Free Book ☢ I Know Just What You Mean: the Power of Friendship in Women's Lives: The Power of Friendshiping Women's Lives ♖

They really do know just what I mean I ve recommended this to my friends as a great illustration of women s friendships. This book is an easy read, and a nice feel good book I snapped it up from my church s library display shelf on a whim funny that it was there though, as Christianity is not at all a central topic , and I m glad I did It s a good reminder of the benefits of friendship, the roles that friends play throughout our various stages of life, and why we need time with friends The book includes lots of vignettes of many friend couples from around the country, and it was fun to get a glimpse into others relationships It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my friendships and now I think I appreciate my friends eventhan before Free Book ⚖ I Know Just What You Mean: the Power of Friendship in Women's Lives: The Power of Friendshiping Women's Lives ⚖ Friendship Matters To Women It Matters A Lot Women Today With Lives Often In Transition Depend On Friends Than Ever Many Who Once Believed Marriage Was The Center Of Lifenow Know That Friends May Be The Difference Between A Lonely Life And A Lively One In I Know Just What You Mean, Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist Ellen Goodman And Novelist Journalist Patricia O Brien Provide A Thoughtful, Deeply Personal Look At The Enduring Bonds Of Friendship Between Women Friends For Over A Quarter Of A Century, They Bring To Their Book The Unique Mix Of Insight And Humor That Only Such A Long And Rich Relationship Can Produce You Might Say We Ve Been Writing This Book For Twenty Six Years Maybe It S The Logical Outcome For Two Writing Friends It Amazes Us Now To Look Back And See What We Ve Been Building The Story Of Our Friendship Is The Story Of Our Divorces, Our Children, Careers, Loves, Losses, RemarriagesWe Rarely Made A Move Without Each Other S Opinion Or Listening EarWe Moved From Youth Through Middle Age With The Requisite Accumulation Of Both Wisdom And Caution That When Shared Made Each Of Us Stronger Than We Would Have Been Alone Drawing On Interviews With Numerous Women From All Stages Of Life Teenagers, Young Mothers, Elderly Women, Women In Politic And Business, Sports And Media Celebrities The Authors Reach Beyond Their Own Experiences, Providing An Intimate Look At Friendships That Begin Everywhere From Kindergarten To Nursing Homes They Tell The Touching, Funny, And Sometimes Painful Stories Of Women Who Don T Shy Away From Confronting The Problems And Demands Of Friendship When We Asked Women How Theydefined What A Close Friend Is, They Leaped Past Such Qualifiers To Describe The Impact Being Known And Accepted, Understood To The Core Trust And Loyalty You Can Count On, Having Someone On Your Side Having Someone To Share Worries And Secrets As Well As The Good Stuff Of Life Someone Who Needs You In Return The Authors Explore The Problems Of Famous Friends How Do You Stay Close When Your Best Friend Is One Of The Richest And Most Powerful Women In The World They Write About Friendships That Have Endured Through Hardship And Misfortune, Survived The Problems Of Competing With Each Other Looking Through History And Hollywood, Real Life And Fiction, They Get To The Heart Of Relationships Between Women Somewhere In The Meaning Of The Word Trust Is The Assumption That A Friend Has Your Best Interest At Heart Friends Can Be The Collaborators, The Instigators Who Make Change Possible They Are Often The Ones Who Urge Us To Take A Leap, Who Jump With Us Or Help Us Scramble Back Up The Other Side Throughout The Book, There Is An Ongoing Dialogue Between Goodman And O Brien That Is Sure To Resonate With Every Woman Who Cherishes Her Female Friends Talk Is At The Very Heart Of Women S Friendship, The Core Of The Way Women Connect It S The Given, The Absolute Assumption Of Friendship It Can Be Serious Or Funny, Painful Or Exuberant, Intense Or Joyous But At The Heart Of The Connections Made Is One Sentence That Women Repeat Over And Over I Know Just What You Mean Very heartwarming and endearing Reminded me of the chicken soup for the soul series with longer narrative I d wished the published produced this with larger type as reading on tired eyes made it difficult at times I read this book every morning for 30 minutes while on the elliptical machine I laughed, I cried, I called my girlfriends and thanked them for being the support that we need so badly as we ride the roller coaster of life. I really enjoyed hearing all the wonderful stories of women and friendship I just got back from a trip with my family where we spent three days with my mom s best friend, who she s known since high school and it was fun hearing all their old stories. This was an insightful read, and very well written The only complaint is there were too many examples of other friendshipsAt some point I only wanted it to be about Ellen and her friend and the other examples got confusing A copy of this book is on the way to my friend Mary Gave to Molly Howes. I liked some parts of this book a lot Others not so interesting Some of the great quotesP 155 A time of superficiality So we know that women s lives go through a striking number of transitions, none of which may be permanent It s no surprise that we leave friends scattered by the roadside But life is long, and the transitions that seem so stark at one point in a life may fade If there is one thing we have seen it s the possibility and importance of allowing differences, keeping the elasticity of the bounds we don t want to break P 165 We want it real, not nice, yet it is so hard to stay in the real And so hard to hear the real The tension between being nice and being real is profound Women want friendship to be nice too In friendships, women tell themselves, relationships can move smoothly No conflict need apply But real relationships come with inevitable scrapes, nicks and the middle sized wounds They come with disconnection They come with conflict and hurt and even betrayal Real includes everything from a birthday that is forgotten, a criticism that cuts to the quick, a secret accidently blown, a piece of gossip believed, a promise unfulfilled, a breach of loyalty it is a mistake to believe that intimate friendships will always run smoothly Long term friendships have their difficult periods, what makes them endure is not the absence of conflict, but the skill of each friend in handling anger and resolving conflicts constructively. Very good book Not a fluff piece It caused some self examination of my relationship with Stephanie Are We Traveling in Different directions and The Bad Stuff chapters are very potent stuff.My favorite quote Oh, the comfort the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping and then with a breath of kindness blow the rest away George Eliot