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!Download Pdf ⚔ The Silent Girl ☦ Um Corpo Desmembrado E Vest Gios De Um Animal Junto S Feridas Esta A Misteriosa Morte Que Rizolli E Isles T M De Resolver H Alguns Anos, Naquelas Mesmas Ruas Da Chinatown De Boston, Teve Lugar Um Massacre Nunca Deslindado E Uma Das Sobreviventes Manteve At Hoje O Sil Ncio, Por Medo Mestre Em Artes Marciais, Esta Mulher A Chave Para A Resolu O De Mais Um Crime Mas Conseguir A Dupla De Investigadoras Convenc La A Falar Adaptado Ao Pequeno Ecr , Rapariga Silenciosa Um Daqueles Livros Que, Entre O Medo E A Curiosidade, N O Vai Conseguir Parar De Ler The Silent Girl is book 9 in the Rizzoli Isles series and I think this book maybe one of the best in the series Usually the deeper into a series you get the quality of writing and story plots gets worse but not this time While I believe for the most part this series should be read in order The Silent Girl can be read as a stand alone and you would still enjoy it just as much The Silent Girl has little of everything action, family secrets, Chinese American history and strong fearless women A must read Detective Jane Rizzoli and ME Maura Isles are called to a crime scene in Chinatown where a severed hand was found in an alley that eventually led to a female corpse on the rooftop of one of the adjacent buildings Clues are scarce but eventually lead them to a 19 year old case where five people died in an apparent murder suicide at a restaurant there in Chinatown Also connected are two teenaged girls who are tied to the victims and disappeared shortly before and after the massacre I was drawn into this story from the first chapter, which, consistent with every other book in this series, presents a scene that has no apparent context initially There are quite a few dangling fragments from multiple events, each compelling on their own, but when connected make for quite the delicious cocktail I had to pay attention to details, esoteric clues that were not particularly meaningful in the moment but when later attached to those dangling fragments, start to bring form and substance to this puzzle There are lots of red herrings you have to sift through as well but they re not obvious and do have some relevance This was a really great story that wrapped its tentacles around me and wouldn t let go Another new narrator, Tanya Eby, who delivered another excellent performance What s odd about that constant change is that each of them have been consistent in their capture of Jane and Maura I find that as remarkable as this story I m thrilled that the series continues to be so very, very good. Everybody was kung fu fighting I like this book better than the rest Some kick ass vigilantes are starring and I love learning about Asian myth and culture. I think I ve read all of Tess Gerritsen s books, and this may be her best yet By using her Asian heritage and over the top humor and risks, she s produced a book that has almost a graphic novel feel, but sits well on her Rizzoli Isles shelf at the same time.After finding a dead woman with a severed hand on the roof of a building, Rizzoli Isles find themselves following an invisible killer out of Chinese folklore and an equally invisible and implacable hero from the same source The dead woman seems to connect to a nineteen year old Chinatown case, too, and Rizzoli finds herself suddenly the outsider trying to finesse the culture that doesn t want to invite her in to do her usual job.Gerritsen uses a separate first person POV for the first time I can remember, and handles the changing voices so fluently that many readers may not even notice She also introduces Johnny Tam, an Asian cop on the Boston PD, who will probably be a continuing characterpossibly in two identities Gerritsen has taken new chances with this book, and they all work I look forward to seeing her expanded cast of characters again soon. Why has it taken me so long to get back to this series am asking myself the question Tess Gerritsen is the madam of this genre she has all the right moves to keep the reader glued to every page.The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen was a very atmospheric read Set in China Town a young woman is found in an ally with her hand missing decapitated Jane Rizzoli enlists the help of Johnny Tam to help find out how she died as he knew the ins outs of the China Town district Years earlier a mass killing happened at the Red Phoenix leading the investigation detective Ingersoll, now retired looks into both cases at the same time two young girls who were well educated disappeared at the same time Are they dead Or did the just disappear know one knows.As the case develops detective Tam Rizzoli take in Iris Fang for questioning her husband was killed in the Red Phoenix case both Rizzoli tam think she knows than she is telling them As they both go deeper deeper Detective Ingersoll turns up dead that s when both will stop at nothing to find out who killed one of their own.I though this was very dark read by Gerritsen it takes you into the corrupt side of gangs a must read for all Gerritsen fans The Silent Girl is book nine in the Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen Detective Jane Rizzoli and her partner Detective Frost caught a case in China Town A body was found on the top of a restaurant that has been closed for twenty years after five people were killed At first