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Too short a book 5stars Great battle scenes. Like books four and five in the GoT series, much of this book feels like housekeeping Perhaps I should say, hallkeeping or castlecleaning.I thought maybe in The Empty Throne our half Dane, half Saxon hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg might finally regain his lands and castle, but instead the story veers away from what it seemed to be leading up to and turned its focus on the bigger picture That s annoying, but perhaps it s for the best The get my castle back storyline was getting stale Besides, if he got the castle back, that would be the end In the very least, it would take a lot of wind of out this series sails Like any and all Bernard Cornwell novels, there s fighting and at least some skirmishes, but this one was low key compared to others in the series There s a lot of discussion Hell, there s essentially what adds up to a court room drama at one point The fighting that does take place feels inconsequential to the bigger picture.The book starts with a narration by Uhtred s son, which is done to keep up the suspense created at the end of the last book However, I think Cornwell might ve had a two fold reason I believe he wanted to give the son a try out in the lead role After all, Uhtred s no spring chicken If Cornwell wants to keep this series rolling, sooner or later he s going to need a replacement for his hero I know I m ready for a change. #Pdf × The Empty Throne è This Eighth Entry In New York Times Bestselling Author Bernard Cornwell S Epic Saxon Tales Series Brings To Life The Harrowing And Turbulent Tale Of A Nation Torn Apart By Sectarian And Religious Strife, A Political Struggle Dominated By Dynastic Rivalries, And The Remarkable Strength That Elevates Some Characters Above Their Time The Reigning King Of Historical Fiction USA Today My Name Is Uhtred I Am The Son Of Uhtred, Who Was The Son Of Uhtred Britain, Early Tenth Century AD A Time Of Change There Are New Raids By The Vikings From Ireland, And Turmoil Among The Saxons Over The Leadership Of Mercia A Younger Generation Is Taking Over Thelred, The Ruler Of Mercia, Is Dying, Leaving No Legitimate Heir The West Saxons Want Their King, But Uhtred Has Long Supported Athelflaed, Sister To King Edward Of Wessex And Widow Of Aethelred Widely Loved And Respected, Athelflaed Has All The Makings Of A Leader But Could Saxon Warriors Ever Accept A Woman As Their Ruler The Stage Is Set For Rivals To Fight For The Empty Throne Uhtred Is Still Suffering From The Wounds He Received In Battle To Recover His Strength He Needs To Find The Sword That Caused The Injury, But Lost Amid The Battle S Blood And Mud, How Could It Be Traced And Who Among The Vikings Or Saxons Might Be Holding It In The End It Is One Champion, One Hero, Who Will Destroy The New Viking Threat To Mercia And Ultimately Decide The Fate Of EnglandWith This Eighth Entry In The Epic Saxon Tales Series, We Are Reminded Once Again Why New York Times Bestselling Author Bernard Cornwell Is The Most Prolific And Successful Historical Novelist In The World Today Wall Street Journal thelhelm thelstan thelred ethelflaed thelwold thelfrith lfwynn lfl d lfadellThese are all characters in this book You fucking with me, Uncle Bernard An actual 10th century Anglo Saxon would have trouble telling all these names apart It s almost jarring when a character pops up whose name DOESN T start with an ash, like Edward or Brice Given that only one or two of these people probably actually appear in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle this reliance on the ash has to be a Cornwell thing, and it became distracting and ridiculous by the end of the book Thankfully, it STILL didn t dim the casual awesomeness of these books This is the 8th book in the series I have given four stars, which might make it THE most consistent series I ve read Of course, I haven t seen a single other person who had the same reaction to all of the books so that means basically nothing to you.We catch up with our hero Uhtred who s suffering from a near mortal wound received at the battle at Tettenhall, the climax of the previous book Given that historically Tettenhall was the last major beatdown the Anglo Saxon kingdoms laid on the Danes I was kind of wondering where exactly Cornwell was gonna go with the next one Well, the title is certainly a hint the majority of the book has to do with who s gonna sit the Mercian throne This is certainly a bit of a pleasant departure, as most of the book specifically has to do with Saxon familial dynastic drama and not the usual awesome struggle against the Danish tide Readers who love their viking action still get it, though, except this time it s mostly Irish Norse who are doing the reaving, burning, pillaging, etc.So the usual atmospheric dark ages drama is all there, but this has to be one of the funniest Uhtred books yet The dude is old and fucking crotchety at this point and is constantly cracking inappropriate one liners and talking about humping and tits and whatnot Cornwell has been playing a variety of foils against Uhtred s irreverence since Alfred and in a lot of ways he was the best one because he would get so fucking upset and bitchy but he still finds new ways to make me chuckle with the scenes of Uhtred talking shit to his enemies, whether they be fellow pagans or of course, priests He is really just an eminently likable main character, especially since now that he s an old man he s ditched all of his youthful arrogance and egotism.But Uhtred is not the only person doing much awesome