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I have several degrees of reading Love it s kinda sorta an obsession really or maybe a disorder I m not sure but I bet there is a therapy group like 12 steps or something out there or maybe there should be But then again I don t think we d be able to stop or at least I can t I simply have this OCD issue with searching high and now for what I call SafeRead authors for me I am not as picky as some hard core safety girls I actually think I m one of the originals but I m not the most strict by far But here goes If you give me a book where the hero is faithful from first sight, and there isn t any other woman drama that is a book I will most likely love But if you add into this suspense, romance, some character growth type angst and a sexy heart pounding romance well I m extremely happy So far I ve read two books by this author and I m a little nervous only because I ve loved them so much that I keep waiting for that shoe to drop For something to pop up and bother me Book one had a bit of other woman drama but this I can handle if and only if the hero isn t tempted and doesn t waver Cole was absolutely perfect for me Then this book the hero had a long six month thankfully off page disappearing act and that usually drives me into book heartache But it worked because Sal just had to find his way back and he was faithful the whole time I just am on pins and needles because I really pray Megan stays a safe author for me I don t care about the past I only care about the current story and so far she s giving me exactly what I want Moving on with hope and happiness in my OCD Safety reading heart 100% safe with six month separation, both celibate No ow one uninterested om date. I highly recommended this series to all MC romance fans Suffers from Second Book in the Series Syndrome.I knew this was going to be a bumpy ride right off the bat when the story started off six months after H unceremoniously dumped h for no reason and breaks her heart But I was so thrilled with the first volume of this new to me MC series that I decided to give it a chance.Predictably, h turned out to be a doormat who, after H dumped her, started sleeping in the auto repair shop that H used to work in just because she missed him so much Yeah, you read that right She slept in an auto repair shop Not once but several times, to the point that the other bikers almost expected to see her in the morning when opening up shop I am really, really not keen on an h who humiliates herself for a guy who dumped her, no explanation, no communication for 6 months And this behavior not only screams desperate, but creepy stalker My immediate question was where did she keep the shrine to him and the needle punctured voodoo doll If that wasn t bad enough, she view spoiler took H back without even making him talk about why he left her in the first place, and why he is so hot to get her back now Nothing other than a muddled I had to sort my shit out Seriously No Just no hide spoiler Another great read This is Sal and Kat s story Sal and Kat were together during book one and at the end he ends up leaving her In this book it s 6 months later and he has finally returned I loved that she made him work for it and I also loved that they were both celibate especially him considering he was the one that left Hot read, and safe, even though he did leave she was still his girl and he wasn t letting her go Six months ago he left me He walked out of my life without a second glance.Kat Jennings has done her best to pick up the pieces since Sal left her But just when she starts to move forward, Sal comes bursting back into her life with a singular purpose, to reclaim her.And he s not taking no for an answer.When an unknown danger threatens Kat and the families of the Knights motorcycle club can she let Sal in enough to save her even if that means sacrificing her heart This is the story of Kat and Sal In Book 1 we learned a bit about Sal and Scar s best friend Kat.In Book 1, I didn t like Sal too much, he had to much going on and seemed distant toward Kat, however she loved him, and because she is bad ass and I loved her I supported her, however in Book 2 the story goes way deeper It starts off with Sal walking out leaving Kat, mot knowing if he will return not telling her where he is going, or if he ever will be back.Now, 6 months later he is back and he is ready to win Kat back, however Kat is no push over she is not the leave and come back type of gal I enjoyed this one bunches, and loved the bits and pieces we got from Cole and Scarlet and baby Gracie Would have loved to see Sal grovel A WHOLE LOT MORE for what he did to Kat, and somehow this wasn t as angsty as I expected BUT I still LOVED THE HECK OUTTA IT Sal SWOON Can t wait for Axel and Sophie s story next Kat Jennings didn t trust easily, she certainly didn t fall in love Kat fell hook, line, and sinker for her biker Sal Then he walked out and left her, six months later he came back Sal knew he needed to heal himself before he could fully commit to Kat Sal is determined to gain her trust and love again Kat can t do this with Sal again, he broke her and she doesn t think she will survive again if he leaves As their bond is tested Kat realizes how much Sal has changed and she loves him for it.Fantastic second in series I wasn t sure about Sal because he had been so closed off in the first book but he totally redeems himself He is not a man of a lot of words but boy does he make an impact Had a few unexpected twists, can t wait for the next book. *KINDLE ↜ Sal (The Ride, #2) ☟ Six Months Ago He Left Me He Walked Out Of My Life Without A Second Glance Kat Jennings Has Done Her Best To Pick Up The Pieces Since Sal Left Her But Just When She Starts To Move Forward, Sal Comes Bursting Back Into Her Life With A Singular Purpose, To Reclaim Her And He S Not Taking No For An Answer When An Unknown Danger Threatens Kat And The Families Of The Knights Motorcycle Club Can She Let Sal In Enough To Save Her Even If That Means Sacrificing Her Heart This Is The Story Of Kat And Sal Book Two Of The Ride Series Can Be Read As A Stand Alone But It Is Recommended To Read Book One, Cole, First Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of A softer MC read.Before reading Sal I decided to skim back over Cole it s been months since I originally read it but once I d started I ended up reading it again from beginning to end Cole ended with Sal leaving Kat without explanation Sal opens with Kat alone, Sal s been gone six months and she s struggling, she s no idea if he s coming back or even why he left in the first place Her best friend Scarlett pushes her into a blind date with a doctor she works with and while Gavin is handsome there s just no spark at all, it looks like Sal was it for her and she s ruined for other men.Just as suddenly as he left Sal returns and expects to pick up where they left off, Kat is his and he s not giving up.This is right at the softer end of MC books in fact I d class it as a romance based around an MC rather than an MC which has a romance within it.As Sal and Kat work on their relationship we learn their pasts and meet some of their family which gives us an insight as to why Sal is the way he is.This is a nice enough read, I liked all the characters and I can t wait for Axel and Sophie s book but if I m being totally honest and there s no point reviewing otherwise, it was missing something, the crime element was a bit lacking and very similar to Cole s book and I hate to say this but I was a little bored at times and found myself skimming.Straight onto Axel and Sophie s book now. Good book but I liked the first book, Cole, better Sal starts out with Sal walking out on the Kat with no explanation Six months later as Kat is starting to date again, Sal pops back up wanting a second chance Really demanding a second chance saying she is still his woman Kat struggles with her feelings for Sal and her hurt from him walking away and closing himself off from her The story is mostly about these two trying to figure out how to let the other person in and get past their past relatiosnhip and own baggage There are cameos from Scarlett and Cole from first book as well as the rest of the club Cannot wait for Axel and Sophia s story.