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Perhaps not a super fantastic mystery story Also, not a book I would recommend unless you are familiar with the Veronica Mars storyline But, 4 stars for nostalgia Definitely like reading an episode of the show What is also great is that not only does it touch on some stories that haven t come up since the first or second season, it also continues some of the story from the last book and leaves some cliffhangers for another book I haven t seen that any books are coming out, but if they do I will be reading them Great Addition The second installment of the Veronica Mars books was a bit harder to get into, but once I did get into it, I didn t know how to put the book down Fortunately, there was Logan And a puppy And Veronica solving crimes All good stuff, and I ll eagerly be waiting for the next book. READ E-PUB ☬ Mr. Kiss and Tell ♴ In The Second Book In The New York Times Bestselling Mystery Series, Veronica Mars Is Back With A Case That Will Expose The Hidden Workings Of One Of Neptune S Most Murderous LocationsThe Neptune Grand Has Always Been The Seaside Town S Ritziest Hotel, Despite The Shady Dealings And High Profile Scandals That Seem To Follow Its Elite Guests When A Woman Claims That She Was Brutally Assaulted In One Of Its Rooms And Left For Dead By A Staff Member, The Owners Know That They Have A Potential Powder Keg On Their Hands They Turn To Veronica To Disprove Or Prove The Woman S StoryThe Case Is A Complicated Mix Of Hard Facts, Mysterious Occurrences, And Uncooperative Witnesses The Hotel Refuses To Turn Over Its Reservation List And The Victim Won T Divulge Who She Was Meeting That Night Add In The Facts That The Attack Happened Months Ago, The Victim S Memory Is Fuzzy, And There Are Holes In The Hotel S Surveillance System, And Veronica Has A Convoluted Mess On Her Hands As She Works To Fill In The Missing Pieces, It Becomes Clear That Someone Is Lying But Who And Why I picked up this book after a book group friend raved about the Veronica Mars television series Jumping in without knowing anything about the show or the character, I was strongly reminded of another series not the television Veronica Mars, but another famous young adult female detective.Yes, that one Of course, this is Nancy for the new millennium With Drew s long history of updates, Veronica Mars reminds me of the 1958 1979 vintage, my adolescent book obsession I m sure there s a box somewhere with books 1 104 Veronica is updated, at least, in the sense of adding about seven years, and a willingness to be involved in rape cases, a type of investigation that never seemed to come Nancy s way But they both have a serious case of daddy worship, a seriously clever, hunky, Dudley Do Right boyfriend, and a tendency to be both brainy and sincere Mars, however, seems less logical, involves the police frequently, and lacks Nancy s dogged persistence.On its own, Mr Kiss and Tell is a serviceable mystery centered on a likeable female character It avoids many of the chick lit cliches I can t think of when Veronica described her own clothes and although there was the whiff of a love triangle, it wasn t even close to the focus of the story Writing was serviceable, generally above average for the genre, but didn t stand out in beauty or ability to evoke emotion I enjoyed the characterization, and thought the characters had a nice degree of dimensionality The setting worked as well with enough detail to individuate scenes Narrative switched a number of times, including using that old tv classic of following an unrelated character to the crime scene Although that can be a cheap way to add drama, in this case the voice changes helped to nicely round out Veronica s father.I suspect the real appeal here is the continuation of the Veronica Mars story, judging from the reviews and pre sqees I saw on Goodreads With that in mind, it seems to be a definite continuation of the tv series story arc, including dealing with an unethical sheriff and references to prior mysteries she s solved As a new reader, the references didn t bother me, particularly since Graham didn t get bogged down in explano babble, and the longer arc added interesting aspect to the story.What didn t work quite as well for me was the plot spoiler specifics below the break and how generally uncommitted Veronica seemed towards solving the mystery For instance, she delegates serious computer research to friend Mac, who is far diligent in combing through the material Veronica admits at least twice that she was giving up on the case, because her phone calls weren t returned and the police wouldn t help her It seemed pretty half assed for a girl detective, who by rights should be determined as the path she is choosing is so unusual, as we re told fairly often by Veronica, her dad and her boyfriend Plotting had the feel of a television script weak on the logic, big on dramatic scenes.Overall, I d highly recommend it to fans of Veronica Mars And ones who want a newer Nancy Drew.Two and a half stars Many thanks to NetGalley and Knopf Doubleday for a review copy. view spoiler Spoilers Character strangeness Veronica and her father have a detective agency and near the beginning of the book, she even allows someone to consider her a partner Yet, later in the book, she acknowledges that she s dropped any pretense of doing work on the agency s cases, even losing one of the jobs and a 2000 retainer Perhaps its supposed to be the move of a young person finding her way, but what it mostly seems is inconsistent with a young woman that is actively choosing a detection career, has serious admiration for her dad and comes from a background of economic struggle It seemed off.Plotting A serious part of her problem solving strategy seems to be obtaining DNA samples from the suspects In one case, it leads to a seriously elaborate deception that might affect a friend s career, as well as that of high school star WTH Nancy would never do that.More importantly, at a couple of spots in the investigation, she her cover is blown, and she comes right out and states her real reason for being there From there, she miraculously avoids having the cops called on her, and instead, the victims give away critical information, or Veronica is able to help herself to the information on the way out So getting caught is your investigative technique Resolution is partly provided by a series of particularly helpful cops, as well as a tough guy willing to beat the information out of a suspect It s enough that Veronica and the reader feel justice is served with a little extra flourish without having to negotiate the icky responsibility of murder hide spoiler This is a fun mystery for Veronica Mars fans It s the second in a series, and I think it was even better than the first book The story references a lot of events from the TV show and the movie, so if you haven