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Free Ebook ♶ Mark (New American Commentary) ♷ THE NEW AMERICAN COMMENTARY Is For The Minister Or Bible Student Who Wants To Understand And Expound The Scriptures Notable Features Include Commentary Based On THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION The NIV Text Printed In The Body Of The Commentary Sound Scholarly Methodology That Reflects Capable Research In The Original Languages Interpretation That Emphasizes The Theological Unity Of Each Book And Of Scripture As A Whole Readable And Applicable Exposition This was a required text for my class on The Gospel of Mark.This was a helpful and mostly interesting commentary It points out a lot of awkwardness and seeming inconsistencies in the text of Mark, but helps to explain that away On occasion, the explanations were dismissive, as if the problems they were pointing out wouldn t be huge stumbling blocks to some people Ultimately, this book opened up a deeper understanding of Mark and raised a lot of questions This is definitely a good source for studying Mark. Mark New American Commentary by James A Brooks