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Brilliant Great recipes that truly represent the unique qualities of various squash Delicious and nutritious Lovely photos. #DOWNLOAD É The Everyday Squash Cook æ Pumpkin Seeds Are Loaded With Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin E And Healthy OilsOne Medium Sized Zucchini Has As Much Potassium As An Average Banana, And Than A Cup Of Fat Free MilkCucurbitacins, Found In Many Types Of Squash, Are Powerful Antioxidants And Anti Inflammatories There Is Promising Research, Too, Supporting Their Anticancer PropertiesCanned Pumpkin Has Than % Of The Recommended Daily Value Of Vitamin A In Less Than One Cup, Than Nearly Any Other Natural FoodPumpkin, Butternut, Acorn, Pattypan, Zucchini, Kabocha, Hubbard, Spaghetti The Variety Of Squashes Is Only Surpassed By The Number Of Ways You Can Enjoy Their Taste And Nutritional Benefits Forget The Mushy Side Dish You May Be Accustomed To Eating At Holiday Dinners You Can Make Delicious Sundae Toppings, Pancakes, Muffins, Breads, Soups, Dips, Risotto, Burgers, Casseroles And An Incredibly Easy Butternut Bacon That You Ll Want To Eat Every DayFeaturing Than Recipes From Morning To Night, The Everyday Squash Cook Also Includes Tips On Handling, Cutting And Storing Squash And A Handy Visual Guide To The Most Common Varieties I can t wait to start cooking I enjoyed the information on different types of squash, and the pictures to help identify them There are instructions on cutting them and different ways of preparing them to use in the recipes I like that each recipe refers you back to the page number of the instructions for preparation ie pur e page x or roasted page xx Informative and well thought out book about squash The Introduction discusses Nature s Unsung Miracle, A Nutritional Powerhouse, Meet the Squashes, Techniques for Handling, and Simple Squash Recipes to Get You Started As a seasoned home cook, the hard outer rind always intimidated me Rob Firing not only describes how to cut a squash, but includes photos The recipes in this book are well written and include photos The title says it all. Super Good I strive to have a balanced diet, healthy and lean I am a squash lover and eater and from this book, you will learn about the different squashes and their nutritional value The recipes are easy to follow and use basic real food, not cans of soup etc And I never knew squash could be used in desserts and breakfasts I can t wait to try some of these recipes I love that every recipe has a picture, which makes it even appealing