in this novel I absolutely loved thelflaed and her place in the story Needless to say, there were not many female warrior leaders at this point in time so she is the ultimate underdog, only made cooler by her patent goodness as a person and strength and wisdom as a leader This is the kind of thing I cite when people say that these books are too rabidly anti Christian Okay, it s pretty easy to see that Cornwell himself sees Christianity as ridiculous and thusly felt comfortable and free with a fervently pagan protagonist like Uhtred But there are good Christians in these books, and they have influence and get undeniably GOOD shit done Alfred was one of them and thelflaed is firmly in this mold She is extremely pious, yet is never unlikable and does brave and awesome shit In a lot of ways thelflaed s struggle against the institutionalized patriarchy of this place and time reminded me a lot of Sharon Kay Penman s excellent When Christ and His Saints Slept, which is basically about a cataclysmic 20 year war started because the prior king s chosen heir was his daughter Maude.So yeah, Cornwell tries some new stuff in this one like the jarring prologue but let s be real, this is still Bernard Cornwell so you get the usual stuff you d expect, like lots of historical detail on places, people and events, and plenty of gory viking era plotting and struggle It s all done well and will probably continue to be done well because Cornwell is his usual solid workmanlike self, never truly fucking with the formula although he might occasionally trick you into thinking he is and always focusing on the stuff he s good at I still think that the Arthur books are his mightiest effort, but every year when these books come out on the same MONTH I have to be glad that this guy is still writing these books and hopefully will continue to for a long, long time. This is another gripping story in The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell He is such a fantastic story teller He brings his believable characters to life His main character, Uhtred, is a nobleman and sometimes an outcast, even an outlaw, and is respected as a great warrior throughout the kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia King Alfred has died, and has been succeeded by his son, King Edward In this book, Uhtred is older now, and is suffering from a serious wound in a battle He is on a quest to cure his wound before he dies from it And, the cure is based on superstition, that only by finding the sword that inflicted his injury can he be healed The degree to which superstitions are believed, and the degree of investment in the supernatural both Christian and pagan is quite remarkable But, during the Dark Ages, I suppose that most people really did have these beliefs that seem so strange to modern people.And one place where the book truly excels, is the imaginative cleverness of Uhtred He thinks out the political and military situations with a probing logic He sometimes finds himself in desperate situations where he is out numbered, and develops clever strategies for winning It amazes me that his strategies are never duplicated from one book to the next they are always fresh, and interesting.And the best aspect of this novel, is that I listened to the audiobook version, narrated by Matt Bates It is fantastic I enjoy how he reads, and breathes life into each character My recommendation is to listen to the book, if you can, because the excellent narration energizes the story and makes you feel like you can reach out and touch the characters If you ve already read the other 7 books then this is of the same AWESOMENESS But I can t keep gushing every instalment.If you haven t read any of these books then all I want to say about this series is in my review of the last book hereTo be totally fair, the first few books were probably better as they were Uhtred s coming of badassery and from 4 or 5 onwards is just Uhtred being badass.Also, the series is now pretty episodic I m now convinced that Uhtred s never getting to Bebbanburg I was thinking that Uhtred son of Uhtred and grandson of Uhtred is getting too old now for Cornwell to hold off on his dream of taking back his birth right But now he has a son also called Uhtred, strangely enough, and we got that Uhtred s POV for the prologue So I think Cornwell doesn t need Father Uhtred to live because he can now keep the series going through the son Bastard Anyway, Bernard Cornwell has ruined me for historical fiction set in this era with this series coming a close second to his Warlord Chronicles only because the Warlord Chronicles are a finished trilogy and one complete story over three books while this is, as I said before, episodic.Matt Bates was excellent as the audio narrator and I can recommend the audio version as an excellent way to experience the book.5 stars Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros Essa resenha foi feita a partir da vers o brit nica, intitulada The Empty Throne, em outubro de 2014, data de lan amento do e book estrangeiro Depois, foi atualizada com imagens e nomes em portugu s em 12 06 2015, quando foram anunciadas a capa e a sinopse da nossa edi o brasileira.Com a morte de thelred pedindo para chegar ap s ser ferido gravemente na batalha final do ltimo livro, muitas artimanhas se desenrolam para definir quem ser o pr ximo comandante da M rcia Todo mundo sabe que um trono vazio sinal de guerras se aproximando, e aqui n o diferente, ainda mais se tratando de um trono t o importante e primordial para que um dia os reinos se unam e formem a t o sonhada Inglaterra almejada por Alfredo, o Grande