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This book seems to have fallen into the same pattern that many other YA books fall into The first book is one long chase scene with little actual information being presented The Alchemyst and Percy Jackson are two other examples While I didn t mind the breakneck pace in those books, I did mind it here Percy finds out who and what he is, and so do the twins in The Alchemyst, the characters in this book have very little idea of what is going on other than some statues and good and some are bad We don t find out too much about what a Glint is, John Dee isn t explained very well, and the war that has been started is only eluded to On top of that, the characters are irritating George is a coward and Edie is rude There may be reasons they act that way, but they are a bit too grating to be enjoyable Also, the bad characters were weak The book switched to the viewpoints of the bad guys occasionally and they were walking somewhere or having a conversation, not really doing anything too menacing I m not a fan of changing viewpoints for no reason, and I feel that was the case here We get no new information by reading about a raven flying over a part of the city, but it was a nice change in pace if anything The characters run from place to place, occasionally meeting a statue that tells them where to go next Sometimes fast paced books work well and keep readers on the edge of their seats Stoneheart had me flipping pages and skipping paragraphs instead There simply is not enough substance Bad statutes are chasing a boy around because he punched one of them, good statues are helping the boy survive and fix what he started It s not enough for me The book wasn t bad, but it wasn t great, and too much like other YA books out there. from the first line I had very high expectations for this book I was very excited to read the story, and really interested in how the author would deal with a character who seemed determined to keep the world at a distance As I read, I waited patiently for some depth, some mystery that would finally grab my interest Unfortunately, I found the book flat not bad, or unbelievable or poorly written but just ordinary There was nothing unique about it, nothing that kept me anxiously turning pages, and to be honest, I felt nothing for the characters With the exception of Gunner and Edie s elephant scene , I found nothing overwhelmingly unique or interesting in the book, and after hitting page 212, I realized that I couldn t care less what happened to Edie and George I m giving this book a two for a few reasons First, since I was able to stick to it for 200 pages, the writing and story can t be all that bad It was not an unenjoyable read, but it was just so unremarkable that I felt no real reason to continue reading However, because I read so many books by a variety of authors, the fact that I was willing and able to put down this book for good after hitting the halfway point means to me that I cannot rate it anything over it was ok , i.e two stars.As the book s high rating indicates, a lot of people disagree with me, but it just didn t do it for me I love the idea of the statues of London coming to life and enjoyed the transformation of George.The characters, human and otherwise are compelling, and you don t get hard and fast answers about whose side some of these characters are on This book can be dark and suspenseful not recommended for children who are prone to nightmares One of the bad guys enjoys eating children, to give one example.Ironhand, here I come I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this excellent middle grade fantasy, set in a parallel London with gargoyles, a dragon and statues come to life, via audiobook Jim Dale s brilliant narration made this riveting, fast paced story even entertaining There are two books in the trilogy that I haven t read yet and am looking forward to If you enjoyed Jim Dale s reading of the Harry Potter series, give this audiobook a try. I picked up this book a couple of years ago and for some reason never got past the first few chapters I don t remember it being bad, just not particularly sweeping me away I gave the book to my son who was twelvish at the time thinking he d enjoy it He did, as well as the two books following Recently, he decided to clear off his bookshelves and I decided to hold onto the series and give it another try SO GLAD I DID.I absolutely loved this book this time around Loved the main character, George, who is a typical kid with some family problems and who has to deal with not being liked very much at school He s not completely spineless, just lost his enthusiasm for life because he lost his dad in a car accident Then one day, on a school field trip to a museum, he breaks the head off a dragon carving on the side of a building and unleashes a power that allows him to see another London, in which statues come to life but only he can see them Some are good, some are evil, and some are in between He meets Edie, who can also see the statues moving, but for an entirely different reason.The story world is so cool, and the lore well thought out and given in small doses at just the right times Lots of action, without sacrificing character building And speaking of characters after the initial