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My daughter pulled this book off the bookstore shelf, probably because of the bright orange cover, and read it in an hour So I picked it up in order that she and I might be able to talk about it later it s one of the quickest reads of all time I think it took me less than 45 minutes to get through.Anyway, it s the re telling of Cinderella from the original text, but in modern, very modern, language I found the book entertaining, but all in all wouldn t recommend spending the money on this version Though much of the books appeal comes from the interior spot art, my daughter thought that the illustrations were done by a child, and didn t appreciate their style She and I haven t yet found the time to talk about the story I m imagining though, that the book may explain why she was prancing around in dress up clothes last night for the first time in a long time [[ DOWNLOAD BOOK ]] ⇱ Cinderella (As If You Didn't Already Know the Story) ↴ Best EPub, Cinderella As If You Didn T Already Know The Story Author Barbara Ensor This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Cinderella As If You Didn T Already Know The Story , Essay By Barbara Ensor Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This version of Cinderella blends some elements of modern language and activities with the traditional story I found the black and white pictures and text layout some at artistic angles distracting than enhancing The redeeming feature was the fun use of language But with Cinderella s entrance into the ballroom, everything stopped The threads of conversation snapped, violin strings stopped vibrating, and even loud colors fell silent Not a medal or a monocle glistened, not an ostrich feather wavered Yikes Cinderella gasped, her royal syntax falling away The prince was too busy helping a blob of emerald green Jell O onto a spoon to notice her dashing out Neither did anyone else as they moonwalked and lollygagged across the floor Overall a fun, FAST read. This is a cute story, a short, easy read, but I found it rather predictable There wasn t much new added to the story I ve read a lot of fairy tale alternatives that add a unique take on a familiar tale, but for me, this one didn t The prince s insight about his parents had potential, but then it went nowhere, and Cinderella s demand that her father and stepmother clean up after the pigs smacked of the reeducation of the professional classes that Asians despots instituted in the last century OK, that last might be a bit strong, but I just didn t get the sudden concern for animals on the part of Cinderella and the prince Her journal to her mother made her sound like a child so her sudden interest in balls and getting married seemed a not entirely credible development The story was very anachronistic she played soccer but also went to the ball in a horse drawn coach without being charmingly eccentric Sometimes the silouetted illustrations were fun like the true to life size shoe , and sometimes they were annoying like her bland outfit for the ball In my case I ve read too many Cinderella tales to find this particularly appealing, but I do think a twelve year old might enjoy this simple, sometimes slightly humorous retelling. I read the book Cinderella as if you didn t already know the story by Barbara Ensor The main characters are Cinderella, her stepmom and her stepsisters The setting is in a village.the story s conflict is that Cinderella s father marries another woman She becomes Cinderella s stepmother and makes Cinderella do everything around the house Cinderella s father does not have time to notice, because of his work.One thing that made me think about what was happening in the book was the fact that the prince hade said that if he would not marry another woman If he didn t marry Cinderella he would not get married The prince thought that Cinderella was the one for him and he committed him self to find Cinderella He went to every village, town, city that was near He thought he would not find her at the end he finds her and he does get married This part interested me a lot. Your basic Cinderella story told with modern language and silhouette illustrations I read it in about 20 minutes There were two new thoughts 1st The Prince liked Cinderella even when he found out she wasn t royalty and all hoity toity like his parents wanted him to be 2nd Cinderella s father doesn t die and her stepfamily is not as cruel as the typical version Also she writes letters to her dead mother Personally I wasn t too impressed. I love Cinderella, and Cinderella retellings But as an author who WORKS MY BUTT OFF, trying desperately to get an agent so I can get published, I feel kind of resentful of this book.Simply because it seems that NO EFFORT was put into this at all All they did was retell the SAME STORY EVERYONE KNOWS IN A SNARKIER TONE WITH EASIER WORDS FOR LITTLE KIDS Yet this is on shelves for the world to see while my original works of Fantasy wait unread by the public God, life is so unfair. I really enjoyed this retelling of Cinderella , which was similar to others I have read yet still different. I love Cinderella It s one of my favourite fairy tales However this book wasn t a retelling It was the same story with artwork, and a let down But I love Cinderella enough it had to get two stars and I did like the part about them being different. A retold version of Cinderella, filled with pictures in silhouette, and in fun and funny naration basically it s for children and teenager, so yeah, it s really a simple story and no expectation is needed.