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3.75 HOT COVER stars Wow, when I saw that cover I knew I wanted to read ALEX The MVP Most Valuable Player Prick , Alex, is not a well liked player or person He may be Mr Hockey Hottie but he s not winning points with fans or teammates His attitude stems from his childhood with a drunk father This lack of love for the game and his poor attitude has his coach wanting him to clean up his act Forced to work on a project to better his image he s assigned to work with social worker, Sutton, on a drug alcohol campaign to help the youth in the community At the beginning of the book I had a few moments where I felt like Sutton wasn t a 22 year old but rather a 40 year old divorcee drinking wine alone in the house she ownsall she was missing was a cat or two Seems some hot hockey player has my attention now SuttonYeah That s ironic, because I m sort of lusting after this hot drug counselor I metAlex Sounds like a match made in heaven SuttonI loved the Love Actually movie moment in the hockey rink I fell a little for Alex at that moment But then during the epilogue he had me swooning.COLD FURY is a professional hockey team chalked full of hot guys that we will see in upcoming books.Release date 10 14 2014Pre order order To find out when the next books will be released click here Complimentary copy courtesy of Random House, Loveswept, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Quotes are subject to change in the final publication. 5 honest starspainfully so I love reading sport themed books, especially about hockey I m a proud puck lover And I really enjoyed reading this one There was not unnecessary drama, there were hot steamy sex scenes and finally there were wonderful charachters Alex, named MVP Most Valuable Prick, is an incredible hockey player, too bad he doesn t give a shit about a game, his team and fans To fix his and team s reputation, Cold Fury s management sends him to participate in a drug awareness program That is where he meets Sutton, a drug counsellor he is supposed to cooperate with What they both have in common, is their rough past, the difference is she moved on and is doing well, while he still lets the past rule his present They can t deny mutual attraction and slowly their professional relationship turns into something There was a slight slip up on Alex s part along the way, but nothing major, not the drama I couldn t deal with and enough grovelling made me forgive him fast and yes it was soooo grovelling Also, believe me when I say that Alex is sex on skates That man is hawt and lickable, not kidding Just imagine those ice hockey bodies and you ll get the picture A little example maybe Sawyer Bennett has an incredible talent of creating asshole heroes, that I fall for, and this one was no exception Alex is mean and bitter, he has no friends or social life, always sarcastic and cocky bastard you would say, but he is not that man when it comes to Sutton He is caring and attentive, she seems to know how to bring the best part of him to the surfaceYou know you re extremely beautiful, but when you laugh you re just stunning She brought color into my gray existence, and for that I owe her everythingI also liked that Sutton didn t steal the show here, the title is Alex and it was a book about Alex, though she played an important part of the story With her help, he slowly changed from unlikable person to friendly team mate, loving boyfriend and good role model for his young fans.Aww, and I loved the ending and epilogue Using the motive from Love actually was a brilliant idea It was sweet and heart warming Ok, I saw this gif in other reviews, but it is just asking to put it here, I can t help myself using it too, sorry girls We also got to meet Garret Smart Mother Fucker , Alex s team mate, who is womanizer, but the one that is respectful to women he has fun with and I can t wait to see him being struck by cupid s arrow.Oh, one thing, I almost forgot, total cover lust I hope Garrett s book will have as hot cover as this one, seriously drooling hereARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review FOUR FURY HOCKEY STARSThe contact is so explosive, so richly captivating, that I immediately feel like I m drowning in a sea of desireAt the risk of sounding like I m repeating myself, once again I have to express the fact that nothing attracts me to a book than the words sports related and romance in the same sentence Sawyer Bennett blew me away with her romantic story telling and I can tell you right from the start that although the cover to this book is delicious all by itself it does not give what s inside justice If you are expecting an easy going romance with all the usual ingredients for a book in this genre then you ll be pleasantly surprised because not only do you get all of the above but you get a whole lot Bennett has packed her pages full of heart felt sentiments and a journey of two characters that completely stole my attention Alex is a gorgeously written tale of healing, love and fulfilment and I for one am fully convinced by this authors talent What s it all about Alex Crossman is a NHL superstar with an attitude as big as his talent Winning hockey games has never been his problem but fighting his past so that it doesn t affect his future is becoming a living nightmare Following the demands of his management team Alex must start to change his public image and make some drastic changes When Sutton price first meets the famous hockey star she finds herself attracted to this difficult man with secrets than she is able to unravel, but as this duo start to work together the attraction is undeniable and they soon start to feel for each