slaptor Formica Dinette Honeysuckle Weeks Gay Beach Sappho Clissit Dimple MysteryThis Colorful Collection Of Extraordinary Names, Sure To Please Every Lover Of Miscellany, Features Celebrity Children, Weirdest Names In Sports, Aptly Named Professionals, Literary Highlights, Funny Name Marriages, Places And Houses With Strange Names, Long And Meaningless Names, And PetsBarbara Fatt Heine P Enis Razzle And Dazzle Moondog Casa Enima Phydeaux Phat Ho Fitz Funfrock Mone T Elysea Ann And Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg I picked this book up from the library because the title made me laugh out loud Unfortunately the rest of the book isn t so funny Sure there are plenty of funny names mentioned, but to get to them one must also endure the ramblings of Larry Ashmead, who isn t all that interesting I never did get to the part about the origins of the name the book uses as its title, but I did read several anecdotes about Ashmead s mother and his friends in the publishing world My guess is that people who already know and love this guy will dig this book But Bertha Venation is the perfect example of a book that would really do much better online as a blog If you re interested in funny names, you re better off checking out Baby s Named A Bad Bad Thing online. So much material for humor, but grows sadly tedious. Oh man I was kind of hoping this would be hilarious but if the reviews are telling the truth and I think they just may be it s going to be a real disappointment Luckily I only paid 50 cents for it at Goodwill I m going to start glancing trough it today since it s not an actual story and won t take long to finish Plus, if it sucks as bad as these reviewers say I want it out of here asap And guess what all Oh God I feel bad saying this because the author truly comes off like such a nice guy But this is like trudging through mud I wanted to laugh I wanted to at the very least chuckle once or twice I m not hard to please These are I don t know what they are actually They re nothing They re names that if the average person saw them, the wouldn t spend over one half of a second thinking about, if that.My last name is Leger If you pronounce it wrong you can hear leg in there That would floor Ashmead Which, by the way, reminds me of Ashmead finding it humorous that his last name sort of sounds like Assmead I just want this out If anyone knows of a book that actually accomplishes what Ashmead set out to do let me know I just want this far away from me.I had to work to get through it and at 152 very short pages with basically consist of lists of names, that s saying something.Here I ve saved you the money it costs to buy this book Barbara Fatt HeinieLester CockburnPhat HoSheila DikshitSur Render this wasa banker and Ashmead just couldn t get over it Patty O FurnitureIda SlapterIona TrailerJonny KoolJohn Raymond GonzoDr Wizwell urologist the ones who have careers that can be implemented into the joke are favs of the authors GoogooshWong Wee HooRich GuyPreetinder S BhararaRachel Coffey married a Mr Bean and became Rachel Coffey Bean Isn t that a frigging hoot.Marriages Cockman DickmanMustard PickelsFiller QuickKuntz DickAiken JohnsonGowen GeterGive me a break.Vermester Bester.Velvet Satin Cotten.Want me to stop Need me to stopNo I had to live through it, so do you.Isaac Praise God Barebone who should have something done to him, not sure what, for being so damn dumb named his son Hath Christ Not Died For Thee Thou Wouldst Be Damned Barebone The son changed his name to Nicholas Unbelievable why would he do that IMO, parents who do some stupid shit like that should be charged with abuse And I am deadly serious folks.Okay, no It s giving me a headache just paging through the book Oh, those names were just taken off random pages The pages of full of them I know people with funny names too Besides my own I know a Cox, AND a Kuntz Go figure huh I know a Lawless Aw, shit I could come up with but I m not in the mood Flipping through this just pissed me off and I don t want to look at any book right now I should take it back to Goodwill and demand my 50 cents back. I picked up this book because it sounded so cool but I was just genuinely disappointed There really wasn t anything to it It was just kind of a collection of different names and a rating of their strangeness I genuinely wanted to laugh at this book I wanted to think it was funny, because the premise itself sounds genuinely hilarious And yet, I just couldn t It definitely did have its moments Just not as many as I thought I would when I originally picked it up SUBSCRIBE TO MY BOOKTUBE CHANNEL youtube.com c Frumious