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This is a book that forces you to concentrate and get to know the main players I can t say I liked the characters in the book It seems that each person is following their own adgenda My understanding happened at the end of the book and I wantedBut it is beautifully written and the tragic stories pulls you in until the end to find out what has happened in the past to make the characters act the way they do. Multi layered but at the same time, simple and straightforward The author jumps back and forth, in time and locale It packs romance, sexual abuse, vacations, light sadism, infidelity, homosexuality andin this tiny volume and it works. {FREE DOWNLOAD} ⚻ Seed á Fiction Written In A Tense, Halting Style That Mirrors The Strained, Unsettling Urgency Of The Protagonist, SEED Weaves Its Competing Narratives Together Into A Singular Voice In Which Abrasive Violence And Lyric Beauty Frequently Overlap, And In Which Violence And Redemption Converge Toward A Common Destiny Mustafa Mutabaruka S Exceptional Debut Novel SEED Has The Resonance Of A Greek Myth And The Immediacy Of A Slashing Noir Mystery Moving From A Lonely American Farmhouse To The Bathhouses Of Morocco, From A Barbarous Past Tot He Sweetness Of Erotic Love, SEED Is Bleak, Brilliant, Powerfully Hallucinatory Joseph Cummins Author Of THE SNOW TRAIN, Available From SPD