t watched those, you are at risk for spoilers Veronica s character is still strong, and Kristen Bell was so perfect in the role that I could hear her voice as I read.The case involves a young woman who was raped, beaten and abandoned, and Veronica tries to figure out who attacked her While I confess I ve grown a little tired of all the rapes that seem to happen in the fictional town of Neptune, California, Veronica is the person you d want to track down a rapist She never gives up.If you like Logan, there is a lot of his relationship with Veronica in this book, and even a touching scene in which he shares why he finally cleaned up his act and joined the military.There is also good stuff with Keith, Mac, Weevil, Wallace, and even Leo, Veronica s old flame Highly recommended for Veronica Mars fans.Note I was in a horrible reading rut a few weeks ago, and I think I ve finally climbed out It was the worst book slump I have had in years This novel was one of the things that helped me get back on track, and my advice for anyone suffering from a similar rut is to READ WHAT YOU WANT Don t let yourself get backed into a book corner One of the reasons I got so frustrated was because I was feeling pressure to read stuff I wasn t interested in Free reading is such a joy, and when there is external pressure, it can take all the fun out of it Now I m doing a better job of resisting when people try to force books on me My reading time is my own See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThis review is COMPLETELY spoiler freeVeronica Mars is a recent addiction and addition to my oh so monotonous life As I write this review, it s the last day of my summer holidays before I m back at school for the new school year and just less than two months earlier when the holidays started, I clicked play on the very first episode of the Veronica Mars TV series I soon became absolutely smitten with the TV show maaaaaaybe because of Logan Echolls and I soon jumped onto the movie that came out in 2014, which is a continuation of the TV show While I d love for another movie to come out, I highly doubt my wish will come true anytime soon, but I do have these wonderful books to keep me company.This is the second book to the Veronica Mars books, and it basically picks off after where the movie left off For all you unfortunate souls who are unaware of who Veronica Mars is, firstly, I feel incredibly sorry for you You ll need to hurry off now and binge watch the TV show and movie in that order right now, because if you don t, I ll come after you with a paper shredder That s right, I ll shred all your books MWAHAHAHAHAHA I m evil Don t convince me otherwise But anyway, like I was saying, if you don t know who Veronica Mars is, she s a Private Investigator who used to be a receptionist for her father s Mars Investigations Now they run the PI business together, and it s truly the best thing ever take my word for it. While there s no point in denying that the books and movie, to be honest don t have the same magic that the original TV show possesses, we are still given another intriguing excerpt of Veronica Mars life In this installment, Veronica s caught up in an investigation that involves a claimed rape at Neptune s ritziest hotel The Neptune Grand For what seems should be a simple case to find the rapist turns out to be much harder when there are mysterious pieces of information that don t add up, uncooperative witnesses and barely any leads.Despite the fact that I found the mystery here to be really engaging, it didn t seem to be as twisted or as well built as the story line in The Thousand Dollar Tan Line Moreover, I did find myself rather bored at times This book does spend time dabbling here and there, and while I loved the further exploration of our beloved characters, it moved a little too slow for a typical Veronica Mars story, in my opinion.Guys, we finally get our Logan back in this one When I found out that he d be back for this installment, I was over the moon I love that their relationship is further explored here, and that they talked about their pasts especially those achingly painful 9 years Their relationship is a flawed one, but beautifully so, and that s what makes them so special in my heart. If you love good mysteries, or if you are a fan of Veronica Mars, you need to read these books We get to catch up with our favourite characters as well as revisit some unexpected acquaintances too Combine them in with a thrilling mystery and the best sassy dialogue, and there you have it a classic Veronica Mars story I do hope Thomas and Graham decide to write installments because one thing s for sure I ll never get sick of Veronica Mars So keep em coming Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for sending me this copy I really loved the story in this one but I missed Kristen bell s narration I don t know why it took me so long to read the second Veronica Mars book, but I liked it almost as much as the first one I love that Rob Thomas is not afraid to tackle tough topics, I loved the complexity and the story, I loved getting to see some things from Keith s POV as well, and I enjoyed cameos from all the major players from the show.My only complaint in this one is that I wish Logan had been of a character I did enjoy their very real problems of learning to be okay with each other both having a career that s VERY important to them, to the extent that it gets in the way of their relationship, and I appreciate how deeply they love each other, but I wish the Logan parts had been a bit than that.Otherwise, standard Veronica Mars sass and wit, solid story, great time reading it. I don t usually put gifs in reviews OR write anything in this here box pre reading but I can t help myself As we impatiently wait for October 28th, let us remember the following YES So much Weevil So much Logan This is everything I needed.I enjoyed this second book even than the first, the story felt like a VM episode or maybe even movie than a book I don t even know if that makes sense What I mean is the mystery is of grand proportions and takes months to solve, all of my favourite character are there and Lamb behaving and acting like they do in the show, right down to mannerisms Having watched the VM series and movie countless times I feel like I really KNOW these characters, and this being an adaptation of the show it s ok for me to go right ahead and picture the actors for the whole thing.Again, I can t say how much a non marshmallow would enjoy it because I m totally in that camp, but I do think the mystery of this one stands up on its own far stronger than the first And, again, there is enough explanation of characters to keep newbies in the loop, without overdoing the flashbacks for us fans I need And, for some reason, I have a feeling we re going to find up where Duncan and the baby ended up one of these days PLEASE ROB THOMAS