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Heart touchingly lovely story Coop was amazing It was pretty good, typical girl with amnesia story I liked the characters in the book but thought the hero spent TOO MUCH time feeling bad for doing the right thing medically speaking. [Read] ⚈ Mind Over Marriage ♢ A HUSBAND REMEMBEREDWhen Kelsey Reed Awoke From Her Coma, The Only Person She Wanted Was Her Husband, Cooper So Why Was Everyone Looking At Her As If She D Lost Her Mind And Why Was Cooper Acting Like A Stranger Once She Was Out Of The Hospital, Kelsey Was Sure Everything Would Be Normal Again And She And Coop Could Go Back To Trying For That Baby They D Always Wanted A PAST FORGOTTENAmnesia Not Only Had Cooper Reed S Wife Forgotten They D Divorced Two Years Ago, But She D Also Forgotten That She D Left Him Then The Doctors Advised Him That Kelsey Couldn T Handle The Truth Yet, And That Left Him Playing House With A Woman Who Was No Longer His Wife A Woman He S Never Stopped Loving Le do el 03 11 2012Recuerdos dormidos Protagonistas Cooper Reed y Kelsey ReedArgumento Cuando Kelsey Reed despert del coma, s lo deseaba estar con su marido, Cooper Pero todo el mundo parec a sorprenderse de su petici n y la miraba como si se hubiera vuelto loca Incluso el mismo Cooper la trataba como a una perfecta desconocida La joven intentaba tranquilizarse pensando que todo volver a a la normalidad cuando estuviera en casa, pero ten a la impresi n de que estaba pasando algo por alto Amnesia Kelsey no s lo hab a olvidado que ella y Cooper se hab an divorciado dos a os atr s, tambi n hab a olvidado que hab a sido ella quien lo hab a abandonado Pero los m dicos hab an advertido a Cooper de que Kelsey a n no estaba preparada para enfrentarse a la realidad, y que deb a fingir que segu a viviendo con una mujer que hab a dejado de ser su esposa, pero a la que todav a amaba 1.5 3 stars Didn t actually read this but read several great reviews and it sounds good I m trying not to read category romances any or else I d read this one I am giving it 4 stars because I liked the heroine Kelsey a lot, but only the one after Amneisa the cheerfull wife who loves her husband dearly The depressing heroine who divorced he husband and tried to repeat the same mistake when her memories returned I didn t like If it wasn t for the psychiatrist showing Kelsey a mirror, our couples might have to wait for a long long time to get their happy ending The funnist part was I loved him a lot, so I let him go then the contradicting He let me go, he doesn t love me, you don t let go the one you love , ridiculously funny. dnf KNOCKED OUT THE BEST AMNESIA BOOK for meAwesome Wonderful Heart wrenching Intense Emotional Love story,loved Kelsey Coop,my heart went out to Coop he is such a patient noble caring loving gentle man,he suffered so much pain hurt when Kelsey walked out,when he accepted it and build his life fate brought him right back at itNow Kelsey has amnesia and she has forgotten the divorce the death of their child and whatever happened after divorce in 2 years,its really difficult for Coop but he comes for Kelsey,the amnesia is like a second chance for them they mourn the death of their son,talk out the issues and why Kelsey walked out.Kelsey also realises and accepts her mistake.As the story developes all the issues are dealt with and progressed really well towards the HEAIts a KEEPER for me,i wanna rate this 10 10,Coop is on my Most favourite hero shelf,readers who are sucker for second chance at love amnesia theme its a must readRecommend it I thought the premise seemed to promise all sorts of angsty goodness, but it was somewhat disappointing Mostly this was because of the heroine, who starts off the book in her amnesiac state She comes across as this breathy, moany invalid everyone loves her, but you don t really see a personality that would inspire this As the book advances, she s all over the place still breathy, but with some annoying characteristics like temper tantrums and irrationality thrown in On a side note, there was a TV show from my childhood it might have been Newhart that had a one time character who was a romance novelist She claimed very dramatically that she never wrote about anything except what she herself had experienced This really impressed everyone else because of the amazing adventurous quality of the books she wrote Eventually, someone walks in on the author while she s experiencing an avalanche or a jungle attack or something in her hotel room as the heroine The heroine of this book reminded me of this she s not exactly a Mary Sue, but she seems like a fantasy of a person who would like to be like that.The hero is a lovely hero always doing the kind and loving thing, never stopped loving, etc etc He just gives up easily all the power is the heroine s And he doesn t really seem to have any interests or friends.And the resolution Wow quick view spoiler She remembers why they re divorced, freaks, and leaves He just feels sad Then people remind her that he must really love her, and she basically says, Oh yeah I m a jerk Then she returns, bakes for him, and he s really happy to see her The end hide spoiler