Detective Jan Rizzoli and Detective Frost thought this case was straightforward and easy to finish However, this was not the case The readers of The Silent Girl will continue to follow the twists and turns in Detective Jane Rizzoli and Detective Frost investigation into the death of the young women.I enjoy reading The Silent Girl The Rizzoli and Isles series is fantastic series I do like Tess Gerritsen writing style and the way Tess Gerritsen describes her plots and portrays her characters The Silent Girl did start slowly However, once you got past the first couple of chapters, you will enjoy reading this book Tess Gerritsen did a great job in combining the twenty five year old murder case with the present day murders Readers of The Silent Girl will learn about Chinese legends and superstitions Also, the problems that law enforcement have when investigating a murder in China Town The Silent Girl highlights the problems and consequences for everyone involved with sexual assault on children.I recommend this book. All day I have been watching the girl.What an impressive opening line the best crime starts with a great hook, and this one drags you straight in by the hair.When a hand is found in a Chinatown alley in downtown Boston, Geritsen s brilliant detective Jane Rizzoli climbs to a nearby rooftop and finds the hand s owner a woman whose throat has been slashed so deeply that her head is severed The murder of this woman with no ID links to a horrifying murder suicide that happened nineteen years earlier in a Chinatown restaurant Pathologist Maura Isles makes a break in the case, a break that leads Rizzoli to link the deaths of the five people in the restaurant to the deaths of many Chilling, eminently believable, this book is deeply satisfyingly complex, touching on ancient Chinese myth and legend, antiquities and family honour.With a double twists that you will NOT see, The Silent Girl ticks all the boxes to make it brilliant crime fiction, a book that will resonate long after you put it down.For crime writers I was immediately struck in the first page of this book what a consumate professional Tess Geritsen is she establishes time, location character in one sweep, creating a picture as precise as a crime scene photo We are watching a girl..She looks younger than the others, but perhaps it s because she s Asian and petite at seventeen, just a wisp of a girl Her black hair is cropped short as a boy s, and her blue jeans are ragged and torn.We are right there with the watcher, seeing this girl, hearing the sounds of the street, feeling darkness fall Shwoing not telling at its very very best This is a must read As Lee Child says Suspense doesn t get smarter than this. 4.5 This is a riveting mystery that I found hard to put down I read it in two days It starts with the discovery of a severed hand and a gun in an alley, and then a body w o a hand on a roof The dead woman was dressed in black and had no id all suggesting a professional killer The car belonging to the dead woman is found and it has a handheld GPS with two addresses a martial arts academy in Chinatown and a retired Boston police detective, Lou Ingersoll Detectives Rizzoli and Frost soon find links to a mass shooting that happened 19 tears ago It was closed out as a murder suicide Dr Maura Isles, Boston M.E., helps reopen the 19 year case by reviewing the case and finding discrepancies Rizzoli and Frost start to ask questions and the puzzle just gets difficult I kept reading and , wanting answers The case is resolved with a very satisfactory ending This is book 9 in the series.There are side plots in the book, family issues with Jane Rizzoli s mom and police hostility towards Dr Isles, whose testimony helped convict a Boston cop of murder.One humorous quote What the heck is a venture capitalist, anyway said Frost I think they use money to make money Jane said But how do you get the money to start with From friends who have it.I gotta get me some new friends If you watch the tv series, you will like the books There are differences between the two and there are developments that carry through the book series, so they work better if read in order Tess Gerritsen made a cameo appearance on the tv show a few months ago My wife and I like both the tv book series.This was a library book. I was a little concerned before I started to read The Silent Girl, that now that I ve been watching Rizzoli and Isles, I d picture the actress as opposed to the picture I had made in my mind of Jane, Frost, and Maura I m glad that when I started reading, my character s that I see in my head were still firmly there I enjoyed the book very much I liked learning about China Town and Chinese legends Jane hasn t changed much Maura s a mess IT seems to me, that this many books into the series, or a series of books, the author no longer has to delve too deeply into the main character s personality traits, they ve already been firmly established in the readers mindsso by the time you ve read The Surgeon and The Apprenticeyou know Jane pretty well, what motivates her and all that, so this far into the series, it s about the case, and they aren t quite as meaty as the earlier books where you re getting so much information about the main character s I kind of miss that But, Tess Gerritsen leads Rizzoli and Frost on another merry chase, and I had a good time trying to figure out what the hell was going on, yet again