other than they both dare to admit But sadly when broken pasts and an unwillingness to love gets in the way of a happy ending they both have to make the decision to fight for what they love.What did I love Determination, courage, love and full of heart this book made my reading time a pleasure Alex was a superb love story that had plenty of depth and emotion attached to it One of things I appreciated most about this authors story telling and what stood out to me most was that the author didn t add any additional, unnecessary drama to sensationalise the story telling instead Bennett has created a story line that turned out to be a fantastic page turner and fabulous love story As for the characters, they also thoroughly impressed me I have no qualms about admitting that a hero with a moody, brooding self confessed prick persona is always going to be winning brownie points in my camp I love that love to hate you feeling and this author has captured that perfectly in this book Alex Crossman has than his fair share of demons to fight, and I enjoy nothing than a tortured hero who discovers he may be falling in love The heroine was perfectly relatable she had her insecurities without ever being overbearing or irritating in fact she was the star of the show as she showed her strength through her difficulties Everything from the hockey playing to the passion and heartache was played out so well there was little to find fault about If you like to read about affairs of the heart that have a great plot to go alongside it then you won t go far wrong picking up this book And as always when I read a book as good a this one I m now going on the hunt for books that are similar Sawyer Bennett has well and truly earned my attention and I can happily add this couple to one of my favourites.Why not five I battled a little with myself over the rating of this book There is undeniably no question as to whether I loved this book or not and I m sure I ll not be for forgetting this authors name for future releases However it s a small however there were times when the story slowed down somewhat and I felt a lull in the plot progress that made consider the full five star rating But make no mistake I enjoyed the journey from chapter one until the end and I was a little forlorn to say goodbye to the two characters that I had most certainly grown to love.Final thoughts I m not sure what this author plans on working on next but I have no shame in admitting that I will beg, plead and stalk Mrs Bennett for a book to be written about Garrett As a secondary character in this book he stole just a little of the limelight and I m now desperately in need for that hero to find his own happy ending As for Alex this will be a novel that I have no doubts about revisiting Sexy, heartwarming, romantic and completely read worthy this book had me from the moment I picked it up right up until the end If you love the books you read to include a charming heroine with plenty of heart and a hero that gets your heart pounding then this story will be a treat for you I m still thinking on this story days after finishing it and I m hoping other readers will love it just as much as I did Readers don t miss out on meeting Alex Crossman he s a hero I m sure you ll love to hate and by the end I can guarantee he will have won you over Enjoy, kissesARC generously provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest review DNF 75%I think this must be the first case of real it s not you, it s me at least for me.I really think this isn t a bad book, it s just that it s not the right book for me Where I couldn t feel the connection between Alex and Sutton, I know it was there I think they were two sides of the same coin and as the book went, I could see their relationship grow and.The writing style was on pointsomething I appreciate in this kind of genreso my issue is not with the characters by themselves but rather that I couldn t connect with them.With that been said, I really want to continue reading this series and see where it goes This book just didn t do it for me. 4.5 Stars It s LIVESutton Price works as a counsellor at a crisis centre She s there for the kids and is passionate about making a difference in their lives Sutton herself has experienced and overcome a great deal of difficulty, giving her wonderful inner strength and a quiet, all knowing confidence that s contagious Sutton is both endearing and inspiring Twenty six year old Alex is our HOT Hockey playing hero and the MVP of the team Most valuable prick He s a complete asshole to everyone, fans and team mates alike, but he s also their superstar gifted player so he gets away with it, until now Now, he s been ordered to improve his reputation by working on a project with Sutton Sutton knows nothing about Hockey so she s not overwhelmed in anyway by his persona Something about Sutton, her honesty, her care, her attitude towards life inspires Alex to think and feel differently about everything, including the game of Hockey They change things for each other in a beautiful, inspiring way They have gorgeous chemistry Sutton aims to keep things as business only and he doesn t do relationships of any kind but they have a strong pull to one another, an undeniable attraction both physically and mentally Alex is closed off emotionally but, as in all good romances, the love and care of a wonderful heroine is a balm to his wounds The way he responds to her is blissfully mixed with a dash of angst I felt his presence and charisma and their first time together is WOW magnificently hot In fact the story is a whole load of yumminess Things hang in the balance Alex has the power to screw things up or let himself feel He s burdened