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A quick and interesting read, this small book is full of insightful charts, each one making you stop and think Pick this up if you see the book Hilarious Jessica is a genius. A collection of some of the best of Indexed, this is a great read for those who enjoy the daily dose from the web It reads quick since it s just a collection of pieces and not a story, but well worth the hour to read. This book came from Hagy s blog She uses Venn diagrams to show relationships between ideas, situations, truths and impressions and has a great sense of how things are.Her diagrams show things simply than we often see them, and highlight the truth in even complex ideas.I loved it. Quick, unimpressive read, with a few humorous graphs. A fun book to look at well done. |DOWNLOAD EPUB ☹ Indexed ♌ A Unique, Hilarious Take On The Modern World Jessica Hagy Is A Different Kind Of Thinker She Has An Astonishing Talent For Visualizing Relationships, Capturing In Pictures What Is Difficult For Most Of Us To Express In Words At Indexed, She Posts Charts, Graphs, And Venn Diagrams Drawn On Index Cards That Reveal In A Simple And Intuitive Way The Large And Small Truths Of Modern Life Praised Throughout The Blogosphere As Brilliant, Incredibly Creative, And Comic Genius, Jessica Turns Her Incisive, Deadpan Sense Of Humor On Everything From Office Politics To Relationships To Religion With New Material Along With Some Of Jessica S Greatest Hits, This Utterly Unique Book Will Thrill Readers Who Demand Humor That Makes Them Both Laugh And Think Who would have guessed that a Venn diagram could be so full of wit and charm Jessica Hagy, that s who. I wasn t sure what to expect when I ordered this book through Interlibrary Loan, but I m glad I ve gotten to see it Cleverly done, sort of like grown up cartoons. This was definitely not what I thought I was getting when I purchased it Oh well, live and learn Interesting presentation of some ideas but was hoping for a little substance.