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Oh yes So glad I read this book It definitely picks right back up from where the first book ended Love it The chemistry between Amber and Tommy is still unmistakable even after them being apart Oh Dear God, the sex scenes are HOT HOT I need me a man like that, need I sayThe things Tommy shows Amber and wants to show her.WHOA BABY Oh and you get to finally meet that ex of Tommys. Let s just say she shouldn t have messed with Amber s man, that s for sure Sally is everthe flaunter, but that is just who she is And finally finding out who does the beatings to those women was shocking to say the least Now meeting the parents of Tommy they are a complete hoot Who wouldn t love to have parents like that Now I can honestly say I would read this book and definitely read it to get some ideas for the bedroom, if ya know what I mean wink wink I didn t like this second part of Fighting Love SPOILERS After they get married, if feels like an eternity all you have to read just to get to know who the attacker was There are plenty of books in the universe for all kinds of readers, but this particular kind like 50 Shades of Gray where young people have tons of sex just because there s nothing else to write, with men that are excessively controlling and that marry after 4 6 months of knowing each other with young women Is bull crap Thank Gawwwwd it didn t end with a pregnancy because it was just missing that to be a 100% fail Marriage for this kind of couples is an easy exit in books after so very few months of dating.END OF SPOILERS So, nope I didn t like it at all, I don t recommend it If you have just finished reading Pushing Limits, fight against yourself with all your might and create a 2nd part by yourself It will be better than getting disappointed by this That s of course if you didn t like 50 Shades of Gray, like me. @Download ô Pushing Boundaries (Fighting Love, #2) ì The Exciting Conclusion To Pushing Limits Fighting Love BookNew Town New Life Yeah, None Of It Was Easy For Amber Turner, But Meeting Tommy Bolt Changed That He Healed The Old Wounds And Made This Callous, Sarcastic Girl Believe In Love Again Believe That She Could Be Loved For Something Than Just A Prop Or A Mirror Image Of Someone Else That She Could Be Seen, Really Seen, And Loved Despite Her Flaws But One Stupid Mistake And One Huge Misunderstanding Left Her Heart Broken Into Tiny Shards Of Glass After Weeks Of Waiting To Hear From Tommy, She Texts Tommy Asking Him To Let Her Explain She Got Nothing Crickets Nada Not One Text Or Even A Simple Phone Call Telling Her They Were Done Who Does That After Weeks Of Moping, Her Friends Try To Lift Her Spirits And Help Her To Move On, But She Still Struggles With The Memory Of Him That Boyish Smile Complete With Dimples That Come Out To Play, His Hard Body, The Way He Could Make Her Body Sing, And His Sparkling Sapphire Eyes Nothing About Tommy Is Easily Forgotten Amber Is Confronted With New Choices As Some Old Secrets Come Back To Haunt Her, Threatening To Destroy Everything She Ever Believed About Herself Original Blog Post Pushing Boundaries, while answering questions, doesn t really seem like the end to the Fighting Love series To me, Kali Cross has lots of fodder for a fewbooks or a spin off or two Amber and Tommy have their happily ever after no surprise But, along that happy journey, a few surprises crop up Thankfully, they re nothing that could destroy the relationship but do a lot toward making them stronger Tommy is finally able to trust Amber , she swilling to let him take a stronger lead, and she takessteps forward to growing up.Tommy s parents are a dream finally Amber gets to see exactly what a family should be like She now has a terrific support system to get her beyond that scared, hurt place she is hiding behind Though, there are times when they seem to be a littleperfect than true Somehow they don t do a thing wrong even when they seem to be in the wrong, there s an explanation that makes them right Their relationship is maturing, too Tommy showsof his dom personality and slowly introduces Amber to the lifestyle, which she discovers she can get into And she never loses her quirkily unique, strong streak, which I liked a lot Submissive never meant doormat to me.But while the main characters lives get nicely wrapped up, the secondaries have trouble brewing on the horizon Sally is bouncing from one problem to another, Karen and Jerrod are seeing trouble in paradise, and Max is coming home Even Aunt Patty and Professor Stewart have a big something something going on With all of those strings left untied, is this really the end to Fighting Love Note Review copy provided by author. Pushing Boundaries continues the story of Amber and Tommy If you thought Pushing Limits was a cliff hanger, this book picks up where book 1 left off quickly pulling you back into the story I found myself picking up my pom poms and cheering for Amber and Tommy again I like how they reconciled their differences and begin their lives together This book provides hints towards Tommy s dark side, enough to let you know it exists but there has to be a book 3 to elaborate I love all of the characters and enjoy each of their stories, especially Sally She continues to be a firecracker We have yet to meet Tommy s brother, but I d like to see his interaction with Tommy My only regret is that this book ended, and I found myself wanting to knowabout Amber and Tommy Can t wait for the third book in this series I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. First of all Wow Hot, Hot, HOT Now that that is out of my systemKali Cross did not disappoint me in Book 2 although, I have to say, I didn t love book 2 as much as I loved book 1 Tommy and Amber s story, along with the other cast of characters, evolved quite nicely All the characters went through a lot of obstacles, while all fighting for their own true identity This book had family drama, Ex drama, friend drama, political drama, legal drama, money drama, sexuality drama, HOT sex dramaa whole lot of little bits and pieces of drama But through all the little pieces of drama, each character fought to be accepted for who they are, instead of what the people in their lives wanted them to be Trust, loyalty and love helped Tommy, Amber and others find their HEA Thank you to Kali Cross for enlightening me with Tommy and Amber s story I put my iPad down very satisfied from this read, and I look forward to readingabout this cast of charactersandfrom Kali Kali Cross you did it AGAIN This book is amazing I don t like to write reviews that have spoilers in it, so without saying too much I will say the author does an amazing job of details in this book If you like Erotica she hits it dead