by the weight of his past and present One small thing, view spoiler I wish we d seen the action of their break up but hide spoiler 3 stars After reading two very intense and powerfully gripping books, I turned to this book as it seemed like a light and straight forward read, something I was in the mood for I guess I shouldn t judge a book by its hot cover because it wasn t just all fun and steamy Behind Alex s cold indifference and Sutton s bubbly enthusiasm lie issues that are common in many households abuse and alcoholism I deeply admire the author for tackling both of these tough subjects in this book and giving these characters, albeit fictional, hope that no matter how harsh their past, no one has control over their present and future It is a beautiful message However, there are a few things I wasn t too fond of that were present in this book and kept me from fully enjoying it.1 Alex s hot and cold behaviorWhen I first got a glimpse of Alex s childhood, I wanted to hug the man I also understood his loathing for hockey, his father, and relationships in general Yet it still doesn t give him a reason to treat others and especially Sutton like trash just because he s in a shitty mood My biggest complaint would be his momentary lapse in judgment near the end of the book WORST DECISION EVER This part was annoying because I felt like it was completely unnecessary I mean if Alex is going to view spoiler break up with Sutton only to get back with her soon after hide spoiler 4.5 No story Love playing hockey, love fucking women, love spending my money I m a pretty simple guy Alex is the first book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series Each book can be read as a stand alone If you are a fan of hockey romance, this series is one blockbuster hit you do not want to miss Alex is the bad boy of hockey Although he is a superstar on the ice, he is quite the player with the women Due to his bad image, Alex is forced to make some changes if he wants to keep his career on the right path When the team management sends him to complete some outreach for the team, Alex meets Sutton Sutton is a social worker who is working in a drug abuse center Alex is completely taken with Sutton and despite his fears of connecting with someone on a deeply intimate level, he finds something in Sutton that he wants to have Alex and Sutton have much to overcome with the pressures of being in the spotlight and yet, the passion and friendship that blooms between them cannot be denied The contact is so explosive, so richly captivating, that I immediately feel like I m drowning in a sea of desire Told in dual POV, Alex is an absolutely stunning hockey romance full of action, passion, and tender romance The characters are complex as both have had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity I really enjoyed the connection between Alex and Sutton and how they discovered peace amidst all of the chaos around them I thoroughly enjoy the Cold Fury Hockey action and I felt like this first book offers a perfect blend of both hockey action and smoking hot passion In addition to my Kindle almost catching on fire, I found there to be great depth in the plot and the way in which the characters relate to one another I know I m probably still destined to screw things up with Sutton but I ve decided, until then, my soul is her bitch Overall, I recently discovered this series and all I can say is where have I been It is official, I am now a complete Cold Fury addict and I cannot wait to meet every single player of the Cold Fury Hockey Team Hockey romance fans absolutely must check this series out Cold Fury Hockey For reviews reveals giveaways visit 4.5 STARS ARC Kindly Provided by Random House Publishing Group via Netgalley BR with Mel and Dee This was my first time reading a book written by Sawyer Bennett, and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series, plus all over her other works I ve read one other book about a sexy Hockey player, and after having read ALEX , I think I m going to make it my mission to read of these types of stories WOW Alex Crossman plays for North Carolina s NHL team the Cold Fury He s the designated bad boy of the team Definitely the best player, but has an attitude that rubs his fellow team mates, managers, and fans the wrong way Alex usually scores the most goals in every game, which deems him the MVP , but fans give him the nickname, Most Valuable Prick He s a professional hockey player, who hates the game itself This is due to having an abusive father who pushed him beyond his limits to be the best at the sport The team s management is looking to improve Alex s reputation He s told he must act as the Cold Fury s spokesman for an anti drug abuse campaign He will be working closely with a counselor at the local Drug Crisis Center Alex is a bit ticked off by being forced into this community service but it s either comply or kiss his career goodbye.Sutton Price is a counselor at the Wake County Drug Crisis Center She s very passionate about her job and excited about her project to start up a new program to help at risk youth throughout the state She knows she will be working closely with Alex on the project but since she s not a hockey fan, she knows nothing about him.As soon as they meet there s an instant attraction Sutton tries to fight it as she thinks it would be unprofessional to get involved with each other Alex has never had any deep feelings for a woman before He tends to stick to women who offer up casual sex.Alex and Sutton will not fight their feelings for each other for too long The sex scenes were insanely hot But there was to their relationship than the amazing sex, they seemed to be a