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~FREE BOOK ☮ Religion in the Classroom ☨ Dilemmas Surrounding The Role For Religious Beliefs And Experiences Permeate The School Lives Of Teachers And Teacher Educators Inspired By The Need For Teachers And Students To Fully Understand Such Dilemmas, This Book Examines The Relationship Between Religion And Teaching Learning In A Democratic Society Written For Pre Service And In Service Teachers, It Will Engage Readers In Thinking About How Their Own Religious Backgrounds Affect Their Teaching How Students Religious Backgrounds Influence Their Learning How Common Experiences Of School And Classroom Life Privilege Some Religions At The Expense Of Others And How Students Can Better Understand Diverse Religious Beliefs And Interact With People From Other Backgrounds The Focus Is Specifically On Classroom Issues Related To Religious Understandings And Experiences Of Teachers And Students, And The Implications Of Those For Developing Democratic Citizens Grounded In Both Research And Personal Experience, Each Chapter Provides Thought Provoking Evidence Related To The Role Of Religion In Schools And Society And Asks Readers To Consider The Consequences Of Varied Ways Of Responding To The Dilemmas Posed