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Very interesting female heroine and this story really starts out with some tension.Jenna is a Fae and due to a nasty male fae who cannot accept no, is kidnapped by rogue wolves to commit crimes for them.Jenna is very smart which I like and gets away but is being slowly killed by iron poisoning She spells for her truemate to save her Enter Logan.Logan is a real sweetie He is chaperoning some young wolves to a dance and on the way home he is drawn to a place and finds Jenna.The rogues keep pursuing Jenna with the bad Fae s help.Likeable characters and the blood bond was different and caused a few problems for poor Jenna.Loved that Karma got Maximus back so neatly and Jenna defended herself well against Jasper.I have read and reviewed these books previously but reviews admitted from the back of books seem to be missing. 3 3.5 starsMild mannered paranormal Hee hee This was an okay readI liked it well enoughthe story was decent and the characters were solid I just didn t LOVE it and I know I will probably never re read it again Definitely not counting out reading from this series and or author, however. I loved it Love the entire series how the writer keeps changing it up by creating unique mates for my sexy wolves The story featured some on the edge suspense with some bad guys out to get the heroine but it also centered around Logan Jenna s relationship some serious changes they were dealt Some insecurities too, I felt My favorite part There were two actually Steamy love scenes were right at the top of that list Butler writes some hot ones The thing I personally enjoy most about her books is that satisfying epilogues are kinda her signature they always leave me with a good feeling So yeah, I m pretty much hooked on R.E Butler books but would ve grabbed this one even if it hadn t been one of hers What s that you say Come on people that cover was damn sexy Just for the record Logan definitely lived up to it too, ya ll So I m glad that Butler is making some new plays by bringing in new supernatural characters Can t go wrong with the Fae, they re so mysterious Who knows what secrets could come up The story was great with a lot of action , conflict stuff going on Hot steamy with lots of action going on there too Biting growling possessiveness The word Mine came up quite a few times Yeah Overall, this was another fantastic read from a gifted writer I m looking forward to what she has in store for me next. Logan Jenna The Wolf s Mate 6 by R.E ButlerJenna Odile planned to spend the eve of her twenty fifth birthday partying with her friends before she cast a spell to find her truemate The last thing Logan Anderson wanted to do with his Saturday evening was watch over the young male wolves in his pack while they attended a dance in hopes of finding their mates.Jenna is kidnapped and shackled in Iron left in the woods presumed dead she has cast her spell for her true mate Logan knows one thing he must find a woman he has never met What comes next is R.E Butler Signature writing style Hold On Having read every book by R.E Butler, I was not let down Fast paced action, hot sex I highly recommend this book 5 STARSPatchescomplimentary book given for a free review juliesbookreview.blogspot.com It was interesting, just not very memorable.Logan and Jenna seemed so sweet but I felt like Logan wasn t very happy with the pack He just wanted somewhere he could belong so he settled He obviously hates his job and doesn t even want to be ranked higher in the pack I would have been happier if he moved to the Fae realm with Jenna I was happier when Jenna FINALLY started doing something productive We all knew she should make soaps but it took for freakin ever for her to start Also, what was the point in giving her a power when she never used it Total letdown I thought about going back and reading this series from the beginning I am sooooo glad I didn t automatically download them The reviews are so awful I m pretty sure I read the best book of the series I never liked how the wolf hierarchy worked in this but it sounds like this pack is a bunch of controlling assholes I was so pissed to read about how Jason was treating Cadence Even if they are wolves that does not mean the she wolves can be raped because they aren t mated What kind of crap is this author writing I thought the mates were to come before anyone else What happened to that This is some effed up crap. This book is different to all of the previous books in the series as it has another supernatural creature in it fae.I really enjoyed the part when Jenna was turning slightlywolfy That was interesting.Jenna s gardensprite was a lovely addition loved when she got annoyed at Logan.Would have liked there to have been sightings of Jenna s wings to have appeared often And for Jenna to have used her fairy power.This was probably my second favourite book of the series. Finally Logan found his mate The rough and tough male covered in tattoos, found the one who could bring him to his knees Jenna, a fairy with the ability to unlock anything that isn t made out of iron, wanted to find her true mate In her time of need she found him in Logan Jenna was betrayed by her ex and given to unlawful wolves She was poisoned and beaten, that s when Logan found her and vowed to take care of the ones who did her harm It had many ups and downs, but the end was beautiful I love this series I can t wait to read the next book That is what I am talking about This book was everything wonderful I knew this series could be Loved it to pieces Logan is so sweet and dominant at the same time I love a big man who sports tattoos Jenna is such a sweetheart that you love her from the start I adore that the ladies in this series are not weepy doormats The story this time really carried through the book from begging to end It was beautifully paced and never lagged It was great the story had peaks and climactic moments than pervious books The series is really growing.The steam factor is uber yummy Hot and heavy action keeps a gal fanning herself for a good portion of the book Can t fault a girl for plentiful loving The end is a real teaser and I can not wait to see what is next for the pack Who will be next to find there mate Perhaps Teller will track his down, maybe Ben will serve his up or can we expect to see Lindy mellow out when the right fella comes along to take her in hand So many wonderful possibilities Kudos, Ms Butler you definitely have me hooked Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge through for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own. ^E-PUB ☞ Logan & Jenna (The Wolfs Mate, #6) ↿ Jenna Odile Planned To Spend The Eve Of Her Twenty Fifth Birthday Partying With Her Friends Before She Cast A Spell To Find Her Truemate Before She Can, She S Captured By A Group Of Criminally Minded Werewolves Who Want To Use Her Fae Abilities To Commit Crimes Poisoned And Left For Dead, She Used The Last Of Her Strength To Cast The Spell For Her Truemate, Hoping That He Would Find Her Before It Was Too LateThe Last Thing Logan Anderson Wanted To Do With His Saturday Evening Was Watch Over The Young Male Wolves In His Pack While They Attended A Dance In Hopes Of Finding Their Mates As The Night Wore On, He Began To Feel Compelled To Leave, And His Instincts Led Him To Race Into The Woods At The Side Of The Highway In The Darkness Of The Woods, He Finds A Woman Near Death, Who Begs Him To Protect Her Now, Nothing Is Important Than Helping Her Get Well He Ll Deal With Those Who Hurt Her Later This Story Contains A Male Werewolf With A Dark Past, A Fairy Who Can T Wait To Find Her Truemate, And The Betrayal That Brings Them Together Features Hot Werewolf Fairy Loving, Mythical Creatures, Full Moon Madness, And Lots Of Neck Biting