Quem deve tomar o seu lugar Qual pessoa tem mais direito a herdar o trono Ser que uma mulher dar conta do recado S o quest es que permeiam todo o livro e trazem alguns debates muito interessantes.Uhtred ainda est muito machucado depois de ter matado Cnut e quase ter morrido na luta, precisando ficar de repouso sempre que poss vel e mal conseguindo cavalgar Um dos objetivos desse 8 livro fazer Uhtred recuperar se dos ferimentos e voltar s batalhas, mas o desenrolar eu vou deixar pra voc s descobrirem, n o quero estragar a alegria do leitor contando tudo t o cedo.O livro come a diferente dos demais, com o pr logo sendo narrado pelo filho de Uhtred, provando que realmente filho de um guerreiro e mostrando um pouco dos seus pensamentos e do seu medo em rela o a thelfl d, esposa de thelred Ali s, esse livro parece ter sido feito para ela thelfl d torna se aqui uma das grandes protagonistas para a forma o da Inglaterra, num tempo onde mulher nenhuma conseguia se diferenciar e participar t o ativamente das batalhas E por ser assim que ela consegue o apoio dos seus subordinados, tornando se esperan a para muitos deles.Essa obra tamb m foca um pouco em thelstan, filho do rei Eduardo e neto de Alfredo, designado a um dia ser rei Quem acaba tomando conta do garoto nosso grande protagonista Uhtred, que o ensina a tomar decis es bem dif ceis para um garoto de apenas 14 anos e comuns para o futuro reiHe needed to know it, see it, smell it, and survive it I was training the boy not just to be a warrior, but to be a king He s a boy who must learn to be a warrior and a king, I said, and death is his destiny He must learn to give it I patted thelstan s shoulder Make it quick, boy, I told him He deserves a slow death, but this is your first killing Make it easy for yourself Como voc s puderam perceber at agora com essa resenha, Uhtred acaba ficando em segundo plano em praticamente toda a narrativa, mesmo que a hist ria seja narrada sob o seu ponto de vista Isso acabou tirando um pouco a gra a do livro, pois tudo que Uhtred faz visando outra pessoa, outro ideal, e pouco desenvolvido a partir das reais necessidades dele Ah, aqueles juramentos feitosEnfim, somos tamb m apresentados a v rios novos inimigos nesse oitavo livro da s rie, alguns deles dinamarqueses, galeses e, a novidade da vez, irlandeses, todos sedentos por mais terras e sempre querendo aumentar os seus dom nios Uhtred e seus aliados acabam tendo que enfrentar alguns e at , digamos assim, torna se parente de um deles Leia e descubra por conta pr pria, earsling O Trono Vazio n o mant m de perto o mesmo ritmo de O Guerreiro Pag o, livro anterior da s rie, pecando em apenas alguns detalhes Faltaram batalhas mais picas, mais reviravoltas, mais SANGUE Intrigas s o vistas ao monte nesse livro, mas elas tomam grande parte do livro mais de 60% e tornam a leitura um pouquinho arrastada, n o aproveitando o melhor que Cornwell nos d , que s o suas descri es de paredes de escudos e embates singulares Mesmo assim uma leitura obrigat ria para os f s da saga e deixa muitas arestas soltas para o futuro, al m de explorar outros personagens, sendo esses os nicos motivos para eu n o dar uma nota mais baixa para esse 8 livro.Wyrd bi ful r d o destino inexor vel. I began this tale with trepidation fears of it being another filler akin to The Pagan LordAnd so it starts with a prologue to fill in the gaps from the previous tale at first you question if Uhtred still lives, then all becomes clear We have the usual politicking which takes us through the first third of the book then onto the adventure part where we have to get from A to B before X does all sounds very formulaic to those of us that have been here before, especially so those that found Pagan Lord a book to far He kills a priest well not quite him goes against the church however the addition of Stiorra Uhtred Junior as well as Athelstan coming to an age, as well as old favourites Finan, Athelfraid Osferth make it enjoyable enough the dynamics have changed as Uhtred himself has reached that age where the once mighty warrior s body begins to fail can empathise with that bit Its got no real surprises in it, some characters have died, others come to the fore, we have a new bad guy to kill, its all good you know what you are getting I miss King Alfred Father Beocca myself who were great foils and eventually dare I say it admirers of Uhtred the pagan We all grow old s ppose is the message Onto the final part no big battles so far, the politicking is much superior like the way the Witan outcome was crafted In the final part we re on a quest to find the Sword Ice Spite that featured in the Pagan Lord with Cnut who was a right one we visit Wales, comes across The Norse the Bad Mercian then we re oft to Chester for the finale so its all there much akin to the first set of novels I do really like it but at 299pgs I feel a little short changed so for that its only a four stars I will never forget the day I turned those initial pages and started the very first book in the Warrior Chronicles Saxon Stories in the US for the very first time It was many years ago now and was the beginning of a wonderful journey for me I had always been an avid reader Since I learned to read really, but I had never found my niche fiction genre I dabbled in fantasy fiction, I dipped my toe in horror, absorbed myself in crime thrillers, but it was not until I forged my way through the historical pretenders quagmire to this series that I finally discovered what I wanted as a reader I wanted history Brutal, honest, raw historical tales that smacked of reality And so, thanks to Bernard Cornwell, I