perfect fit and Sutton actually brings light back into Alex life He comes out of his protective shell and begins to socialize with his team mates He even begins to find the passion that he had lost for Hockey.Something has to come along and cause drama for the couple and it will be Alex s old demons from the past I was not a fan of how he handled things with Sutton, but I give her credit for not taking any of his crap and letting him know just what a douche he was being.She s precariously close to becoming my everything, a thought that scares the daylights out of me I m not sure I m ready for that responsibility, particularly not when I have so many ghosts that continue to torture me.This story had several secondary characters that I loved, but my favorite was Garrett, a fellow team mate of Alex s I m anxious to read his book I loved how he helps Alex towards the end and I have to just say that the Epilogue was PERFECT I definitely recommend this one It had a deliciously hot book boyfriend, awesome heroine, and the book was all around an enjoyable read. 4 MVP stars I ve been told many times I need to read Sawyer Bennett, that I would love her stuff Finally, I did it Read my first book by this author I have to say I really enjoyed it I m not a sports fan Not even a little but for some reason, I like books about hockey players There is just something about them Alex is one of those guys thats a straight up bastard and you know those are my favorite kind Alex Crossman is good at hockey No, he s great at hockey One of the best The problem He doesn t give a shit about hockey It s just something he s always been pressured to do his entire life The pressure to be perfect makes him hate the game His hockey team can tell he doesn t care and coach is getting a lot of pressure for him to have a better attitude Alex is mandated to help with a drug awareness program to give his image a makeover That is where he meets Sutton.Sutton Price is the opposite of Alex She s a drug counselor, and even though her job is difficult, she loves it Sutton hasn t had the perfect life either, but she did not let it define her like Alex She rose above it and is a wonderful person and role model When she meets Alex, sparks fly They get along better than expected Alex likes that Sutton calls him out when he does something stupid He likes that she s passionate about her job, that she cares about her kids and her family He likes everything about her Thats never happened to him before Hockey is his only focus Women are just there on the side Sutton is different, and he wants to explore it.For the first time in his life, Alex is actually enjoying playing hockey, starting to care again Sutton is the reason for that changeI like Sutton Price I like her a lot and for probably a million other reasons I probably like her most for the fact that she is getting me to re evaluate the way I look at thingsIt is so out of the norm for Alex, but he s starting to care not only about hockey, but about Sutton too The thing I love most about Sutton is that she doesn t put Alex in this box of hockey player with an attitude She shows him that he is the only person who can decide who he is Not othersDon t fall into the mold that people put you in You are only what you want to be If you want to be mean, be mean If you want to be nice, be nice But don t do it because anyone expects it of you Do it for yourself Alex really cares for Sutton Sutton is falling hard for Alex Alex is conflicted Things from his past that surface make him question if he can ever be in a relationship He s worried his demons will show and drive Sutton away The last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but he can t be away from her either Alex could be a jerk, but he could also be a really great guy I loved seeing how much he grew in this story He was a jerk in the beginning, but turned out to be really sweet and swoony by the end Sutton was a fabulous heroine She was kind, understanding and sweet Almost seemed too perfect at times, but regardless I really liked her Another character I really loved was Garrett I m hoping he gets his own story down the line The ending was perfection Hockey rink and cards I loved it Then the very end the sweetest This was an easy read for the most part There were some emotional moments, but it was a lot of sweet and sexy too.Getting both Alex and Sutton s pov really helped with seeing Alex s struggles and growth I enjoyed this authors writing style I m looking forward to reading of her hockey boys She is the most important person in my life and always will be because she showed me that life is about overcoming struggles and opening yourself up to possibility. ^FREE EPUB ☋ Alex ⇲ Hockey Star Alexander Crossman Has A Reputation As A Cold Hearted Player On And Off The Rink Pushed Into The Sport By An Alcoholic Father, Alex Isn T Afraid To Give Fans The Proverbial Middle Finger, Relishing His Role As The MVP They Love To Hate Management, However, Isn T So Amused Now Alex Has A Choice Fix His Public Image Through Community Service Or Ride The Bench But Alex Refuses To Be Molded Into The Carolina Cold Fury Poster Boy Not Even By A Tempting Redhead With Killer CurvesAs A Social Worker, Sutton Price Is Accustomed To Difficult People Like Alex, Who S Been Assigned To Help Her Create A Drug Abuse Awareness Program For At Risk Youth As Part Of The Team S Effort To Clean Up His Image What She Doesn T Expect Is The Arrogant Smirk From His Perfect Lips To Stir Her Most Heated Fantasies But Sutton Isn T One To Cross Professional Boundaries And Besides, Alex Doesn T Do Relationships Or Does He The She Sees Behind Alex S Bad Boy Facade, The Sutton Craves The Man She Uncovers