on This book has suspense, you got meit wasn t until I was 70% through this second book that I realized who did it Well played The bet was my favorite scene in the book, so much I re read it before moving on to the next pages The part with the ex sister in law was my second favorite and had me laughing out loud, made it hard to hide and read since I was at the office working When Karen stated what type of books she read, that was another moment I laughed out loud I look forward to readingbooks from this author I REALLY hope she writes a spin off series about Sally and Aunt Patty Great characters that deserveof their stories to be told to the world A on this book Pushing Boundaries picks up where right where Amber and Tommy left off, rather abruptly in Pushing Limits The two main characters are as strong as in the first book Amber is smart, gutsy and sassy, Tommy is charming and sexy Also continuing is their hot, sexual chemistry Tommy s dominance and Amber s self confidence were a pleasure to read as they explored the beginnings of a journey into BDSM The secondary cast were also strong, with plenty of them and subplots Because of them all, this was sometimes to the detriment of the story feeling rushed because of the quickness of those plots happening.However overall a fun, fast paced story with great characters and a story to keep you reading long after you should have put the book down to read work PLEASE NOTE I was given a free copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review. Pushing Boundaries graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Pushing Boundaries gives us the continuation of Amber Turner and Tommy Bolt s enticing story After reading book one, Pushing Limits, I was enthralled by the storyline This book however fell a little short for me compared to the first The two main characters here are as fierce as ever I love Amber s bold attitude, even when she questions herself it doesn t last long Through the love her friends, Aunt Patty, and especially Tommy she really embraces herself and what she wants Tommy, too, becomes this very bold character through Amber They complement each other so well and their characters really stand out The secondary cast especially Sally and Aunt Patty are great additions as well as Tommy s family Everyone is charismatic, accepting, and gracious Where the book fell short for me was in the plot The first half of the book focuses on Amber and Tommy reconciling and discovering themselves through each other They know they want each other and where their story takes us works so well Everything these two decided on felt real and fresh to me When you know, you know kind of thing happening with them and it worked because of the developments we find out about their past and how they want to proceed with the future However, in the second half of the book after around 40% or so, the plot goes a bit haywire for me There are so many subplots working with secondary characters plus the events going on with the main characters it all became really rushed and jumbled because of the quickness of those plots happening Focusing one or two of those would have made for better development Overall, it s an enticing series Amber s character especially really grabs you from the beginning Hold on tight because she s taking you for quite the journey The fierceness radiating from her allows you to fall for her and believe in her character All of the characters really The open honesty and love from all of them remains something to be cherished They re an outgoing group It s a good read and I d recommend it, especially since I liked the first book so much. Pushing Boundaries picks up from the end of the first book Pushing Limits where Amber is storming out of the club, desperate to get away from Tommy, the boy who broke her heart when he wouldn t listen to her and asked for space which led to him not contacting her for weeks on end But Tommy isn t about to let Amber go and they both want to give the relationship another go However with the evil bitch that is Lily who has been tormenting Amber since she moved there, as well as Amber s mother and the drama that is college life, it s not going to be an easy ride for Amber and Tommy by any means.Having read the first book and enjoyed it, I looked forward to starting the second and it didn t disappoint.Amber is a fierce as ever I loved her strong personality in the first book and she carries on with it in this one as well She is fiery, flirty, confident and doesn t back down A really strong female lead.Tommy is as ever the sexy southern charmer, with a filthy mouth that I love and his dirty side mixed in with his southern charm is one of the best combinations for a very fine book boyfriend When he says the word darlin and I imagine it in the southern accent, I melt a little inside Nothing sexier than a women who knows her own body Sex is a very big part of this story and sometimes too much sex can get a little tedious if it s not meant to be an erotica, however with this book the sex scenes were beyond hot Tommy with his dominant behaviour and Amber with her self confidence made for explosives scenes between the two I loved how they were both so confident with their own bodies and each other My only slight issue was how many times they called each other baby during sex, it felt like it was in nearly every line they spoke to each other and was just a bit too repetitive for me I have a hard on for fine looking women, especially spitfires The plot line was good, it wasn t amazing but was what I expected from this book going in It starts off focusing mainly on Tommy and Ambers relationship and how that develops, like her meeting his family who I absolutely loved and the drama of his ex fianc coming into the picture this author really does conniving, jealous and mean ex s really well and I love a little bitchiness in my books There were other story lines which kept me hooked like everything with Amber s mother and who was attacking the girls at the college I didn t mind these different aspects of the story as they are all what kept it interesting and wanting to keep turning the pages so I could find the answers to the questions See it s a sign of respect and love Sure it s about power, but I want you on your knees because you want to please me and I like it I liked the ending, the last chapter or two were very fast paced and the answers to who was hurting these girls came about very quickly I would have maybe liked an epilogue, just a bitdetail about what happened after everything came to a conclusion.But overall this was a story that was filled with sex, fun, drama and a little suspense which made it a really enjoyable read and I will look out forfrom this author in the future.Bethany