scene at the museum, the only two actual humans in the whole book are George and Edie everyone else is a statue of some sort and it totally works The writing is really good, with just the right voice for this age group, a little humor, real emotion, and great pacing and dialog I am definitely going to keep reading this series PS the cover makes the gargoyle lover in me swoon.My WebsiteFind me on FacebookMy YA fantasy series book 1 book 2 This was a real page turner You can t wait to read what will happen next However,it is a challenging book For one thing it is very British If you were going to use this with a group, it might help to prepare the students with some visuals of London Talk with them about even though English is spoken in London there are some main differences in what we mean when we say biscuit and what someone in London means by a biscuit For instance, the main character talks about not wanting to grass on another student, and context leads you to think this would mean rat on another student It is a book that is full of idioms and sayings For example you saved my bacon and between a rock and a hard place The book also contains very challenging vocabulary Here are a few words I had to look up rictussed, parabola, perspicacity, tenebrousTeaching IdeasAs you can see, I was entertained and my vocabulary was definitely enriched Advanced readers 7th or 8th grade and above would benefit from this book All students would love the story As I noted, you could also work on vocabulary, idioms and sayings Also, the author in the first 2 3 pages builds a great deal of sympathy for the main character It would be a good example of that. 4.0 stars Very engaging fantasy with some excellent ideas It is always nice to come across a new idea that is well executed Could be the beginning of a very good series. I have always loved sculptures I can remember visiting the museum with my parents as a little girl and being truly frightened by some of the monstrous images carved in stone, with their malicious smiles that exposed far too many teeth for my small child imagination I think deep down I was always afraid they were going to suddenly come alive In Stoneheart, that is exactly what happens to George Chapman, a 12 year old English boy who expresses his frustration in the wrong way at the wrong time.George is in the middle of a school field trip to the Natural History Museum in London when in a fit of anger he breaks a piece off the facade of the museum, and suddenly finds himself pursued by a stone pterodactyl, intent on his destruction The worst part No one else can see a thing, except for Edie, a mysterious girl who has been cursed with seeing such things for reasons she doesn t understand George is saved by the statue of a WW1 gunner, and learns that he has found himself in the middle of a war Within London is unLondon, where the statues made in human form, spits, have long fought against the taints, sculptures of gargoyles, dragons, and other non human creatures George and Edie struggle to understand the rules of this strange unLondon, not knowing who or what they can trust.I really liked this book, for both the concept and execution Fletcher has done a great job of describing London I was very interested to read in the author s note that all of the statues he has included in the book are actually in existence I must admit, it made me want to visit some of them for myself I would highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for an intense adventure Because of the intense peril and scary situations experienced by George and Edie which the author describes in very vivid and descriptive language I wouldn t recommend this book for younger readers I am looking forward to the next book in the series. (READ DOWNLOAD) Ò Stoneheart (Stoneheart trilogy, #1) Î A City Has Many Lives And Layers London Has Than Most Not All The Layers Are Underground, And Not All The Lives Belong To The Living Twelve Year Old George Chapman Is About To Find This Out The Hard Way When, In A Tiny Act Of Rebellion, George Breaks The Head From A Stone Dragon Outside The Natural History Museum, He Awakes An Ancient Power This Power Has Been Dormant For Centuries But The Results Are Instant And Terrifying A Stone Pterodactyl Unpeels From The Wall And Starts Chasing George He Runs For His Life But It Seems That No One Can See What He S Running From No One, Except Edie, Who Is Also Trapped In This Strange World And This Is Just The Beginning As The Statues Of London Awake This Is A Story Of Statues Coming To Life Of A Struggle Between Those With Souls And Those Without Of How One Boy Who Has Been Emotionally Abandoned Manages To Find Hope OkaaaaayThis was okay.The story has a lot of potenial but everything is just so confusing in this part.It s like you re only getting information but nothing is actually solved.That s why it was very hard for me to get into story of Stoneheart.The characters,on the other hand,are interesting,I really like George and Gunner.I hope that the sequel is better.There are three stages of reading this book 1 3 2 3 3 3 in this caseYou go,George Favourite quotes I did have a couple of quotes I really liked but I can t find the original quote anywhere online so I m not gonna translate it myself and ruin everything,haha.K.Bye.