found my love of the historical fiction genre.I have never looked back Cliche I know, but true none the less.There have been eight books in this series including this one and while the Warrior Chronicles is one of my two favourite series of all time, I had started to feel a little jaded with it To me, the two books preceding The Empty Throne had little originality They felt like the same story and the same formula done to death The Empty Throne broke that monotony for me It was completely unique to all the books that went before it We delved new characters, got to know evolving characters, and observed relationships between certain characters like we never have before We saw Uhtred, not as the brutish and diabolical warrior many of us know and love, but as the victim of that which felled him so bloodily in book seven, The Pagan Lord.With possibly only one or two books left in this series from the lips of the author you know you have come to a milestone with this book as soon as you open it and start reading.The first book in the series, The Last Kingdom, has one of the most memorable opening chapters of all the books I have ever read I may not recall it word for word, but I will always remember that first line and the tone of what came after.To save you getting out your copy of The Last Kingdom to reread it, I shall hand it to you on a platter The Last Kingdom published 2004 Prologue Northumbria, AD 866 867My name is Uhtred I am the son of Uhtred, who was the son of Uhtred and his father was also called Uhtred My father s clerk, a Priest called Beocca, spelt it Utred I do not know if that is how my father would have written it, for he could neither read nor write, but I can do both and sometimes I take the old parchments from their wooden desk and I see the name spelled Uhtred or Utred or Ughtred or Ootred I look at those parchments, which are deeds saying that Uhtred, son of Uhtred is the lawful and sole owner of the lands that are carefully marked by stones and by dykes, by oaks and by ash, by marsh and by sea, and I dream of those lands, wave beaten and wild beneath the wind driven sky I dream, and know that I will take back the land from those who stole it from me.I am an ealdorman, though I call myself Lord Uhtred, which is the same thing, and the fading parchments are proof of what I own.The Empty Throne starts in a similar vein Which brought back all those wonderfully nostalgic emotions that have stayed with me since that long ago day when I first began this series The Empty Throne published 2014 PrologueMy Name is Uhtred I am the son of Uhtred, who was the son of Uhtred, and his father was also called Uhtred My father wrote his name thus Uhtred, but I have seen the name written as Utred, Ughtred or even Ootred Some of those names are on ancient parchments which declare that Uhtred, son of Uhtred and grandson of Uhtred, is the lawful, sole and eternal owner of the lands that are carefully marked by stones and by dykes, by oaks and by ash, by marsh and by sea That land is in the north of the country we have learned to call Englaland They are wave beaten lands beneath a wind driven sky It is the land we call Bebbanburg.But that is where the similarities between the two books start and finish This book is nothing like those before it The author did not stick to that time worn formula This is a story about the setting of chess pieces than the following of a well beaten path It was not without its risks for the author no doubt There will be a truck load of fans out there who will be disappointed by the lack of formula in this one Many pick up these books thinking they are going to get the same thing each time and they take comfort from that For me though, I wanted the strategic meanderings that weave in and out of this one s storyline From the confusing beginnings make sure you pay attention to the opening chapters, and that opening paragraph, or you will be completely lost for the first thirty pagesas I was to the interesting ending, this book will not tread in the footsteps of others For example, some of Uhtred s children play a large part in this book And I found that delightful To have treasured this Uhtred character for so many years, and now to see how much like their father these children have become I was reminded of Gisella and how she really was his one great love, even though I spent a few books thinking that title belonged to another I think as this series comes to a close, it was important for Uhtred s relationship with Gisella to be dug up and clarified To remind us who this woman was that Uhtred fathered such headstrong and beautiful children with.If you look for them, this book holds codes to unlocking what will happen in the last book s as this unforgettable and unique series finally winds up the cliffs of Bebbanburg to its unavoidable swan dive.. Coming back to Uhtred after reading tons of mediocre literature across all genres is like finding an oasis in a desert I was engrossed from the first sentence, and The Empty Throne brought back the joy of reading that I always lose a bit of when reading too many dreary books.However, there is no doubt that Bernard Cornwell is running out of plot and has to turn to half and half improvisation and rehashing of old storylines to keep the series going until the two inevitable final goals Uhtred s recapture of Bebbanburg and the final unification of Anglo Saxon England.This eight book was thoroughly enjoyable a Cornwell book always is However, it doesn t add anything to the tale of Uhtred and is pure filler material Nevertheless, one step closer to the completion of this epic.