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Susie Davis is such a mentor, at any age All of us who have been challenged by fear will appreciate this book. I found this book at a women s retreat and sat down to read it This book has changed my life This book helped me dig deep into my own life and find the root of my fears and allowed me to find solutions and realize I needed to work on myself This book allowed me to overcome my fear after a miscarriage and to still trust God even when I am scared of His power at times I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with fear of tragedies. I truly can t say enough wonderful things about this book Susie Davis articulates about fear things I couldn t put into words for years I knew i had a problem, I just couldn t define it I can now I love God I believe in Him with my whole heart I just don t trust Him My father died when I was 7 in a hot air balloon accident I learned at a very young age the world isn t safe Susie Davis walks a fear er like me through the winding road that is learning to trust God A journey full of His promises that ends with a huge bear hug from a loving heavenly Father. Easy to read and I love the way she weaves truth into the story of the hardship she has endured. Wonderfully written showing forth the PRAISE Worthiness of Our God This is an excellent book even to those who don t know that fear is robbing their faith So lovingly written. This is an important book for all who struggle with fear The author s life has mirrored my own in many ways, fear replaced by faith, and is told in a way that helped me appreciate my own journey to peace Do I still struggle with it sometimes Sure But I have a better understanding of the basis and better tools for the fight. Encouraging ReadMrs Davis shares her fears resulting from a trauma she experienced while in school She is very candid and open with her feelings, and relates how God helped her overcome her fearful tendencies It is a very uplifting read. Quick read of one who survived the trauma of a school shooting when she was 14 yet spent many years dealing with PTSD.I appreciated the author s vulnerability in telling just how significant this trauma affected her life but also the slow and steady path God put her on out of crippling anxiety. I had higher hopes for this book The title attracted me immediately, as did the description of the author s trauma which triggered her panic disorder I d expected Davis to tell of her story Instead she told snippets,going back and forth in time, from past to present, to recent past, etc and then it was advice How to Do this Bottom line love God and you ll be fine Kind of a short shrift here I like Davis writing style and her honesty was refreshing I just wished she d kept to her story and let it speak for itself rather than revert to the usual self help kind of stuff at the end. `Read ✗ Unafraid ⇟ Though I Don T Know Where Your Fears Started Or How Deep They Sit In Your Soul, I Do Know This Fear Is A Heavy Burden One Of The Heaviest You Can Carry It S Exhausting And Overwhelming And It S Not From God Susie Davis, Unafraid In Susie Davis Watched As A Thirteen Year Old Classmate Entered Her Classroom And Killed Her Teacher As A Witness To One Of The Earliest School Shootings In Our Nation, Susie Faced Years Of Paralyzing Fear And An Intense Distrust Of God But God Relentlessly Pursued Her And, Over Time, Broke Susie S Fear Addiction In Unafraid, Susie Offers Her Hard Won Insights About How We Can Trust God In The Midst Of Our Fears About Violence, Disease, And Personal Tragedy With You, She Asks, How Do We Live Unafraid How Do We Remain Aware Of World Events Without Giving In To Fear How Do We Make Everyday Choices To Stop Letting What If Control Us As Susie Shows Us, It Is Possible To Break Fear S Grasp On Our Lives We Can Be Aware Of The Terrible Without Forgetting The Beautiful We Can Look Up With Joy And Realize The Remarkable Truth Jesus Wants To Take Our Fear And Give Us, In Its Place, True Peace Walk This Liberating Journey With Her And Learn What It Means To Live Unafraid