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.Download Ebook ⚆ Securing Borders: Detention and Deportation in Canada ⚑ Detention And Deportation Are The Two Most Extreme Sanctions Of An Immigration Penality That Enforces Borders, Polices Non Citizens, Identifies Those Who Are Dangerous, Diseased, Deceitful, Or Destitute, And Refuses Them Entry Or Casts Them Out As Such, They Are Constitutive Practices That Work To Make Up And Regulate National Borders, Citizens, And Populations In Addition, They Play A Key Role In The Reconfiguration Of Citizenship And Sovereignties In The Global Context Despite Popular And Political Exclamations, It Is Not A Brand New World The Denigration Of Refugee Claimants, Heightened And Intersecting Anxieties About Crime, Security, And Fraud, And Efforts To Fortify The Border Against Risky Outsiders Have Been Prominent Features Of Canadian Immigration Penality Since Well Before September Th,Securing Borders Explores, In The Context Of Immigration Penality, A Number Of Themes Which Cross Traditional Disciplinary Boundaries, Including Adminstrative Discretion, Law, And Liberalism Transitions From Welfare To Neoliberal Regimes Of Rule Intersections Of Sovereign And Governmental, Risk Based, Governing Strategies Governing Through Crime As Central To Contemporary Public Policy And The Border As Heterogenous And Artful Accomplishment That Constitutes Citizens And National Identities, And Regulates Populations This Work Is Thus A Rich Interdisciplinary Study Which Promises To Be Of Interest To Scholars In A Range Of Disciplines Including Criminology, Socio Legal Studies, Law, History, Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, And Public Administration It Will Also Be Of Interest To Non Governmental Advocates As Well As To Government Representatives Who Work In The Areas Of Immigration, Refugee Determination, And Related Fields