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!Download Pdf ☭ The Hollow Land ♖ The Barren, Beautiful Cumbrian Fells Provide The Bewitching Setting For The Adventures Of Bell And Harry, Two Children Who Find Enchanting Wonder At Every Turn, As They Explore THE HOLLOW LAND Everyday Challenges Give A Daring Edge To This Rural Work And Play There Are Ancient Mysteries To Explore And Uncover, Like The Case Of The Egg Witch, And Everyone Is Curious About The Household Name, A Wildly Famous Londoner Moving In To The Jewel Of The Territory, Light Trees Farm With Painterly Ease, Jane Gardam S Stories Fly With A Marvelous Spirit That Will Delight Readers Of All Ages A magical book about friendship and love of the countryside and country life in this case, in Cumbria, UK I just finished and would be happy to start reading it again right now. Masterful So masterful and at the same time tightly succinct These chapters are short stories within themselves, but all related to a place in Yorkshire s fells and the group of families that live there This is alive with such power of exuberance amidst exact characterization and tone, that I would give it the 6th star I doubted that I would ever like any Jane Gardam work as much as I liked Old Filth, but this 1981 does it This was written to approach a child audience of just preteen Why does it not surprise me that Jane does not underestimate the intelligence or emotional nuance to neighbor and community that exists in kids There is NO dumb down here.The dialect is poetic The ending with the eclipse viewed by the Standards, just sublime.Oh what a joyous place and it s for very reasons like these that I love and find a cottage in the country by the water There are many terms I needed to investigate here in these conversations, like beck That s another thing, Jane Gardam teaches me something with every chapter Her style is magical and her people just depths Depths in which kindness or chat chic is never missing.Strongly recommend this read for a summer peaceful place. I adored this short novel set in former mining country hollowed out with old mines of North Yorkshire Folksy and gently humorous, it focuses on two boys, one a local farmer s son and one a London boy, son of a journalist, who visits for the summers The locals are colorful and well meaning and the boys adventures are sometimes dangerous but always turn out ok They grow up and live their lives in this plain place that Gardam has made magical. Jane Gardam is good, but either I read this too fast or the book is just differently paced enough from her other work that I wasn t as in love with it as her other novels Still, Gardam does a good job writing a novel. Leider es muss klar gesagt werden Dieses Buch gef llt mir nicht Nat rlich ist es gut geschrieben, das ist bei einer Autorin wie Jane Gardam wohl selbstverst ndlich, aber ach wo sind die ber hrenden, die komischen, die zur Selbstreflektion anregenden Entwicklungen der Trilogie um Old Filth , wo sind die guten Stories aus Privilege Hill wo ist die geliebte grande dame der englischen Literatur nur hier noch zu finden Die nur sehr lose zusammenh ngenden Erz hlungen um Hollow Land, einem Landstrich zwischen Lake District und den Yorkshire Dales, kommen reichlich verstaubt daher und muten wie Serienunterhaltungslekt re aus einem Urlaubermagazin an Und auch die sonst doch sehr guten bersetzungen der Isabel Bogdan k nnen hier nicht durchweg berzeugen, insbesondere die bertragung des Dialekts der Dorfbewohner konnte nicht zufriedenstellend der Hochsprache der st dtischen Urlauber gegen bergestellt werden.Jane Gardam hat mit diesem Buch 1981 den bekannten Whitbread Award heute Costa Book Award gewonnen, allerdings in der Rubrik Kinderbuch , das erkl rt manches Dass der deutsche Hanser Verlag dies nicht kennzeichnet, ist ein Vers umnis ich bleibe zuk nftig jedenfalls beim englischen Original. 3.5 Sterne Die Ausschnitte aus der Freundschaft zwischen Bell und Harry und deren Familien haben mir sehr gefallen Vor allem, weil sie mich an meine eigene Kindheit haben denken lassen Leider, ist der Funke nicht ganz so bergesprungen und meine eigene Nostalgie hat dem ganzen einen kleinen D mpfer gegeben.Jedes Kapitel erz hlt eine Episode aus der besagten Freundschaft, die sich ber mehrere Jahre erstreckt Dabei geht es nicht nur um die gemeinsamen Abenteuer die Kinder erleben, sondern auch, um die Dynamik innerhalb der Dorfgemeinschaft Es werden die Eigenheiten der St dter und Landbewohner portr tiert, samt der anf nglichen Schwierigkeiten in der Kommunikation und Weltanschauung Mit der Zeit zeigen sich auch die Konflikte der Generationen, die aber eine gemeinsame Basis haben und den Zusammenhalt verdeutlichen.Mit knapp 200 Seiten schafft es Jane Gardam mich ber zehn Jahre j nger werden zu lassen und trotzdem in eine ganz andere Welt zu entf hren. FROM MY BLOG Eight year old Bell Teesdale watches with wonder when a family of Londoners talking South arrive to rent his parents farm house There s not owt for em here What s use of a farm to them Just for sitting in Never a thing going on The visitors get off to a rocky start with their summer landlords the older visitors do, that is, but not their 5 or 6 year old son Harry When the Batemans are about to cancel their vacation because they find the sounds of haying too noisy, Bell watches the younger boy I sees this little lad, Harry, looking out of his bedroom window and I catches his eye And somehow I know he s all right, this one, London boy or not I know he understands how we have to make all this racket to see hay cut ahead of rain The boys become fast friends, the Batemans end up staying and returning year after year and the ensuing stories revolve about the boys friendship and adventures, as they age year by year, into their early teens Diligent followers of my blog will recall that, in 2012, my niece and I hiked some 70 miles through England s Lake District We climbed fells, jumped over becks, walked beside tarns, crossed meadows, and enjoyed the rain We talked to other hikers we exchanged pleasantries with innkeepers What we didn t do is talk to the folks who lived in the Lake District and who made their living from pursuits other than tourism.Maybe in the Lake District, everyone makes his living from tourism I don t know But I now know something of how folks live in Westland, the former county now absorbed into Cumbria immediately to the east of the Lake District After reading a laudatory review in the New York Times book section, I purchased and have just