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My first book on famous five Oh, wait might be my first long page book i read Eindeutig mein Favorit bisher von der H rspielreihe Nr 3 statt 18 Ich hatte diese Folge auch nie geh rt in meiner Kindheit Die Amerikaner sind einfach super gesprochen mit diesem bertriebenen Dialekt wahnsinnig witzig Das Abenteuer selbst ist auch geheimnisvoll und spannend bis zum Ende 07.08.2018 [Read Book] ♴ Five on Finniston Farm ♏ Amazing Ebook, Five On Finniston Farm Author Enid Blyton This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Five On Finniston Farm, Essay By Enid Blyton Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Hmmm, it wasn t even a mystery No danger, no crooks, no fun Also, I didn t enjoy the side characters. This one was pretty anti Americans and some of the voice acting is awful, but the adventure is quite fun if you can get past those two things The five go to stay on a farm where they meet the twins and a young American boy called Junior Junior is a brat and the five dislike the American and his father instantly as it turns out they are here trying to buy the farmland and to claim any leftover treasure from the ruin which is on the land.Naturally the five can t stay out of anything and they end up trying to uncover what treasures there are around, and they also recruit the twins into their adventure 2 s These books Famous five are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood All those adventures and mystery and those sandwiches they always packed aww, just the best I would love to read one of these again To bring back those memories..memories of first experiences with reading books. Another in the excellent Five series by the legendary Enid Blyton Number 18 in the set sees George, Anne, Dick, Julian and Timmy off to stay at Finniston farm, a farm that is struggling with money and has had to take in borders The children help all they can, but they are baulked by Junior and his Pops, Americans who are intent on snapping up items of historical significance to take back to America.While this book has less action in it than others, it is still an exciting, quick read We get to see the generosity of the children, in helping the family, especially the overworked mother We get exciting and historical discoveries down in the tunnels, and a nice bit of detective work we also get to see them befriend the twins, who do not like strangers and wish to help their mother also.I love old grandad in this story, and his holding onto the past Perhaps that is what I do when I pick up one of Enid s books, this one a well loved dog eared copy But Grandad is proven right, that hostory can help those in the present, and that is another reason I so love these books They are a piece of my history, and the history of those who owned and loved them before me as every one of them came to me second hand.Another great Enid Blyton book Parents, get your kids reading them to remember a simpler time, and possibly get them hungry for dinner I salivate every time I read about those darn macaroons at the bakery, and I ve never even eaten one Diet Famous Five anyone Famous Five Zero No Not quite the same tempo as her other books, I think the middle must have fallen out The famous five are on some weird diet in this one too, not the usual gargantuan stuffing of faces Sarah Green reads brilliantly but it s Jan Francis who has the voices the same as they are in my head when it comes to audio versions A small beige chunk of Famous Five fun but it Finniston a high note By book 18 Blyton is revisiting various themes and motifs In fact you could probably construct this story fairly well using chunks from the other books.We have yet another girl who dresses as a boy to rival challenge George s early transgender leanings.We have twins In a sign of the times we learn that Harry Harriett has cut her hair short to mimic twin Harry Henry because it would be crazy for Harry to have long hair instead It seems that the 30s 40s were rather tolerant of girls wanting to be boys, and wholly against boys wanting to be girls We have homespun archaeology of the sort that the TV series Time Team thoroughly undermined Anyone who has seen various barely identifiable relics pried from the mud in actual archaeological digs will find it hard not to roll their eyes at Blyton s hidden tunnels and pristine swords.We have an extra dog for Timmy and a tame bird a jackdaw for finding clues both of which have featured before.We have farmhouse cuisine with salads fit for kings and ripe plums presumably considered a delicacy since they were a succulent fruit that grew in the UK at a time when imports were rare and oranges were for Christmas.We have objectionable Americans, brash and overly rich, set on buying up our history without any appreciation for it If you look a little harder at Blyton s hate on for Americans, even the specific one who stands in for baddy in this book it seems hard to find anything actually unreasonable there The American s crime really boils down to having money and offering it to a farmer in need of money, in free exchange for things that farmer ownsAnyway, the five befriend the twins, freeze out and then persecute the American boy, and finally spend all of an afternoon uncovering the hidden underground portion of the castle that is known to lie on the farm grounds but that nobody has ever found And once inside the miraculously preserved Norman chambers that have stood there for nearly a thousand years, they find unrusted arms and suits of armour they sound like plate mail, but I am pretty sure the Normans wore chain mail and that if this really was kept, and left, underground then it would now be a brownish stain in the layered soil that had long ago filled the void And of course there are gold coins and jewels.One thing that interests me in these books is the finances I have the strong impression that at some point the prices of goods and the sums offered on various occasions, have been updated to avoid the purchase of a new tractor for 20 of 1950s cash But that the editions I have are now so old that the updated sums are also nonsense, sitting in a twilight world applicable neither to the original book nor the time in which it is now read I feel they should have left the money untouched, even if it means flicking a sixpence at the children and telling them to buy lunch for them all then bring back the change.Anyway, another installment in the saga of the un aging five and their bucolic adventures before the day finally comes when they finally do grow up and fall into their upper middle class lives of privilege.Celyn seemed to enjoy it well enough.Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes. The Famous Five books gets the It was OK rating due to that they were among the books that made me a reader in the first place They were soon replaced by Alistair MacLean and the Bond novels, but did provide a stepping stone I remember this being my favorite cover, but that I found the story a bit uneventful.