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!READ EPUB ☧ Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World ☪ A True Force For Change, Gary Hirshberg Has Been At The Forefront Of Movements Working For Environmental And Social Transformation ForYears From His Early Days As An Educator And Activist To His Current Position As President And CE Yo Of Stonyfield Farm, The World S Largest Organic Yogurt Company, Hirshberg S Positive Outlook Has Inspired Thousands Of People To Recognize Their Ability To Make The World A Better PlaceIn Stirring It Up, Hirshberg Calls On Individuals To Realize Their Power To Effect Change In The Marketplace The Power Of One While Proving That Environmental Commitment Makes For A Healthier Planet And A Healthier Bottom Line Drawing From HisYears Experience Growing Stonyfield Farm From ACow Start Up, As Well As The Examples Of Like Minded Companies, Such As Newman S Own, Patagonia, Wal Mart And Timberland, Hirshberg Presents Stunning Evidence That Business Not Only Can Save The Planet, But Is Able To Simultaneously Deliver Higher Growth And Superior Profits As WellHirshberg Illustrates His Points With Practical Information And Advice, As Well As Engaging Anecdotes From What He Calls The Bad Old Days Of His Yogurt Company How A Power Outage Left Him Milking Cows By Hand, How A Dumpster Fire Revealed The Need For Better Packaging, And His Camel Manure Taste Test Challenge To A Local Shock Jock He Also Describes Hands On Grassroots Marketing Strategies Printing Yogurt Lids With Provocative, Politically Charged Messages, Handing Out Thousands Of Free Samples To Subway Commuters To Thank Them For Using Public Transit, And Devising The Country S First Organic Vending Machine Explaining How These Approaches Make A Much Powerful Impact On Consumers Than Traditional AdvertisingAn Inspiring Book For Business Owners And Managers As Well As Anyone Interested In Saving The Environment, Stirring It Up Demonstrates How Companies Can Work To Save The Planet, While Achieving Greater Profits And Satisfaction, And How We Can All Use The Power Of Conscious Consumption To Encourage Green Corporate Behavior A hopeful and uplifting book about Hirshberg and Stonyfield s philosophies on organic farming, sustainability, environmental stewardship, and making money Hirshberg tells, by way of targeted anecdotes, the story of Stonyfield yoghurt and the why and how of its rise In addition, he gives overviews of the approaches that other environmentally conscious companies are taking to reduce their impact on the world and just generally do good.It s a little shorter than it could ve been I d ve liked to seedetails in some of the stories and still left me confused about a point or two For example, it s not abundantly clear why Hirshberg prefers non recyclable plastic containers which are light to traditional recyclable ones Nevertheless, it passes the Hippopottoman 5 Star Test while reading it, I kept yammering to my wife about the contents. I would highly recommend reading this book Gary Hirshberg goes into great detail explaining how businesses can becomeprofitable by protecting the environment and promoting social justice I agree with his idea that encouraging businesses to work sustainably is the best thing we can do to move towards a world which is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable If a business can makemoney by being socially responsible, why wouldn t they do this He gives great examples from many different businesses who are doing great things to reduce their environmental impact The one thing I found a bit troublesome for me personally is that some of the examples he uses are from businesses such as Walmart which other people have brought to task for the things they have done wrong He only talks about the ways in which they are moving forward without ever acknowledging the other areas where they need to improve I guess it is a good thing that Walmart is trying to reduce their environmental impact and save energy and it should be encouraged, but I am still going to spend my money with other companies like Hirshberg s Stonyfield Farm which are not only working towards environmental sustainability, but also are interested in promoting a socially just world. A good read, and if I could give this a 3.5 I would, but sometimes there s a bit of dissonance between Hirshberg s praise of Walmart s efforts in organics, and the kind of labor ethics that he and his partner put in to starting their own business I wish there had been a littlefocus on the labor side as a whole.While there were countless analogies about his and Sam Kaymen s development of the company, the book largely focuses on Stoneyfield s later efforts rather than the principles which started their work the New Alchemy Institute is mentioned in some detail but given the fact that Hirshberg was its executive director at one point, this book leaves the reader wanting.All this aside, in each chapter you will find fresh ideas for how to further improve the sustainability of your business, how corporate models can be reframed and retooled to improve the lives of supplier s as well as the general public, and where these kinds of ideas can go in the future I have no doubt of Hirshberg s commitment to the principles he espouses while simultaneously working through the stark realities of American capitalism and definitely plan to read his other work in the future. I would liken this book to Extreme Home Makeover for big businesses going green It made me a bit teary in the the world can actually change if we all just work together kind of way This book was written by the CE Yo of Stonyfield Farm yogurt company Since I actually buy this product on a fairly regular basis, it was great to know how much thought goes into their product and business The author makes a case for the idea that large businesses should to be the first to step up to the plate when it comes to going green They simply havemoney to invest, and in the end will get a much greater profit That s the thing going green isexpensive in the beginning, but muchprofitable in the end You go, CE Yo Go green, I mean. I found Hirshberg s tale of eco minded business and the bottom line both entertaining and informative There was information about the development of Stonyfield Farm though not as much as in For Better or For Work A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families , but the best part of this book was the profiles of other companies Hirshberg thinks are doing things right Honest T, the guys making worm poop fertilizer, and New Belgium Brewery were my favorite profiles I learned a lot about packaging issues, cows, and the importance of mission statements. This book was essentially a series of case studies of ways businesses have been able to be profitable while still being smart in how they protect the earth The Eco evangelism in the beginning wore on me, but eventually he toned it down What s missing from his book is how to initiate this kind of change in a business mentality Merely suggesting that businesses should do it and pointing to those that have, isn t quite enough to change a business mindset though money does often do all the talking in a business setting It was fun that the author is from NH and referenced a few places I knew of. ,, , , , , , , , , , , im really struggling to finish this book, and at the time of writing this review am about 3 5s through, but even a bad book I always try to finish it to least learn something from itbut this is boring and just a bit crap to be frankApplicable to big level businesses vs the average biz owner, as all the case studies keep referring to like brands and businesses like walmarttimberland..etci honestly dont see the point of this book..it popped up as a recommended book on one of my purchases onand i thought what the heck lets check it out but even if am perhaps the wrong audience for this book, i still think the audience it was or is intended for isn t given justice, with very vague scratching of the surface and general overview of the goodness of going green, but again how the average reader would relate or even need this info im not sureon a personal note and opinion, when it comes to climate change this authors NAIVE outlook of how big business and corporations can dofor our planet and listen to Al Gore s BS and propaganda should really take a closer look that guys very own big business and corporations research the lies and truth behind climate change, and follow real alternative media that covers all the facts my preference infowars.comas always thats my 2 cents, as a dscilaimer i havent finished the book at the time of writing this review, however, if i have anything to add in a positive light i ll come back and do so if i do finish this book, otherwise my review stands as my final answer lolWaseem Mirzahttp www.WaseemMirza.net I m slowly becoming convinced that green business can help save he world though not save the world entirely as Hirshberg seems to believe My main criticism of green capitalism business is that it ignores one of the problems at the root of the environmental crises consumption While I suppose it would be easier to change what people buy rather than how much, it is the second one that needs to be changed the most Still, it was nice to see that there were viable and successful businesses out there that seethan just the monetary bottom line.