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`DOWNLOAD PDF ⇨ The Fern Lady ☝ Dheeraj, A Creative Genius, Is A Partner At An Advertisement Agency He Shares A Hate Hate Relationship With Everyone In The World, From His Partner At The Ad Agency, To His Second Wife, To Even A Sociable Stranger Who Tries To Strike Up A Conversation At A Bar He Accepts Invitations To All Parties, But There He Is Either Throwing Punches And Getting Into Ugly Brawls, Or Is A Lone Shadow Luring Around The Bar Foul Mouthed, Alcoholic, Abusive, Dheeraj Is Tottering Perilously Close To The Edge Of The Cliff When He Meets The Fern Lady Though Always In Company Of Attractive Woman, Who Are Willing To Lay Prostrate At His Slightest Suggestion, The Fern Lady Is The Only One Who Has Caught Dheeraj S Attention They Ve Met At A Party, And She Has Become Dheeraj S Obsession, His Sole Reason To Live When He Thinks That Life Is Ready To Look Up, He Learns The Hard Truth The Fern Lady Is Married In This Story, Shobhaa De Writes About How A Man S Greed Is Always His Undoing