finished reading Jane Gardam s achingly beautiful collection of stories entitled The Hollow Land, published in 1981 in England and now published in America.Most of the stories have the shadow of a plot being trapped in a mine the title refers to how the village and the Teesdales farmland, rising up into the fells to the east, are built over a honeycomb of abandoned silver mines visiting a scary old woman who sells eggs the Egg Witch listening with a combination of scepticism and fear to local ghost stories, while outside the English rains beat down without mercy a long bike ride and hike through bitter cold, at Bell s urgent insistence, to behold a wondrous display of icicles, icicles that raise philosophical questions in the youngsters minds a run in with gypsies, who prove scarier by reputation than they are in person But these plotlines serve primarily as devices for the author to describe with intensity and in detail the awe inspiring beauty and the eccentric characters of the inhabitants of this corner of Westland She shows, without editorializing, how city dwellers including the Batemans, until they become acclimated zoom through life in a daze, failing to observe the wonders about them that are so obvious to the shepherds and farmers of the countryside Not even professed lovers of nature trail hikers are exempt from Bell s boyish scornThey walk in clumps great fat orange folk with long red noses and maps in plastic cases flapping across their stomachs Transisters going sometimes too, and looking at nowt before them but their own two feet I think back over my own hikes in Britain I can only hope I seemed different But it s not just the beauty of nature that Londoners ignore, and it s not only how the land serves harmoniously to raise crops and graze sheep and cows What is equally important to the families who live here and whose ancestors have lived here from time immemorial is the history they have inherited And if the history at times includes questionable horrors and terrifying ghosts the combination of history and legend and folk tale is a force that binds them to the soil and to each otherMrs Teesdale and Mrs Bateman set out for the antique shop about half past two It was only a few miles over Stain, over the wonderful old road the Greeks and Celts and Romans and Vikings, Angles, Saxons, and the odd Jute had used before them adventurously Ghost upon ghost haunts this road from Greta Bridge, where a spirit got caught under a stone and twice they ve had to put her back to the blue ghost you can see sometimes on bright sunny afternoons near Bowes, the wife of a Saxon lord still wearing her Saxon dress, but without her head to the white ghost near the old mines who walks quietly in her apron Londoners may have their transistors and their holidays on Spanish beaches what they have lost is the richness of a life unself consciously enmeshed in history and in nature.The final chapter jumps ahead twenty years to 1999, when Bell and Harry have become adults, and when the flow of petroleum has for unstated reasons dried up Horses, railroads, and steam engines are again of critical importance But the paradise of the Teesdales world is threatened by a figure who represents all that endangers the family s happiness and their orderly world selfishness, rapacity, and an unthinking hunger for mineral wealth that gladly and willingly sacrifices both history and nature. Das Buch flutscht naja, au erdem ist es auch nicht so dick Aber ich liebe einfach Jane Gardam und es ist immer eine Freude und ein Genuss etwas von ihr zu lesen. Jane Gardam is a doyenne of British literature, better known there than in the U.S Her writing career is now over she s in her late eighties but what a grand career it s been Arguably among the best contributions in 20th century English literature is her trilogy Old Filth Filth means Failed in London, tried Hong Kong it s a masterpiece on relationships among a group of Brits and on British culture during and after WWII Gardam s ability to put you into the thoughts and feelings of her characters is her best quality, enhanced by just magnificent writing OK, enough of the sales pitch The Hollow Land, a short 1982 novel, won the Whitbread Prize for Children s Literature, but don t dare let that turn you off The main protagonists are two young boys in a rural Cumbrian mining community mined areas are hollow land Filled with deserted houses as well as beauty, peace, and quiet, their little part of Britain is fast becoming a peaceful summer place for urban folk The Batemans are the latest of the urban swarm they arrive to rent one of the local houses, a house called Light Trees Light Trees is an extra house owned by the Teesdales, who have farmed the remote area since before elves planted gold Just up the road, at the end of the lane, is another house called Dark Trees.The first meeting of the families is a disaster Mr Bateman is a writer who is there for the quiet The first full day and night are ruined by clanking farm machinery and shouting voices as the Teesdales reap their hay crop rain is predicted and the crop must be brought in or be ruined The meeting of the cultures is unpleasant but very British no FU s shouted, no punches thrown An angry Mr Bateman decides to take his family back to London forthwith in his search for peace But during that brief episode of family tumult, eight year old Bell Teesdale and five year old Harry Bateman have made contact, sparking a lifelong relationship The precocious boys develop a plan to forestall disaster each will find a way to demonstrate to his parents that the other family has apologized Success Visits are made, amity is restored So begins a sweet novel about being young and discovering that although not everyone is like you they can still be likeable The book is less a novel that a series of vignettes detailing some episode in their joint life of the Batemans and Teesdales My favorite among many is titled The Household Word, in which a famous television interviewer visits with her eleven year old very sulky daughter A surprise ending begins a generations long meshing of the Bateman and the Teesdale families As the book regrettably ends, we are aware that there is a real life for all of us, and its not found in material things its called family At least in Britain My advice Read Jane Gardam The Hollow Land is a perfect appetizer, Old Filth is the perfect entr e, and dessert is the rest of the Old Filth Trilogy The Man with the Wooden Hat and Last Friends, in that order Five stars